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Chapter 481: Zhan Ye, Zhan Ye! (2) 

The Thousand Legged Centipede was enormous, but if its chest was split apart, it would equally be difficult for it to survive.

This thousand legged centipede resignedly wriggled its body, but the more it wriggled, the more blood flowed out, and the faster its life force slipped away.

Finally, the Thousand Legged Centipede gave a twitch and its body went stiff, losing its life force. 

“Si si!!!!  Si Bi!!!!!!!!”

The soul pets around the Thousand Legged Centipedes seemed to have detected the movements in the surroundings and suddenly, pairs upon pairs of eyes lit up in this pitch-black depths of the abyss. They all stared at their comrade’s body that had mysteriously died.

Quickly, these Thousand Legged Centipedes discovered Zhan Ye’s existence, and ten of them let out terrifying noises.

“Hou!!!” Zhan Ye let out a low roar in response.

This was a Thousand Legged Centipede nest and Zhan Ye knew it wasn’t the entire group’s opponent.

Fortunately, Zhan Ye had been brought to the edge of the territory by the Thousand Legged Centipede that had eaten it, where the number of Thousand Legged Centipede wasn’t as terrifying. Most importantly, there was a tall rock screen separating this area from the abyss full of thousands upon thousands of Thousand Legged Centipedes. 

The rock screen was fifty meters high, and was like a mountain. It separated the boundary from the enormous abyss and blocked the countless Thousand Legged Centipedes on the other side. There were only 13 Thousand Legged Centipedes on this side of the rock screen!

Zhan Ye was very intelligent, and knew that as long as he didn’t disturb the large group of Thousand Legged Centipedes and got rid of these thirteen Thousand Legged Centipedes, there was a chance it could continue fighting! 

When Zhan Ye used Trample and had taken himself down with the enemies, he hadn’t considered if he had survived or not.

The present situation was one of sure-death because there was practically no pathway within the abyss. 

However, Zhan Ye that had always carried the most amount of fighting spirit, knew that even if he were to die, he would definitely kill a lot of these Thousand Legged Centipedes. He would kill until he had no more strength left, and then die a proud death….

Of the thirteen Thousand Legged Centipedes, three had reached the tenth phase, seventh had reached the ninth phase and three were under the ninth phase.

Zhan Ye was presently an eighth phase ninth stage low cla.s.s monarch and with the soul equipment’s effect, its fighting strength reached the mid stage monarch rank.

Its strength as lower than the tenth phase Thousand Legged Centipedes by a level and higher than the ninth phase Thousand Legged Centipedes by two levels. As for the eighth phase Thousand Legged Centipedes, if they dared approach Zhan Ye, it would definitely insta-kill them.

The first ones that approached Zhan Ye were the three tenth phase Thousand Legged Centipedes which reached a stature of a dozen meters. Their enormous malevolent bodies left long gulches in the incomparably hard ground when they moved. Their long tails could break a large several-meter thick rocks with a simple swat!!

Zhan Ye didn’t face them head-on. He stuck to the rock wall and ran in circles, but his eyes were fixed on the ninth phase Thousand Legged Centipedes.

“s.h.i.+!!!!!!!” a Heavenly Rending Claw swept forth!

Zhan Ye’s claws criss-crossed. A cold light flickered and the ink claws ripped apart the nearest Thousand Legged Centipede!!

Zhan Ye’s Heavenly Rending Claw’s range was extremely large, and it split the ninth phase Thousand Legged Centipede from its neck down to its tail, practically stripping its entire carca.s.s! 


After Zhan Ye’s success, one of the tenth phase Thousand Legged Centipede’s sharp tail swept across the air forcing Zhan Ye to immediately stop his pursuit as he jumped up in evasion. 

However, there were three tenth phase Thousand Legged Centipedes, and after it dodged the first one’s attack, the tails from the other two also swept over, knocking Zhan Ye from midair to the rock wall!

Zhan Ye’s body left an imprint in the rock wall, but a ranged attack like this wouldn’t greatly affect Zhan Ye.

After falling to the ground, Zhan Ye relied on its sharp claws to run up the wall. After it reached a certain height, it suddenly dropped down, pa.s.sing in between the sharp blade-like Thousand Legged Centipede!! 

“Hou!!!!!!!” Zhan Ye let out a low roar, and a deep magic marking suddenly lit up its ink colored armor, transforming into some ancient force in Zhan Ye’s claws.

With the magic marking imprint, Zhan Ye’s attack rose another level. The Heavenly Rending Claw swept across the ninth phase first stage Thousand Legged Centipede’s head!!!! 


A green blood spat out. The ninth phase first stage Thousand Legged Centipede wasn’t able to dodge in time and its head was split off its neck by Zhan Ye’s magic marking Heavenly Rending Claw. From the cut along its neck, nauseating blood spilled out and unceasingly flowed.

“Si si si!!!!!!!! Si si si!!!!!!!!”

The three tenth phase Thousand Legged Centipedes let out angry cries when they saw their comrade had been killed!

Their bodies flew at Zhan Ye and intersected with each other when Zhan Ye landed. Their sharp feelers swept across Zhan Ye, splitting open its armor and lacerating its flesh.

Zhan Ye seemed to not feel pain, and allowed the three tenth phase Thousand Legged Centipedes to attack it. It calmly awaited an opportunity before jumping onto one of the tenth phase Thousand Legged Centipede’s backs. 

