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“My friends, now we don't have to worry about the fountain of life being devoured by the crystals anymore.” Chen Rui said, “I can provide about 100 basins of fountain water every day from now on. Is that enough?”

“100 basins? We don't need even need that much! That's awesome!” Delong couldn't conceal his happiness. “My friend, how did you do that?”

“It's just some kind of unique talent… If the crisis in the underground world can be completely solved, I can even restore the fountain of life to its original location.” Chen Rui wasn't lying. He had tested on plants, and he could indeed transplant them back. It would just cost twice as much the aura. The prerequisite was that the place for transplantation must meet the needs for plant growth. Otherwise, the plant would die and it was the same for the water source.

“Your talent is truly amazing!” Torre and the other taurens looked extremely excited and cheered together. The fate of the tauren tribe changed once again because of this new friend.

Delong came over and said solemnly, “Friend, no matter if you can get the Eye of Sauron back, the underground tauren tribe will remember our friends.h.i.+p with you forever!”

Chen Rui was a little guilty as his main intention was his own survival in fact.

“Thank you for your faith, my friend. Now, I want to talk about another thing. This thing is also related to our survival.” Chen Rui's eyes fell onto the earth elemental in the distance.

The earth elemental, Doug had always been staying far away; he didn't dare to move recklessly as most of the taurens in front were horrifying existences that could easily kill him.

The demon, Chen Rui that could communicate with elementals was negotiating with the taurens. For a moment, he was talking loudly while beating his chest. For another moment, he was squatting by the pool after. He seemed to be working very hard.

After a while, he saw Chen Rui coming over with the taurens.

“Doug, this is Delong, the Chief Tauren. Salute to him now.”

Doug had long felt the scary strength of this huge tauren, so he immediately lowered his head with his hands crossed.

Delong accepted the etiquette from an earth elemental for the first time. He looked surprised, “Chen Rui, you're right. This earth elemental is indeed different from others.”

Chen Rui nodded, “I once suspected that it might be the enemies' trap, so I experimented on this earth elemental with my talent skill that could absorb evil power. The deceased tauren that was controlled by the demonic flies managed to rest in peace with this skill. However, on this earth elemental, I didn't feel the evil power of the demonic flies.”

After the fountain of life incident, the taurens' trust toward Chen Rui had reached a fairly high level. Together with witnessing the magic of his "bloodline talent", they were fully convinced.

Torre spoke first, “Chief, I think Chen Rui joint proposal just now is feasible.”

The taurens at the side also agreed. As Chen Rui just said, joining forces with the rebel forces of the earth elementals could not only strengthen their power against the mutated earth elemental, but they can also learn more about the inside information of the earth elementals. Perhaps, they might find a better way to deal with their enemies.

Chen Rui was happy to see everyone was in agreement, and he said, “For the sake of rea.s.surance, I intend to follow this earth elemental to their temporary residence to meet their leader, Tag.”

“No!” Delong immediately rejected the request. “You're now holding the fountain of life, and it concerns the survival of our entire tribe, so you must not take risks easily.”

The rest of the taurens showed their determination. Chen Rui didn't expect that he would “bind himself” and became the target of key protection. He smiled bitterly. He thought for a while and told the earth elemental, “Doug, I've convinced the Chief Tauren our plan to join forces with the earth elementals that left the Earth Realm. To show your sincerity, I'll let you go back now, but the earth elementals must also show sincerity. I hope your leader can come to the Tauren's Den alone. The basis for our mutual a.s.sistance is mutual trust.”

After Doug heard that Chen Rui would let him go safely, he crossed his hands and bowed, “Chen Rui, you really are a trustworthy person. I believe our leader will make the correct choice.”

Chen Rui nodded and said a few words to taurens. Delong had no objection this time, so he asked a tauren to come and brought Doug out of the den.

Chen Rui fought again and again, and he just battled against the evil eye. Now that the problems of fountain of life and the earth elemental were resolved, he felt extra fatigue. After telling Delong and the others a few words, he returned to his cave.

Dodo had just finished eating at that time, and he still wanted more. Seeing Chen Rui coming back, he hurried up and expressed his praise to his owner. His point was to express his compliments for owner's food.

