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Chapter 570: Ultimate Technique, Flame Monarch Purgatory (2)

Chu Mu glanced at Mo Xie.

Mo Xie was about to launch an attack at the Bloodthirsty Terror Wolf. However, she was unable to do anything about the Destructive Wind Fairy’s technique, and had no choice but to quickly retreat and destroy the destructive wind force in order to protect everyone. 

Mo Xie knew that stalling like this was unfavorable to her. Moreover, Ye Qingzi really did need to be healed.

Promptly, Chu Mu chanted an incantation.

His chant was very short and quickly, his eyes gradually began to swirl with a strange color. 

Other Pupil! 

Chu Mu’s pupils flashed with a completely different color, while the swirling speed became abnormally slow. 

At the same time, any moving thing he looked at became extremely slow. Regardless if it was the Violent Ice Beast or the Bloodthirsty Terror Wolf, Chu Mu was able to see their steps. 

Chanting again, Chu Mu used the eighth rank abnormal technique, Other Pupil, and gave this power to his soul pets! 

Zhan Ye was the closest to Chu Mu. Its black eyes were the first to change. Gradually, the Golden Evil Insect’s speed began to abnormally slow down in its eyes, and Zhan Ye was able to easily determine its next steps.

Zhan Ye was a level in strength lower than the Golden Evil Insect. This difference mainly manifested in attack power and speed. The Golden Evil Insect’s attacks were difficult to dodge for Zhan Ye while Zhan Ye’s attacks were easily dodged by the Golden Evil Insect.

After the Other Pupil’s effects, Zhan Ye immediately was able to detect all of the Golden Evil Insect’s intentions. Before the opponent had even launched its attacks, it was able to dodge. 

The Golden Evil Insect’s death pincers released an evil light that flew towards Zhan Ye. However, Zhan Ye had already jumped away before abruptly launching an attack! 

Ink Armor Spike!!

The defense-ignoring Ink Armor Spike accurately stabbed into the Golden Evil Insect’s body. Its black defense-corroding poison began to seep into the Golden Evil Insect’s body!

The Golden Evil Insect let out an angry shout, and it swept up a wave of air with its tail as it smacked it at Zhan Ye!

Zhan Ye’s reactions were even quicker. As the attack came, it quickly jumped and beautifully dodged the close-ranged attack. In its mouth, it began fermenting a destructive ray!

“Hong!!!!!” the destructive ray exploded on the Golden Evil Insect’s body from such close range, causing it to go flying over a hundred meters. The golden armor on its body began to fester with clear cracks. Clearly, the injuries were not light.

On the other side, the White Nightmare obtained the Other Pupil effect, allowing it to reveal its domineering and evil face. At a short range, it immediately, used its claws to rip at Xia Guanghan’s White Nightmare. 

Next, it raised Xia Guanghan’s White Nightmare high into the air. It released countless pillars of nine underworld flaming clouds that knocked Xia Guanghan’s White Nightmare flying.

“White Nightmare!” the point of Chu Mu using Other Pupil wasn’t to have Zhan Ye and the White Nightmare defeat their enemies. After all, it wasn’t easy for them to defeat their enemies.

Instead, Chu Mu needed himself and the White Nightmare to combine techniques!

“Nie~~~~~~~” the White Nightmare understood its owner’s intentions and taking advantage of the moment Xia Guanghan’s White Nightmare had been knocked flying, it rapidly used Displacement Specter to appear in front of Chu Mu.

“Thirteen Inferno!” Chu Mu once more chanted an incantation!

As a seven remembrance spirit master, the might of Chu Mu’s Thirteen Inferno was able to reach the late ninth rank. Chu Mu would release an incomparably tyrannical nine underworld devil flames too, so the Thirteen Inferno would further increase to the full ninth rank. 

Since his Nightmare was a peak monarch with middle rank nine underworld devil flames, the Thirteen Inferno it used would reach the tenth rank!!

Therefore, combining the two Thirteen Inferno was absolutely capable of dealing enormous injuries to the peak monarch rank soul pets!

The White Nightmare’s brewing speed of the Thirteen Inferno was faster than Chu Mu’s. Although it started a few chants after Chu Mu, it finished at the same time as him!

Chu Mu’s body ignited with a nine underworld devil flame just as one exuberantly did as well on the White Nightmare’s body. The White Nightmare then transformed into Chu Mu’s figure and stood together with him, the two of them mutual reflections of each other!

Xia Guanghan and Qin Ye’s minds were focused on dealing with Mo Xie. They didn’t take their attention off of her, because the moment they did, this extremely powerful Corrupted Flame Monarch would immediately defeat them!

They had ignored Chu Mu, and thus allowed him to un.o.bstructedly finish the Thirteen Inferno h.e.l.l technique!

Very quickly, at the top of the sealed s.p.a.ce appeared a serene white devil flame cloud. It combined Chu Mu and the White Nightmare’s dual devil flames. This nine underworld devil flame’s might was probably near a high rank nine underworld devil flame!

“Hong hong hong hong!!!!!!!!!”

The Thirteen Inferno practically all focused onto the Violent Ice Beast. Each pillar smashed towards the Violent Ice Beast, each time exploding on its body, causing it to rupture!

The one truly thing obstructing Mo Xie was the Violent Ice Beast. Mo Xie saw Chu Mu’s Thirteen Inferno smash the Violent Ice Beasts and quickly realised Chu Mu’s intentions. Her body flashed and she retreated.

“Hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~~”

The originally completely extinguished sin flames suddenly ignited!