The Thousand Legged Centipedes began moving upwards while Zhan Ye went the other way. It ran and jumped, continuing to borrow the bodies of two ninth phase Thousand Legged Centipedes, using its ink armor spikes to pierce another ninth phase Thousand Legged Centipede’s eyes.

This Thousand Legged Centipede let out a pained cry and fiercely threw Zhan Ye off.

After being thrown off, Zhan Ye quickly faced the encirclement of a few ninth phase Thousand Legged Centipedes, and a few more rather serious wounds appeared on its body.

Zhan Ye’s life force strength was six times a normal soul pet’s, and if it was any other eighth or ninth phase middle cla.s.s monarch, this series of attacks would have left its life force in shambles.

However, no matter how many wounds there were, Zhan Ye still maintained its high-spirited fighting state as it continued to fight!

Finally, just as Zhan Ye’s life force fell so low that it affected its fighting strength, it finally got mad! 

“Hou!!!!!! Hou!!!!!!!”

Zhan Ye let out an angry roar and its clearly broken armor began to change. The flesh on its four limbs began to mysteriously strengthen. Even its horned beast imprint began to brighten!!

Brave Stinging Heart!!! 

Under the Brave Stinging Heart’s effect, Zhan Ye’s strength began to grow. It caused Zhan Ye to break right through the eighth phase bottleneck and step straight into the ninth phase first stage!!

Upon reaching the ninth phase, Zhan Ye’s strength was equal to the Thousand Legged Centipedes! Moreover, it still possessed the horned beast imprint strength amplifier, six times the normal amount of life force, as well as a powerful life force recovery ability. Zhan Ye definitely had the advantage in this fight!

After its strength rose, Zhan Ye flew forth, ignoring the other Thousand Legged Centipede attacks. The ink armor spikes on its body were fully revealed and it began to spin at a high velocity. Shockingly, swept across the ferocious mouths of the tenth phase Thousand Legged Centipedes!! 

“Si la~~~~~”

The ink armor spikes ripped apart the top of a tenth phase Thousand Legged Centipede and like a dark blade, split them from the top of its head down to its throat!! 

This tenth phase Thousand Legged Centipede’s body began to twist, and it let out continuous miserable cries before cras.h.i.+ng down!! 

“Hou!!!! Hou!!!!!!!!!”

Zhan Ye stepped on this tenth phase Thousand Legged Centipede’s body. The venom from the other Thousand Legged Centipedes sprayed over its body, rapidly corroding its flesh.

However, as its body was being intensively corroded, an insect liquid began to seep outwards from inside its body!!


The insect liquid began to quickly fill Zhan Ye’s ghastly wounds, healing its body. It caused Zhan Ye to recover its fighting strength in a short period of time!! 

Zhan Ye innately possessed extremely powerful bug type talent, so the Thousand Legged Centipede’s venom wasn’t particularly useful against it. Thus, in a short while, Zhan Ye was able to complete its second Broken Limb Rebirth!

The final fight in its life seemed to trigger the rest of the potential inside Zhan Ye’s body and once the Broken Limb Rebirth finished, Zhan Ye’s strength rose another stage, reaching the ninth phase second stage!!

Hou hou!!!” Zhan Ye ignored the other Thousand Legged Centipede attacks as its front limb fiercely smacked at the heavily wounded tenth phase Thousand Legged Centipede!!

The horned beast imprint converged once again, and the Fragmenting Step technique descended onto the tenth phase Thousand Legged Centipede’s body. It completely fractured its front limbs!!

Green blood began to spill once again. It all fell onto Zhan Ye’s body, bathing him in this nauseating liquid. Yet his eyes were cold as they swept over the tenth phase Thousand Legged Centipede’s corpse. The battle hadn’t ended. After killing a tenth phase Thousand Legged Centipede, the full fighting strength Zhan Ye immediately locked onto the closest ninth phase Thousand Legged Centipede, and it fiercely pounced on it!!


Green liquid and the Thousand Legged Centipede’s body dispersed in the confined corner of the abyss. After Zhan Ye’s swept its claws, another tenth phase Thousand Legged Centipede was fragmented at the midsection, splitting into two pieces! 

Fighting all the way until now, Zhan Ye’s strength had reached the ninth phase fourth stage!

It wouldn’t be long before more Thousand Legged Centipedes would rush over here. Zhan Ye knew that it couldn’t face this innumerable number of Thousand Legged Centipedes, but continued to obstinately fight. There was no force that could stop it from fighting!!

“Hou hou hou!!!!!!!”

Its body was covered from head to toe in green sticky Thousand Legged Insect blood, which was slowly forming some blood aura. As Zhan Ye let out a roar, its black eyes gradually began to change in color!

Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation!!!

The influence of the blood aura caused Zhan Ye to enter a Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation state, while the green insect blood caused Zhan Ye’s strength rise another three levels, reaching the ninth phase seventh stage!!

Ninth stage seventh stage!!!!

This meant that Zhan Ye’s present strength was two levels higher than the tenth phase Thousand Legged Centipedes. If it used the horned beast imprint to increase its strength again, Zhan Ye’s full strength attack would be able to instakill a tenth phase Thousand Legged Centipede!!!

Zhan Ye immediately locked onto the last tenth phase Thousand Legged Centipede. Its bloodthirsty and savage eyes, now dyed a green color, had ignited with an inextinguishable fighting spirit!!!! 

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