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Jiang Xiaowen said, " I was still in No. 3 Middle School in Beijing at the time. A few of my cla.s.smates and I went on a hike to the mountains one weekend, but unfortunately, we b.u.mped into a group of bad people. They just wanted to rob us at first, but then there was one creep who had other ideas, and he wanted to…. They tied us up in a very remote, deserted workshop and wanted to rape us. Luckily, one of us managed to call the police, and you were with the Beijing Armed Police Force at the time. Just as he was about to rape me, it was you who charged into the workshop and beat all those scary gangsters to a pulp.

"I can't forget how bravely you fought them. I wrote a lot of letters to your headquarters asking about you, but they were all returned. They said you weren't there, and no one could tell me where you went. In my first year of high school, when I was sixteen years old, I still dreamed that I could meet you again. I even went to the old workshop alone and tried to search for a memory of you there. I don't know why, but I just couldn't forget you. Maybe it was just another mission for you, nothing out of the ordinary, but it was a horrible experience for me.

"I watched Li Tingting scream in pain as they put her on the table and tore her clothes off. Then they pushed me down on the cold floor. When the fat man got up from Li Tingting, he looked at me and I knew I was next. Right at that moment, I lost all hope. I even thought of biting off his ear. But just as he started tearing my clothes off, you showed up, and you were my hero. You gave me hope for humanity again. But I could never find you, and I eventually went off to college, so I gradually stopped thinking about it.

"In order to help my family, I started working here part-time because some of my cla.s.smates promised me this was a nightclub, not one of those seedy places. Some of them didn't hesitate to sell their bodies to make an extra buck, but I always stuck to the dance floor and never went over the line. Many boys wanted to date me, but I said no. I have reached the 'age of love', but I just instinctively rejected them. I tried to give the more reliable guys a chance, but I could never connect with anyone. I thought I was broken.

"Until one day, you appeared in the Free Man, casually walking down the hall with a tray of fruit. I didn't dare to greet you. All I could do was watch you from far away, until I saw you and your friend drinking at the bar. I finally had the opportunity to speak with you. After our conversation, I finally determined that you really were the hero from five years ago, Qin Feng. I remember it like it was yesterday. Although I wondered why you were in this situation, I believed you had your reasons. Whatever you did, you were the most admirable man in the world in my eyes, and at the same time, I realized the real reason I couldn't accept other boys for so many years: because you are the only one who can occupy my heart."

Qin Feng was in a trance.

Five years ago, he had indeed been transferred to the Beijing Armed Police Force for observation and study as part of his Special Forces training. During that period, it was true that he helped save a group of students who had been abducted by gangsters. In the abandoned workshop, there were three boys and three girls. The boys were tied up in the corner and badly beaten. One girl was completely naked, and one was stripped to her underwear. The only person still unharmed was Jiang Xiaowen, and if Qin Feng had arrived a minute later, her life could have been changed.

He studied Jiang Xiaowen's present appearance and saw some shadow of the girl he'd saved. She certainly looked a lot better now than she did on that day.

Qin Feng was a little embarra.s.sed. If he had just listened to her story, he would have recognized her and they would have become good friends, or just shared a sigh at the dangerous situation they had both experienced. But when Jiang Xiaowen said she was in love with Qin Feng, she made things awkward.

As a soph.o.m.ore student, she was at best in her early twenties. Although she had also reached the age of love, her life experiences were completely different from Qin Feng's and she only fell in love with him because of the rescue. Even if she'd just wanted to show her grat.i.tude, it would have been too much. Qin Feng only did what he should have done.

To be honest, when he struggled against multiple armed thugs with knives, he was a little afraid too. But at the thought of the dangers the abducted students faced, he had nothing to worry about. When the police arrived, he was the first to storm out of the patrol car and into the workshop.

Qin Feng was somewhat amused by these old memories. It was precisely because he was young that he was so impetuous. But now, the situation he faced was much more complicated than back then. What he needed was not just the courage to face the enemy, but a calm, thinking mind that could continuously study and a.n.a.lyze the situation.

"Qin Feng, I never thought I'd meet you again. Isn't this fate?" Jiang Xiaowen was so excited she didn't know what more to say.

She had an incredible figure, comparable to any world-cla.s.s supermodel. She definitely had star potential in the art inst.i.tute. The number of male students that have coveted and pursued her during her study years were probably beyond counting, but Jiang Xiaowen refused them all, and she did not know why. In her opinion, at the moment she was rescued by Qin Feng, she should have pledged to marry him.

Although it was very conservative, even feudal, what Jiang Xiaowen felt was not only admiration of his bravery, but perhaps love at first sight. She felt extremely fortunate to meet such a hero at such a young age.

"Well, maybe it is fate," Qin Feng mumbled with an awkward face, feeling a little uneasy. He didn't know what to say to her. "So, uh... You're an artist. Wanna help get things ready for the dinner?"

Qin Feng turned around, but Jiang Xiaowen grabbed his arm. "Qin Feng..."


"Don't run from me, okay? I like you," Jiang Xiaowen stared seriously into his eyes. "I want to be with you. It took years to finally find you again. Maybe I've expressed myself a little too hastily, you might even think I am too unreserved, but I just can't help myself. Promise me you'll give me a chance, okay?"

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