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After Chen Rui explained the destruction of pa.s.sage's enchantment, the Chief Tauren shook his head with regret, “I'm very sorry, my friend. According to your division of strength level, I'm probably a later Great Demon King which is one step before reaching Demon Emperor, so as Queen Medusa. However, generally speaking, this is the limit for a tauren. In my inherited memory, only two ancestors among countless generations of outstanding taurens have reached Demon Emperor. So, I have basically no hope in my life."

Great Demon King is the limit of the taurens? However, there were still two taurens in history that had reached Demon Emperor. Thus, it shows that there is still a possibility to breakthrough, then…

“What if you consume the devil fruit?” Chen Rui thought of the last devil fruit in his storage.

The Chief Tauren was surprised, “The devil fruit has a huge effect for ordinary demons. For us, its effect is smaller, but it can still increase the chance of breaking through the limit. However, this fruit is extremely rare…”

“I happen to have one here, please accept it.” Chen Rui took out the devil fruit and pa.s.sed it over.

The Chief Tauren took the devil fruit in surprise. After taking a closer look and sniffing it in front of his nose, he finally confirmed that it was the precious fruit in his inherited memories. He immediately beat his chest toward Chen Rui, “My friend! Tauren, Delong! Thank you for your generosity!”

The Chief Tauren's behavior was undoubtedly acknowledging Chen Rui as a friend personally.

Chen Rui also beat his chest forcefully. He couldn't remember how many times he beat his chest today and laughed, “Delong, my friend, you're welcome. Actually, I do it mainly for myself. The earlier you reach Demon Emperor, the earlier I can return to my home above the ground.” The taurens were straightforward, but they were not a fool. If he was too pretentious, it might destroy his initial good impression instead.

The Chief Tauren indeed showed more appreciation, “My friend, your honesty made the tauren admire."

"You will always be Delong's friend!”

Actually, even if there was a devil fruit, Delong's breakthrough to the Demon Emperor level was still relatively slim. Yet, at least there was still a glimmer of hope. Besides, the devil fruit tree would mature again in another 20 days. He could then give the Chief Tauren all the devil fruits to make it success by numbers just like Dodo. Eventually, it should break the G.o.dd.a.m.n limit. For now, he should first be prepared for a long term "battle" in the underground world.

As the saying goes, "the cunning rabbit has three burrows". The Tauren's Den could be regarded as one. The first burrow, have some fundamental guarantees in this "burrow" before finding ways to look for other "burrows".

“Chen Rui, your are truly amazing. You actually have the devil fruit.” The Chief Tauren Delong praised, “So, do you have the ability to stop the fountain of Life from drying up?”

Chen Rui smiled bitterly in secret. He wasn't omnipotent. He knew nothing about water conservancy.

“The fountain of life here was originally 4 to 5 times bigger than this, but now only a tiny pond is left. Every time the demonic flies and earth elementals attack, they will leave a seed with certain power around the fountain of life that looks like a weird crystal. With the crystal here, even if I'm fighting with the elite earth elementals around, it wouldn't cause any harm to the fountain of life. However, this so-called protection is actually for another sinister purpose, which is that these crystals will continuously drain the power from the fountain of life. We destroy the crystal every time, but it can always regrow. It cannot be completely destroyed. Although there's a special guard to guard the entire day, it still cannot stop the fountian of life from drying up. In this way, as soon as the fountain of life dries up, even if the enemies don't attack, our tribe will still face destruction.”

“Crystal?” Chen Rui thought for a moment and asked, “Can I have a look at the fountain of life?”

“Of course.” Delong pointed at the small pool in front.

Chen Rui stepped forward, squatted down and began to observe the fountain of life carefully. The Spring of Life was almost the same as ordinary spring water. The water quality was clear and bubbles constantly appeared,seemingly contained traces of aura.

Based on the look of the soil at the edge, it had dried up a lot. There were some tiny yellow light in the soil revealing within the soil. There were many traces of the soil being dug. It was obvious that the taurens wanted to destroy those crystals, but couldn't completely destroy them eventually.

Chen Rui tried to reach out his hand and launched

It seemed that the fountain of life was a substance that could be converted into aura. It made Chen Rui didn't dare to use

“You can feel the power from the crystals?” Delong looked happy, “Quickly try if you can destroy them completely.”

Chen Rui pointed his hand at the soil and launched

At that time, Chen Rui suddenly felt that his head sunk and all the surrounding scenes disappeared. Within the void, a pair of eyes were faintly visible.

Except for the eyes, the rest were blurry, but in contrast, those eyes were extremely clear. In that pair of eyes were full of indescribable evil and brutality. The entire void was filled with eerie murderous intentions that penetrated deep into the bone marrow, making him almost unable to breathe.

