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Chapter 4040: More Recruitment

Some actually thought that there was something wrong with the old man’s head. Nonetheless, he didn’t seem to be a madman.

“Why? He clearly had a chance for one billion. Refusing is one thing but he’s selling himself short too.” One youth said.

The guy offered to be Li Qiye’s servant for free. The ancestors thought that only one scenario was plausible - that this so-called A’zhi had other plans up his sleeves for wanting to stay near Li Qiye.

Perhaps he wanted to wait for the right moment to kidnap Li Qiye and take all of his wealth? This could be the right answer. After all, he still kept his appearance and ident.i.ty a secret.

By sticking around, he could potentially take Li Qiye’s legacy one day and no one would have a d.a.m.n clue about where to start finding him. It would become an unsolved mystery for future eras.

“I think he knows his real goal.” Another ancestor murmured since this was the only explanation for the old man’s action.

Thus, they became interested in Li Qiye’s choice. It would be unwise to take in the old man now, akin to sowing a seed of trouble. They believed that it would be best to refuse him.

In fact, Lu Qi was confused as well about the old man. She had a good idea about the top characters in Sword Continent. However, she had no impression of this old man.

“I haven’t heard of anyone named A’zhi in Sword Continent.” Lu Qi said.

The old man bowed in response: “You’re a transcending cultivator floating above the firmament, I am a n.o.body in comparison. Since we are from two different worlds, it makes sense that you haven’t heard of me before.”

Lu Qi’s eyes narrowed after hearing this. The old man obviously knew her true ident.i.ty and background. Keep in mind that she still had her stealth technique on. Everyone else simply thought of her as Li Qiye’s maid.

Thus, he came prepared or didn’t mind her presence at all.

“What do you think, Young n.o.ble?” She asked Li Qiye instead of making a decision herself.

The choice was obvious for most. Alas, Li Qiye was eccentric and unpredictable.

“So you wish to join me?” Li Qiye smiled.

“Yes, Young n.o.ble, but if it is inconvenient, I do not dare to force the issue.” The old man bowed.

An ancestor wanted to shout - It’s obviously inconvenient to have a potential backstabber around! However, he refrained from doing so since he didn’t know the powerful cultivator’s ident.i.ty. Prudence was required in this case.

“What’s inconvenient about it?” Li Qiye smiled.

“Because my ident.i.ty is unknown and I might have nefarious intent. Being cautious is common sense.” The old man said directly.

“True, but common sense doesn’t apply to me.” Li Qiye clapped and said: “Very well, you may stay since I can afford to feed another person.”

“Thank you, Young n.o.ble, I will do my very best.” The old man replied.

The crowd naturally found Li Qiye’s choice surprising.

“Maybe this is why he became the richest man.” One expert commented: “He’s so unconventional.”

“True, he’s different indeed. You might be right.” An older cultivator who has been paying attention to Li Qiye replied.

Of course, the ma.s.s still thought that his success with the legacy was nothing more than luck. Only a few top masters knew that luck couldn’t open the legacy. There was something else to it. Alas, this remained a mystery even for them.

“Okay, does anyone else have some cool abilities to show me? Money is not a problem as long as you can impress me.” Li Qiye s.h.i.+fted his focus towards the crowd.

No one thought that he was being arrogant. This should be the style of the world's richest man.

“I am the sect master of Southgate Mountain.” An old man stepped forward and bowed: “We have more than eight hundred disciples and three hundred miles of territory. We wish to work for you for an annual salary of thirty million…”

“I am a member of Aerial School, versed in flying techniques. I would like to join you as a follower, my requirement is not high…” A woman with a great figure bowed and said.

“I am a demon monarch with thirty thousand lesser demons under my banner. We are valiant and ready for battle. As for the yearly payments…” A mighty demon landed from above and bowed.

In just a short time, numerous cultivators stated their strong points and desired salary to Li Qiye. It included powerful demons and ancestors hiding their true background along with some unknown juniors…

Of course, their demand was quite high. Some asked for a salary dozens of times higher than the regular amount.

These particular cultivators harbored zero nefarious intent. However, they viewed him as a fat sheep to be taken advantage of.

Li Qiye casually picked without following any logic. He refused some that had stated a fair price but eventually picked a few with unreasonable demands.

All in all, no one could make an accurate prediction. It didn’t take long before he recruited a large group.

Those chosen were elated because their salary became far higher than before.

“Okay, you’ll be in charge of them.” After finis.h.i.+ng, he told Crimsondeath Monarch: “A’zhi will be my consultant. Ask him if you have questions.”

“I understand.” The monarch bowed.

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