Seeing the slime abusing all the adjectives he knew expressively, Chen Rui couldn't stop smiling. He then took out several phantom fruits that he just harvested from the storage and gave them to Dodo.

Although the hallucination fruit wasn't comparable to the devil fruit, it was also very rare. It could produce strong hallucinations, and it was an expensive alchemy material and potion material. If those masters knew that Chen Rui used it as pet food, they would definitely beat their chest in agony and scold him for wasting.

However, Chen Rui didn't care because of the magical use of the galaxy garden, the automatic storage of the hallucination fruit would get more and more. Although Dodo occasionally slacked off, he was still his servant. Also, Dodo carried out his duty to protect his mistress well, so it was worth rewarding.

By the way, the t.i.tle of mistress… perhaps it won't be long before it becomes true.

Dodo was already an extraordinary weirdo among the slimes. He had the weird power of devouring, but it still retained a slime's herbivory. Plant-based cuisines were ranked as first in Sir Dodo's royal recipes while the second was his owner's barbecue. Now, seeing a delicacy like hallucination fruit, he couldn't withstand the temptation and took the fruit while drooling.

The slime tactfully went out of the cave and volunteered to take the responsibility of guarding the door. Actually, he just wanted to hide outside to enjoy his food.

Chen Rui looked at the tent, and he suddenly thought of another tent in the Silent Night Wetland. Subsequently, he shook his head and walked to the front of the tent but didn't enter.

Since the sleeping bag was given to Athena, he had to take a cus.h.i.+on from the storage. He leaned on the wall and gradually closed his eyes.

There was no sunlight or moonlight in the underground world, so it was impossible to feel the change of day and night. He could only estimate the time out based on a rock that changed colors by time.

In the tent, the long eyelashes moved slightly and the red eyes slowly opened. Athena didn't know how long she had slept. She just felt that the sleep was very sweet just like the few days in the simple cabin at the green leaf forest. Ever since the man left the green leaf forest, even after returning to the more comfortable residential area of ​​Mountain Xilang, she hadn't slept so peacefully.

By the way, the man seems to have been using this sleeping bag. I didn't feel anything when I enter directly before this. Yet, now, after sniffing, it seems to have his breath still. It feels very warm, kind of like the feeling of leaning on his shoulder at that stone beam yesterday.

Yesterday on the stone beam… this despicable guy actually…

My first kiss that I have been saving for 19 years was actually taken away so confusingly!

However, the feeling of being kissed by him… Athena felt that her cheeks were hot and she covered her face quickly.

Based on what Alice said, kissing between men and women was only the first step. There seemed to be a lot of things after such as undressing… Athena's mind was filled with crazy ideas for a while. She felt the heatiness on her face spread throughout the whole body, so she quickly got up from the sleeping bag.

She felt someone was outside, so she lifted the tent curtain while holding her greatsword. Then, she saw Chen Rui leaning diagonally against the wall, sleeping soundly. Athena lowered the curtain gently. As she was about to get up, she suddenly saw her clothes and armor that were damaged during the previous battle, so she quickly took out a tee from her storage ring and changed it.

Athena changed her clothes and kept everything including her greatsword into the storage ring. She then walked out of the tent lightly. When she was at the cave's entrance, she saw Dodo had turned into a puddle of transparent dough that laid by door. He seemed to be sleeping well.

Athena came to the wall next to Chen Rui, slowly squatting down and looking at his face carefully. This man isn't particularly handsome but for some reason, I always feel that he's better looking than other men. Now, he's in deep sleep. I guess he must be exhausted from rus.h.i.+ng all the way from the Dark Moon City to Mountain Xilang and hurrying down the main pit, then continuously fighting and escaping.

He clearly knows that there's no return after pa.s.sing through the destroyed enchantment, but he still chose to come down to look for me without hesitation. This fool!

Not only this time, but also at the black rainforest previously…

This guy is sometimes extremely cunning, but sometimes he's so foolish that it's touching.

Athena moved closer to Chen Rui's face, and her ruby-like eyes flashed with an uncontrollable affection. She could already hear his long and even breathing and her strong heartbeat.

