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The vessel of life exuded boundless life force, too much for any world to handle.

The vessel of athanasia represented everlasting life and indestructibility. Nothing could ever take it down.

The vessel of creation opened an entirely new world with brand new laws and orders.

“Crack!” The bronze seal instantly crumbled.

Inside the primordial chaos was a pristine expanse - a new life representing something even above the high heaven.

“?!!!” The dark progenitors and even the dark messenger felt alarmed, thinking that their lives were in danger in this split second.

Unfortunately, it was too late. A figure appeared in the endless primordial chaos - Li Qiye.

“Nirvana Heaven.” He exclaimed. His words became eternal. One could still hear them after millions of years.

He was now under the state of Nirvana Heaven, empowered by his three vessels and thirteen palaces.

His power had reached an unbelievable level, reaching the limit of the myriad daos. He became an unsurpa.s.sable existence, the pinnacle of all.

“Heaven Suppression Fist.” The next words to come out of his mouth would never be forgotten by the listeners.

“Boom!” Everything shattered beneath this devastating blow regardless of their prowess.

The invincible progenitors have dominated their entire life yet still felt the urge to prostrate, unable to move.

This punch could seal the high heaven itself. The other living beings were insignificant in comparison, progenitors included.

“Boom!” The three treasures exploded into little pieces.

“Ah!!” The three nearest progenitors were reduced to b.l.o.o.d.y mists. They were among the five who didn’t show their true ident.i.ty. Moreover, the punch destroyed their true fate as well.

The next set of victims included Left Bank and Bamboo Progenitor since they were also close by. The shockwaves left nothing behind but blood.

Three Paragon Artifacts and five progenitors went down just like that.

The other progenitors were blown away and suffered grievous injuries. Even the dark messenger was sent flying.

The latter activated his mirror and created a bronze barrier but this was far from enough. He vomited a mouthful of blood, heavily wounded.

The one with the strongest physique, Coiling Dragon, had broken scales and flesh all over. One could see the bones now.

It was worse for the other five. They were dismembered; their bones crushed to dust by the shockwaves.

“Run!” The astounded messenger realized that there was no salvaging this battle and turned to flee.

The other five became resplendent as they attempted to run.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Li Qiye came out of the chaos while holding Terra d.a.m.nation.

“Buzz.” The spear moved like a torrent and trapped the six progenitors.

“Ahhh!” The two unknown progenitors bellowed, left with a b.l.o.o.d.y hole on their forehead.

The spear had penetrated their true fate as they fell backward to go meet their maker.

“Nooo!” Stone Harmony Progenitor’s wound was located on his chest. He didn’t even notice until he was ten thousand miles away and looked down due to the pain. His true fate was crushed as well.

He watched blood gus.h.i.+ng out from his chest before falling to the ground, painting it red.

“Whoos.h.!.+” Cicada and Eight Treasure Progenitors were skewered together and lifted up into the air.

The spear vibrated and turned them into b.l.o.o.d.y mists.

“Boom!” Coiling Dragon got quite far away. Alas, the spear still caught up and crucified him into the ground.

He struggled, destroying the ground in the process. This lasted several times before he twitched once and stopped moving.

The one who got the farthest away was the member of the Decemvirate since he was the first one to run.

He had made it through Sky Pa.s.s in no time at all, heading for Uncrossable Expanse.

His speed was something else, allowing him to reach the sh.o.r.e in the blink of an eye.

“Die.” Li Qiye threw the spear forward.

“Boom!” It pierced through numerous dimensions and appeared by the sh.o.r.e, showing up in front of the dark messenger.

“Guard!” His bronze mirror became a ma.s.sive wall in front of him, a defense resembling Sky Pa.s.s.

“Boom!” Unfortunately, the wall couldn’t stop the terrible thrust and exploded upon contact. The spear hit the mirror and also annihilated this incredible treasure.

“Pop!” The messenger couldn’t block it and was reduced to blood. However, a faint ray managed to fly into the expanse. This move wasn’t enough to kill him.

This remnant soul disappeared from sight after entering the ocean.

Li Qiye didn’t pursue, only smiling and staring at the expanse. Eventually, he said: “Well, I guess having a messenger about my arrival is fine.”

He then turned towards the empty s.p.a.ce and licked his lips: “An entire world is nutritious indeed.”

Immortal Lineage was completely silent during all of this. Even the winds stopped, not daring to bother him.

All living beings were on the ground, slack-jawed. They have been suppressed by Li Qiye’s supreme power earlier.

Heaven Suppression Fist simply reigned above all else. Everyone believed that it had more than enough power to penetrate Three Immortals or even turn them to ashes.

This height was unreachable even for progenitors. Even Lotus Ancestor and her peers were on their knees.

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