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Chapter 4041: Trustworthiness

The monarch then brought the new recruits to another place for them to settle down.

“Young n.o.ble, are you starting a sect?” Xu Yiyun became curious because Li Qiye had recruited people from all over the world. Most importantly, he had enough wealth to do so.

In history, top masters have started sects along with weaker cultivators. The sects of the former would last for generations while the latter might go down after a few years or decades at best.

This was a different scenario. The other progenitors relied on their strength while Li Qiye relied solely on his wealth.

He didn’t need to pa.s.s down any merit law or techniques. Just the salary alone was attractive enough for big shots to join him. With the right administration, his sect could become stronger than many top ones in Sword Continent.

“I’m just killing time.” Li Qiye smiled at her: “But if I were to start a sect, would you like to join?”

This sudden question surprised her. She was working for him but ultimately, she was still a disciple of the Xu.

She pondered for a bit before shaking her head: “I appreciate what you have done for me but I am a member of the Xu and always will be. The only exception is if they banish me.”

This was a tough choice for most. After all, she had personally experienced his generosity in the last few days. He gave her things that her clan couldn’t possibly muster. They had no access to those invincible weapons.

Thus, if he were to start a sect, she might receive incredible resources and gain high status due to her innate talents. Ten of her clans couldn’t match this sum.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that she would enjoy the same privileges as the behemoths’ successors.

Nonetheless, she still refused his tempting hypothetical because she wanted to stay in her clan in spite of its declined state. She would never abandon it for any reason.

“Interesting.” Li Qiye chuckled and nodded, dropping the issue.


Archaic Style has finished the transfer process for Omniscient Dao Lord’s territory. They led the way and showed Li Qiye the area.

This land was named Omniscient Home.

The group found that this place was filled with beautiful nature - a verdant mountain range with waterfalls.

It wasn’t completely desolate either. Thousands and thousands of brick-and-tile buildings could be seen.

The manager of Archaic Style finished the process by handing the account books to Li Qiye: “Young n.o.ble, this is the former home of Omniscient Dao Lord. In the beginning, there were only ten peaks or so. Once we entered the pact with the dao lord, we bought the surrounding areas. After many generations, there are thirty cities and more than seventy thousand shops. The annual profit is recorded in these books, please take a look.”

This was a testament to Archaic Style’s ability, managing to turn a small town into a large territory.

“The sealed pavilions of the dao lord are also available. According to the pact, the leftover merit laws can be given to the fateful ones.” He handed an old jade over to Li Qiye.

The latter only took a quick glance without caring too much. Nonetheless, he still praised: “Archaic Style’s reputation is solid indeed, more trustworthy than any other sect.”

Unlike other powers who cared about expansion and pa.s.sing down their arts, Archaic Style kept on doing business quietly for generations while maintaining a golden reputation.

As a result, this reputation earned them continuous business from top sects and masters. The best example would be the Preeminent Legacy.

The dao lord’s monstrous wealth was coveted by all. Moreover, he left it to Archaic Style as well. If they desired it, they would have thousands of means to monopolize this wealth.

However, on the contrary, they invested this wealth and multiplied it without taking more than the agreed share.

“Thank you, Young n.o.ble.” The shopkeeper bowed: “Reputation is the most important thing for us ever since our establishment.”

“Nothing short of a miracle.” Li Qiye nodded and waved his hand: “All the shops and cities will still be under your jurisdiction. The terms shall be the same as before.”

The shopkeeper was surprised to hear this. This sum was enough to put many sects to shame yet Li Qiye still gave it to them without thinking twice?

“We appreciate your generosity, Young n.o.ble.” He bowed deeply and said.

“You deserve it, trust is priceless.” Li Qiye said.

“With this, we have finished the transfer process of Omniscient Dao Lord’s legacy. If you ever need anything from us in the future, just let us know.” He solemnly said and bid farewell.

“Young n.o.ble, you’re always so generous.” Xu Yiyun sighed and said. The interest and profit given to Archaic Style earlier were more than enough to revitalize her clan.

“They deserve it for maintaining their integrity after all these years.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said.

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