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“Separation is a part of life. You are born attuned with the light so your future is bright, you will definitely be able to shoulder your system as a progenitor.” Li Qiye stroked her hair and smiled.

His praise revealed how highly he thought of her.

“I won’t let you down, Young n.o.ble.” She bowed deeply to show her reverence.

“What about me?” The bull laughed and joined in: “Won’t I be the greatest progenitor in history?”

Its egotistical style set off some chuckles. The bull had a way of alleviating a depressing atmosphere.

Li Qiye glanced at it and commented: “I don’t know if you will become the greatest progenitor or not, but one thing is for certain, keep acting like this and you’ll become the most delicious feast. A hot pot, maybe, or roasted beef? Who knows.”

“I like thin beef dipped in boiling soup. A lot of energy.” The old demon said.

“Hey! What the h.e.l.l are you saying, old man!” The bull wasn’t happy with this at all: “I’ll dig out your roots and make dried medicine out of them!”

The old demon gave it a contemptuous glance. This worked perfectly in infuriating the bull.

Of course, this was all in jest. They had a special relations.h.i.+p - both friends.h.i.+p and mentors.h.i.+p. The demon considered the bull to be a close junior.

The bull couldn’t do anything to the demon despite its annoyance. It moved closer to Li Qiye and smiled: “Hehehe, Sir, the world outside must be vast, give me a hint, where should I go to get to your world?”

It clearly was bored of Three Immortals and wanted to go take a look at Li Qiye’s world.

“Wait until you’re strong enough or you’ll only be asking for trouble.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said.

“Whoa! What you trying to say?!” The bull glared at him in response: “What kind of great existence am I? I can’t handle it? I’m unbeatable and can take on three to five progenitors, no problem.”

It shamelessly bragged without blinking an eye.

“So amazing, not like a certain thing that got its horn broken.” The tree demon sarcastically mocked.

“Say it to my face!” The bull turned red and headed over to the tree demon, only to be ignored.

“It’s a shame this is a time of chaos or I would be more than willing to accompany you to the expanse.” Lotus Ancestor sentimentally said.

Though she wasn’t a member of the Decemvirate, she was far above regular immortal-level progenitors.

In history, every progenitor eventually wanted to go to the expanse for many reasons. Thus, someone like her being able to stick around was miraculous. Only her system could accommodate this.

She naturally wanted to go there and nothing could be better than accompanying Li Qiye.

Unfortunately, potential dangers still loomed in Three Immortal so she needed to stay.

This was a heavy price to pay for the sake of Five Elements Mountain and all of Three Immortals.

“You’ll have your chance and it’ll even be better later when there is peace at the four oceans.” Li Qiye said.

“I understand. I hope to see you again when I do depart.” She bowed.

Li Qiye smiled and nodded.

Her going there was only a matter of time. Progenitors had a hard time staying in Three Immortals, especially someone as strong as her.

Time wasn’t her friend either since she could die from old age. Thus, journeying to the expanse was imperative. Five Elements Mountain might have an unfathomable amount of resources but still couldn’t supply an invincible progenitor like her forever.

“Thank you, Sir.” Both Luminous Master and Orchid Sage came over next and bowed: “Your guidance will benefit us for a lifetime. We’ll start training once you leave since we’re too weak to contribute to Immortal Lineage right now.”

The two of them were quite humble despite being the first to fearlessly fight on the frontline. They didn’t shame themselves or run away from their responsibilities.

“I’m sure there will be two more immortal-level progenitors in the near future.” Li Qiye smiled while looking at the two.

“We hope so too.” They said. This was the purpose of their next cultivation session - reaching the immortal level.

They were quite strong already as imperial-level progenitors. Alas, the previous fight made the gap between the two levels abundantly clear.

Orchid Sage who didn’t care about chasing the dao decided to train harder. His goal wasn’t for power, only because the people needed him.

Both of them believed that they were insufficient at the moment to be useful.

“Will we meet again?” Hui Qingxuan grabbed Li Qiye’s hand with adoration in her eyes.

The two of them had a special relations.h.i.+p thanks to Trinity Eccentric - a bizarre engagement.

Plus, she has been an ardent supporter, therefore winning his grace.

“If it meant to be.” Li Qiye said.

“I will keep working hard to not be embarra.s.sed by my low cultivation the next time we meet.” She smiled.

“I’m sure you’ll be like a different person when we meet again.” Li Qiye said.

Her talents were exceptional so her achievements wouldn’t be inferior to Orchid Sage and Luminous Master. In fact, Five Elements Mountain might have another progenitor on the same level as Lotus Ancestor.

“I hope so too.” Qingxuan nodded, completely sure of another meeting.

“Goodbye everyone, I hope your world will be safe.” Li Qiye didn’t say goodbye to each individual and looked at the crowd.

“Hmm, maybe I’ll meet your many children next time.” He saw Three-eyed Prodigy and Spiritheart Emperor and decided to tease them.

“As you wish, Young n.o.ble.” The couple bowed towards Li Qiye since he was the reason why they were together.

“See you all.” Li Qiye smiled and entered the expanse without looking back.

“Goodbye.” The bull and the others watched his departing figure.

“May you return triumphantly, Prime Progenitor!” The kneeling cultivators shouted.

This grand gesture was necessary in order to show their savior the appropriate amount of respect.

Li Qiye disappeared from sight the moment his foot touched the water. Nonetheless, they kept on kneeling. Some performed a full kowtow ceremony.

His close allies became sentimental. They didn’t know if they could meet him since he wasn’t from this world.

“Goodbye…” Qingxuan murmured to herself.

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