“Unknown spirit energy is found. Convert into aura?” The notification in his brain sounded, waking up Chen Rui suddenly.


The eyes gradually faded with the conversion of the Super System. However, when it was about to disappear, it became clear again. It seemed that the converted power was constantly being supplemented, and it was endless. The aura's growth rate also very became very slow as the conversion became extremely difficult.

In those eyes, endless evil locked onto him tightly. He couldn't get rid of them at all. Chen Rui was taken aback. Even Broc's with Demon Emperor strength was converted by the power of the Super System and Broc himself suffered a huge loss. Now, the power of those “eyes” could even resist the Super System!

Within the evil eyes, the power suddenly strengthened and the rate of system conversion couldn't keep up anymore. Chen Rui felt that his will was tightly tangled by something impenetrable, as if his throat was seized. He couldn't resist at all.

The restraint slowly narrowed, and his spirit began to show signs of impending collapse.

He desperately concentrated his willpower and resisted that terrible power. The Dark Will on his finger began to emit a faint light. Suddenly, Chen Rui felt that the pressure was relaxed. Then, a series of strange waves repelled the restraint, and his spirit was restored again.

At that point, his

Chen Rui panted heavily, even his unders.h.i.+rt was soaked in cold sweat, as if he had just been through a tough battle. Although the danger had pa.s.sed, the terrible feeling just now was still deeply rooted in his heart; it couldn't be forgotten. This was the first time he had encountered such a situation since he possessed the Super System!

He had to admit that he couldn't destroy the crystals. If it weren't for Dark Will, it might be his willpower that was destroyed.

The owner of these pair of scary eyes was likely to be the final mystery of the underground world's secrets.

The countless yellow lights at the edge of the fountain of life were still constantly flickering in the soil as if they were mocking Chen Rui for not knowing his place.

Chen Rui's brows frowned tightly. In any case, he must stop the fountain of life from drying up.

Otherwise, the tauren tribe couldn't persist. Then, he and Athena couldn't wait for the day when the Chief Tauren became a Demon Emperor.

If the tauren's fountain of life completely dried up, the only way was to share the medusa's fountain of life. Although the two parties were temporary alliances, there were too little supply for the huge demands, so the medusas would probably disagree. It might also cause an internal war or the collapse of the alliance, and they would eventually be eliminated by demon flies and earth elementals.

Chen Rui looked at the clear pond and an idea flashed in his heart. He extended his arm again, but this time, he didn't use

Since I can't solve these crystals that contain evil seeds, then let's try "solving" the fountain of life.

“Unknown water source, transplantation requires 50,000 auras. Do you want to transplant?”

The galaxy garden can actually transplant water source!

Chen Rui contained his excitement in his heart and looked up at the Chief Tauren.

Delong noticed his exhaustion, knowing that he must have consumed a considerable amount of energy just now. He said, “It doesn't matter, we have tried many methods and failed. Thank you for your efforts, my friend.”

“Perhaps there's another way.” Chen Rui shook his head, “Delong, let me ask this first. Will the tauren tribe do everything they can to stop the fountain of life from drying up?”

Delong looked at his people beside him who showed determination and nodded without hesitation, “Even if our lives are used as sacrifices.”

“I understood.” Chen Rui opened his hand and aimed at the fountain of life. A strange mist appeared from his hand that gradually covered the entire Fountain of Life. Subsequently, the mist gradually vanished and the fountain of life disappeared before everyone's eyes.

Not only the fountain's water, but even the fountain's mouth was gone, leaving an empty dent. There were countless faint yellow lights s.h.i.+ning in the soil, but this time the crystal light seemed a bit helpless.

A small pond appeared within the galaxy garden.

The prompt was: Unknown Aura Water Source; Maximum: 200 Units; Recover 10 Units/Hour. Current Status: 200/200.

The bull's eyes all around were instantly dilated. Chen Rui stood up and his eyes flickered with excitement. Before Delong asked, a large basin suddenly appeared in Chen Rui's hands suddenly. The basin was filled with water instantly, then he pa.s.sed the basin to the Chief Tauren.

The aura water source's status was shown as 199/200. This large basin of water was almost equivalent to 1 unit. Even if the entire fountain of life was depleted, it could be restored to its original state in less than a day.

Delong took the basin and looked at it carefully. His bull's eyes dilated and he shouted in surprise, “It's truly the springwater from the fountain of life!”

The taurens at the side gathered around at the same time. At once, all of them looked disbelieving.

Chen Rui smiled. This time is truly finding a way out of a predicament. I'm actually able to move the fountain of life into the galaxy garden. 50,000 auras of “transplantation fee” is 5 times more expensive than transplanting plants, but it is definitely worth it.

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