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Chapter 1601: Chapter 1600-original sin (2)

Translator: 549690339

“””Zhang Yun.”” In the interrogation room, Wu Xiumin saw that Yun Duo’ er’s condition was stable, so she continued to question her,””let me ask you, other than those 11 videotapes, did you kill anyone else?”” ”

“””Especially … In 2006, after you lost your videotape?”” ”

“””Are all 11 sets here?”” Yun Duo’ er frowned and thought for a while. Then, she shook her head and said,””no! All the people I’ve killed have been recorded, they’re all on the tape!”” ”


“””Oh?”” Wu Xiumin asked,””so, after 2006, you didn’t make a move again? Even if … Li Feifan showed that kind of excited look to a woman again?”” ”

“””Yes, I didn’t …”” Yun Duo’ er said with certainty.””I was so scared at that time that I didn’t lay a hand on anyone. I didn’t even … Think about it!”” ”

“””Zhang Yun,”” Wu Xiumin said in a clear voice,””you should know what kind of trial you will be sentenced for your crimes, right?”” ”

“””I know.”” Yun Duo’ er nodded.””It’s a capital crime no matter what, so there’s no need to hide the number of people! So, I’m telling the truth. ”

“””But …”” She paused for a moment, then said,””I don’t understand why you only found the video that was lost in 2006 now.”” ”

“””Who … Who stole my videotape? That person had sneaked into a secret room that even li Feifan didn’t know about. He had only taken the videotape and nothing else! ”

“””This is enough to prove that he’s coming for me, but …”” ”

“””Well,”” Wu Xiumin took the opportunity to ask,””first, tell me the details of the videotape you lost in 2006, and then I’ll tell you the answer!”” ”

“Yun Duo’ er sank for a few seconds before she nodded slightly and recalled,””””At that time, li Feifan and I were attending the Eagle Award ceremony in Shanghai. When we came back, I found that the door of the secret room had been pried open. ”

“””Nothing was lost inside, except for the 11 videotapes! ”

“””At that time, of course I was scared. That incident was very strange and sudden. I was not mentally prepared at all! ”

“””In that situation, I had no choice but to destroy the car used for the crime, the Honda CRV. ”

“””I have some common sense. I know that the car will leave traces of those girls, so we have to destroy the car!”” ”

“””How did you destroy it?”” Wu Xiumin asked. ”

“””I simply cleaned it up, then pushed it into the Taiping River,”” Yun Duo’ er replied.””Although I got rid of the car, I’m still certain that my matter will be exposed, and I’ll definitely die. In a few days, the police will come to my door! ”

“””But … Something strange happened!”” Yun Duo’ er revealed a look of disbelief.””I’ve waited for a long time. The will has been written, but it’s as if nothing has happened. ”

“””Later on, I began to suspect that li Feifan had sent someone to steal the videotape! ”

“””Maybe li Feifan found out my secret, so he sent someone to steal the videotape in order to imprison me and use the videotape to threaten me so that I would listen to him! ”

“””However, after I observed him for a long time, for more than a year, I realized that li Feifan’s behavior was normal. It seemed to have nothing to do with him … ”

“””At that time, although I felt strange, I felt more fear than anything else! ”

“””That kind of fear is something that ordinary people can’t understand. It’s pressing on me all the time, eroding me, making me unable to eat or sleep in peace. ”

“””There were many times when I was on the verge of collapse, living in fear … ”

“””So, under that huge psychological pressure, how could I still have the mood to kill? ”

“””In order to give up on my desires, I started to distance myself from li Feifan on purpose. I stopped filming with him and stayed away from his social circle. As long as I could no longer see his excited eyes and hear him say that ‘cheery and lively’, I wouldn’t feel so bad … ”

“””I know I’m lying to myself. Li Feifan would still look at other women with that kind of gaze and praise them with ‘cheerfulness and liveliness’! ”

“””But I have no other choice! I can only stay at home and not go anywhere. I don’t care about anything …”” ”

“Wu Xiumin then asked,””so … Where are the cameras?”” ”

“””A camera?”” Yun Duo’ er recalled for a moment and said,””when the videotape was stolen, I just happened to bring the camera to Shanghai. ”

“””Later, I found out that the videotape was gone, so I threw the camera away! ”

“””In addition to the camera, there are other tools,”” Yun Duo’ er said.””Anesthetics, knives, shovels, masks, ropes, gloves, clothes, isonioxated randomly … ”

“””In short, I threw away everything related to the case!”” ”

“””You threw it away?”” Wu Xiumin frowned.””Where did you throw it?”” ”

“””I …”” Yun Duo’ er said slowly,””I threw those things at the garbage disposal main station in Beicang city! Everything was scattered and thrown into the garbage …”” ”

“””You …”” ”

“Wu Xiumin couldn’t help but clench her teeth. Yun Duo’ er’s method was really too cruel. If she had buried the thing somewhere, there might still be a possibility of finding it! ”

“However, it had been thrown into the garbage station more than ten years ago, and where could it be found? ”

“””At that time, I only had one thought!”” However, Yun Duo’ er continued to talk to herself.””If I’m really brought to the police station, I’ll be sure that I was framed and that I had nothing to do with the murder! ”

“””Although I recorded the video, my face was not in the video, so the police could not prove that I was the killer in the video! ”

“””They couldn’t find the tools, the body, or the car. How could they convict me with only 11 videotapes? ”

“””However, my preparation was too early. I didn’t expect that the police would only come to find me today after I lost the videotape in 2006. ”

“””So …”” Yun Duo’ er said with a complicated expression,””when the police came to take me to the police station, I didn’t react for a while. I actually forgot all the preparations I had made! ”

“””That’s why I attacked the police officers. I was so confused that I wanted to escape …”” ”

“””It wasn’t until I was brought into the interrogation room that I recovered and remembered what I should do … ”

“””It’s a pity …”” Yun Duo’ er took a deep breath and said sadly,””no matter how long I prepared, in the end, it was all for nothing …”” ”

“After saying that, Yun Duo’ er finally shut up. ”

Wu Xiumin kept her word and began to tell her about how Kang Ziqing stole the videotape and got into a car accident.


“On the high-speed train, Zhao Yu and the other two were watching the interrogation video on their mobile phones, not saying a word for a long time. ”

“Although Yun Duo’ er had already confessed to her murder, she had not shown any signs of repentance! ”

“It was as if she had killed 11 young girls, and it was a matter of course. It wasn’t even a small mistake. ”

“Such a cold-blooded, indifferent, and contemptuous criminal really made Zhao Yu’s heart turn cold. ”

“If it had been any other criminal, Zhao Yu might have wanted to scold them a little to wake them up! But towards this extremely egoistic, cold-blooded, and numb Yun Duo er, let alone scolding her awake, Zhao Yu didn’t even have the mood to comment on her! ”

“Indeed, Yun Duo’ er must have had some psychological problems for committing such a crime. ”

“However, if a person’s heart could be twisted to the point of being unable to distinguish right from wrong and even losing the most basic moral bottom line, then what was there to pity about this person? ”


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