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"Yes, we're colleagues, and you treat me like a blood brother, almost as good as Xiao He," Sister Flower nodded.

Qin Feng was afraid of making the atmosphere too awkward, so he said in a funny tone, "I always hear you talk about your kid brother. I envy him! The best job in the world for me is to be your little brother. Please hire me!"

Qin Feng wanted to relax the mood on purpose: it was a way to take her mind off Xiao He. This was what he could do to let Sister Flower live her life without worry.

Sister Flower chuckled, "You win. You're just like Xiao He when you play your silly childish games. Well, I accept you as my brother, but I can't look after you as a sister. You have to be good yourself, you hear me? Don't show off and don't make trouble for me. Just work at the Free Man normally. We have to keep far away from the craziness outside, no matter what happens. Listen to your big sister, you hear?"

Xiao Jinhua took this opportunity to take charge of Qin Feng. Hopefully he would be more careful with his behavior and not be as brash as he used to be. With his temper, he not only dared to beat up Ji Dongchen, but even offended Li Faxian, the chief of police. She was wondering, was there nothing he was afraid of?

Sister Flower was very worried about Qin Feng. Someone would take advantage of his impulsive temperament to use or frame him one day. Now, a lot of powerful people were watching Zhao Jun and them. If they got their hands on any incriminating evidence, they would certainly come and make trouble for them. And if that were to happen, Sister Flower would not be able to do anything to help Qin Feng.

"Of course. A younger brother should listen to his big sister," Qin Feng said seriously. "I will try."

In the depths of his heart, he always wanted to have a sister. He envied Xiao He. Although he died young, he had a sister who thought of him.

What did he have?

He had a famous father. Most people didn't have that, but so what?

His father cared only for the honor of the family, the inheritance of his children and his own glory. As for the affection between father and son, he could care less. That was what Qin Feng needed most.

In all his years, he had not one memory of his father ever hugging him. Not once!

Every time he met his father, he was harshly reprimanded and criticized by him. No matter how outstanding Qin Feng was, he could not earn his praise and appreciation. He didn't know how to love, and had no idea how to get along with his family members.

Qin Feng's mother bled heavily when she gave birth to him and lay on the brink of death in the hospital, but his father was busy on a mission abroad and couldn't come home. By the time he returned, his wife was already in the grave.

Qin Feng had never known his mother, and his father had always been a cruel and fickle person. He was always lonely in his heart.

This was something that particularly aggravated Qin Feng. He hated all he had. Even though he was born to a great and famous family, the memory of his lonely childhood prevented him from feeling a sense of superiority to the common man. On the contrary, he envied the children of ordinary families, who could enjoy getting along with each other. He felt that that was the greatest happiness in the world, but even such a basic thing was beyond his reach.

He had been around Sister Flower for a while now, and Qin Feng had slowly uncovered a little homely warmth from her. She cared about his feelings. This was what he needed most.

Later that afternoon, Qin Feng held a short meeting with the staff of the bar. He talked with Sister Flower and made a deal to increase everyone's salary by a fifth, and give a 1000 Yuan bonus to the Employee of the Week. The bonus for the Employee of the Month was set at 3, 000, quarterly at 8, 000, and the annual at 30, 000.

Qin Feng wanted to use the salary to drive up everyone's enthusiasm for work, so that the Free Man Bar could open again as a place where everyone could feel at home and find warmth.

Low-paid manual work was not easy, and working at nightclubs was even worse. Every day they had to stay up late. How many people could keep on like that? And if the boss was unfair and exploited the employees, it made them no different from pack animals, and there would sooner or later be retribution.

In addition, Qin Feng also had the front desk call over all part-time dance leaders and partners, including Jiang Xiaowen.

She was glad to see him again. She had been thinking about him since the last time they met. Qin Feng wanted to hold a simple dinner party at 9:00 pm to thank these part-time girls who had worked long and hard for the popularity of the Free Man Bar, but Jiang Xiaowen arrived at 4:30, not even half an hour after receiving the invitation.

She was the first to arrive, excitedly watching Qin Feng from the doorway.

Qin Feng was sitting at the bar, looking back at Jiang Xiaowen, who was wearing a colorful bohemian sling dress. Her body was ravis.h.i.+ng as ever. The towering b.r.e.a.s.t.s had once made Qin Feng forget where he was going and the supple b.u.t.tocks had become shapely and firm from so much dancing. Perfect figure!

"What are you doing here so early? Nothing's ready yet, we're only going to start after nine o'clock. Gonna have a nice two-hour dinner."

"Well, I have nothing to do at home, so I came right after cla.s.s." Jiang Xiaowen rearranged her long hair, scattered by the wind outside, and quietly said, "I think you looked better in your army uniform, Qin Feng."


Qin Feng's chest squeezed tightly. His pupils contracted instantly. Seeing there was no one else around, he carefully asked, "What do you mean? You know who I am?"

So this was why she contacted him before. She knew who he was!

Qin Feng's body tensed up nervously. After all, the only one in the city who should know his true ident.i.ty was Green Dragon.

"Well, I met you five years ago."

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