Athena's action finally stopped. As she hesitated, she suddenly saw this guy's mouth protruding, getting ready to greet. Her face turned red all of a sudden: This a.s.shole is actually pretending to be sleeping!

Athena felt extremely ashamed. She couldn't help herself just now and luckily she stopped in time. Yet, she didn't expect that he had noticed!

Her body hurried backward, but was hugged by that annoying guy. When she tried to push back in panic, they fell onto the cus.h.i.+on. After some struggling, Athena lost her strength once again when her lips were blocked.

This time, it wasn't only the lips, but her tongue was also conquered. This in depth lip-to-lip contact made Athena s.h.i.+ver for a while. She had also seen some similar kissing scenes, but she didn't expect that when she felt it personally, it would be such an indescribable feeling, as if their souls were bound together.

Gradually, Athena, who was pressing on Chen Rui, mastered some wet kiss skills without a teacher while the heat of lip-to-lip battles further escalated. Chen Rui felt the warm plumpness of the two b.r.e.a.s.t.s she pressed on his chest, and he couldn't control his most primitive reaction.

Athena felt something abnormally hard at his lower body and woke up suddenly. She bounced off from his body with a blus.h.i.+ng face.

“Sorry, Athena. I…” Chen Rui secretly hated for his body part for being so disappointing. He quickly got up and held her hand gently, “Let me accompany you and talk for awhile okay?”

“En…” Athena lowered her head. Her heart was beating like a drum and her face flushed as if it was about to bleed. Even though she didn't know much, she knew what the strangeness of the man just now meant. If it was that level, she wasn't ready yet.

Chen Rui held Athena's hand and sat down together again. This time he was more well-behaved. He only hugged her and put her head gently on his shoulder. This habitual comfortable posture also relaxed Athena's tight nerves.

“Your attire looks very good.” It was a pointless small talk like “tonight's moon is so round". It was mainly because Chen Rui couldn't think of a good topic to ease the awkwardness.

Yet, it happened to be quite pleasant for Athena. It seems that it was a right choice to not wear my armor. She didn't know that exactly because of the absence of the armor, the excitement that her b.r.e.a.s.t.s gave to a man was magnified several times.

“This attire seems a bit familiar…” Chen Rui recalled, “You were wearing this attire when I was learning to tame beast for the first time.”

“En…” Athena was a little happy initially. Suddenly, she thought of something and her face turned red again. She murmured, “a.s.shole."

That “a.s.shole" reminded Chen Rui. It seemed that previously in the sky, he had the first "intimate contact" with Athena's b.r.e.a.s.t.s. Haih… it was truly touching the sore part. Yet, that sensation is really…

Feeling that atmosphere was getting awkward again, Chen Rui quickly s.h.i.+fted the topic, “Athena, since you've come to the Dark Moon for 3 years, do you miss home?”

“My mother pa.s.sed away when I was very young. My father is in the army. I have been going to places with him since I was a child and we have no permanent home. Our longest stay is at the Warlock Fortress. I haven't seen my father for 3 years, and I do miss him a little. However… I might never see him again now…”

Chen Rui stroked her purple hair lightly, “Trust me, Athena. We can definitely leave this place. At that time, I'll meet your father with you.”

“What are you… going to do?” Athena was a suspicious of asking even she knew the answer, and her face was a little hot again.

“Ask him to teach me something important. How can I kidnap his daughter completely from him… Ouch!” Obviously, that last word was caused by Athena's fist.

“Domestic violence…”

“Hmph! b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” Athena pinched his waist again with anger.

“Don't you miss your home in the human world?”

“I'm… fine…”

“Why do you say so?”

“Because… there doesn't seem to have a woman that will secretly kiss me… Ouch! You can't simply hit that place!”


At that moment, a series of approaching footsteps stopped their flirts. They stood up at the same time.

Then, they saw a tauren's figure appeared at the door. It was Torre.

Seeing Chen Rui and Athena with messy clothes, Torre asked in surprise, “Sorry! My friend, I hope I didn't interrupt your mating!”

Chen Rui almost choked to death by that sentence. Fortunately, Athena didn't have

My tauren friend, you frankness is too speechless!

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