Mo Xie’s sin flame energy and sin seal force could not be used at the same time. The moment the sin flames began burning, the sin seal would imprint itself onto Mo Xie’s body like a normal devil mark. 

However, this time was different. As the sin flames began burning, the sin seal also began to spread!

Mo Xie was fermenting the Corrupted Inferno Monarch’s strongest technique - Inferno Monarch Purgatory!!

The beast type sin imprint’s majestic energy, the demon type evil aura and the fire type burning sin flames. The Corrupted Inferno Monarch’s three attributes began to combine with each other!

“It’s going to use an emperor technique. Quickly stop it!” Qin Ye’s face immediately changed.

The Thirteen Inferno had blown the Violent Ice Beasts to pieces. For a short while, it was useless. Promptly, Qin Ye roared and ordered the Gold Evil Insect that had been knocked flying to charge at Mo Xie!

Xia Guanghan let out a cold sweat in shock. If they allowed the Corrupted Inferno Monarch to use the emperor technique, their monarch rank soul pets could very likely be instakilled. Therefore, no matter what, they had to stop it from successfully using its technique! 

Promptly, Xia Guanghan did all he barely could, and ordered his three soul pets to all launch attacks at Mo Xie!

The White Nightmare, Destructive Wind Fairy, and Bloodthirsty Terror Wolf all locked onto Mo Xie!!

If she was attacked, Mo Xie’s fermenting would definitely be interrupted. 

However, Mo Xie’s nine tails were still moving. Upon seeing the Bloodthirsty Terror Wolf attacking, Mo Xie’s sin imprinted tail fiercely swept across, immediately engulfing a current of air, blowing the Bloodthirsty Terror Wolf away.

Mo Xie could use her tail to stop the close-range attack of the Terror Wolf. However, the White Nightmare and Destructive Wind Fairy’s techniques were already very difficult to block.

“Nie!!!” Chu Mu’s White Nightmare let out a cry. It had already locked onto Xia Guanghan’s Destructive Wind Fairy which attack range was extremely wide. If it allowed it to release its technique, Mo Xie’s technique would not only be interrupted, but the others would also most likely suffer serious injuries!

Using two Displacement Specters, Chu Mu’s White Nightmare moved to a range it could attack the Destructive Wind Fairy. Its two palms burned with middle rank nine underworld devil flames, quickly transforming into two b.a.l.l.s of enormous nine underworld flame b.a.l.l.s. It then threw them at the Destructive Wind Fairy!

“Hong!!!!!!!” the two b.a.l.l.s of devil flames blew up next to the Destructive Wind Fairy. The Destructive Wind Fairy was just about to complete its wind type technique, but was interrupted by the devil flames!

After the White Nightmare used stopped the Destructive Wind Fairy’s technique, it used Other Pupil, and quickly detected that Xia Guanghan was preparing a technique!

The White Nightmare’s hatred to Xia Guanghan had already seeped to its bones. Using the opportunity it had, it used Devil Phantom to float towards Xia Guanghan. From its posture, it clearly wanted to directly devour Xia Guanghan’s soul!

Xia Guanghan had completed half of the technique, when he discovered that the White Nightmare was rapidly approaching.

Xia Guanghan hastily stopped the technique and used a speed increase ability to escape to the Destructive Wind Fairy’s side. He could only order the White Nightmare to stop Mo Xie’s technique!

It would be extremely difficult for Mo Xie to stop the White Nightmare. Seeing the White Nightmare’s technique about to touch Mo Xie, Chu Mu was so anxious he felt like he was on fire. 

If he allowed the White Nightmare to attack her, Mo Xie’s technique would be interrupted and all of his previous efforts would be wasted.

However, just at this moment, an ink colored figure flew over. At an extremely timely moment, it arrived in front of Mo Xie and used its body to block the White Nightmare’s attack for Mo Xie! 

“Zhan Ye!” Chu Mu astonishedly swept his eyes over the Gold Evil Insect and abruptly discovered that in between its death pincers was one of Zhan Ye’s hind limbs! 

Chu Mu finally realized that Zhan Ye had sacrificed a hind limb to protect Mo Xie.

The nine underworld devil flames possessed the ability to immediately burn the soul. Zhan Ye had powerful life force, but it was still hard pressed as it feel the soul burn. Soon, Chu Mu realized that Zhan Ye’s soul had been severely wounded!

The moment its soul was wounded, Zhan Ye would be unable to Broken Limb Rebirth to heal itself!

“Wu wu wu!!!!!!” Mo Xie looked at Zhan Ye which had been struck by the nine underworld devil flames on its body and in its soul. She let out an angry cry!

The anger was able to catalyze the Corrupted Inferno Monarch’s strength!

Under heavy protection, Mo Xie finally finished casting her technique!!

“Hu hu hu hu hu!!!!!!!!!!” imposing sin flames suddenly began to discharge from Mo Xie out to the peripheries. The sin flames flitted past Zhan Ye’s bodies and directly extinguished the nine underworld devil flames!

The people and soul pets Mo Xie approved of wouldn’t suffer from the scorching heat of the sin flames. However, the people and soul pets Mo Xie was angry at would feel the terror of this energy!!

Inferno Monarch Purgatory 

Inside Mo Xie’s pupils was a world. In this world, there was no longer but a single ball of Origin Sin Flame burning. Instead, countless waves of sin flames were raging through this world. They were torrential and resembled a terrifying purgatory!

At the same time, the sin imprints rapidly spread through the sealed s.p.a.ce. However, these sin imprints were the reflections of the horrifying purgatory in Mo Xie’s eyes into reality!! 

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