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Chapter 4555: Crossing Emissary

With the formation of the Yin Wheel, everyone understood that Yin Yang Crossing was about to be open.

“Buzz.” All the yin and yang essences seemed to be rus.h.i.+ng into the Yin Wheel like invisible rivers.

Normally, the yin and yang were difficult for cultivation comprehension and observation. Now, an invisible hand seemed to be gathering all of them together in one place.

The invisible yin and yang, in their black and white, were so close to everyone. They materialized into physical form and blossomed into resplendent colors.

Next came a divine bridge originating from the wheel spanning all the way to the cemetery, resembling a rainbow in the air.

“It’s finally here.” Spectators were lost in awe.

“The crossing is opening!” Others shouted.

“We need to get ready right now.” A big shot quietly told his disciples.

Both regular cultivators and important figures came for one reason - to rob the dead. They knew that the dead would start trying to reach the wheel soon, meaning that the bridge was the best place for an ambush.

“Boom!” A figure landed on the perfect center of the bridge; the yin was to his left and the yang was to his right. Just an inch off would throw this off balance.

This made him appear to be the master of yin and yang, capable of controlling these affinities.

The strange man wore a yellow robe that didn’t look special or ceremonial. In fact, it appeared to be on the cheap side - one that could be found on a servant in the mortal world.

However, his high crest was the opposite and had a cla.s.sic elegance. It seemed to be made from a priceless purple metal with ta.s.seled beads hanging from it. These beads were exceedingly rare, known to others as celestial yin beads.

Just one alone would sell for a sky-high price. Alas, there were too many to count on these ta.s.sels hanging down from the crest. Its value symbolized its supreme authority.

They also hid the face of the cultivator. Even the strongest masters couldn’t see through the beads with their heavenly gaze without permission.

Nonetheless, the contrast between his robe and his crest didn’t feel out of place. The aura stemming from him changed the temporal fabrics of reality. Even a million years seemed fleeting while pa.s.sing through him.

Despite not having an intimidating presence, all cultivators shuddered after seeing him. There was no way to make it past him. His very existence was the strongest barrier.

Upon closer inspection, one would notice an imperial aura from long ago. It was well-hidden, only the masters here could sense it.

“The Yin Yang Emissary!” A crowd member shouted.

“He’s finally here to open the crossing.” Another murmured.

The Yin Yang Emissary was also known as the Crossing Emissary - a truly enigmatic figure. He always appeared during the opening of the Yin Wheel to lead the dead from the graves.

When people talked about survivors of the Yin Wheel, they would think about Calamity Dao Lord, not the emissary. He seemed to be part of the crossing so he wasn’t counted as a survivor.

“Just who is he?” One expert asked.

This question has been researched for years. Alas, no one came up with an answer.

“He has been around for eras now, must be an ancient existence.” One big shot said.

One old cultivator has been here multiple times now. Each time, this emissary always came at the right time. He seemed to be the same person as well, always wearing the same outfit.

“The crossing must be a pa.s.sage to the reincarnation cycle. I bet this man is a part of it.” The old cultivator mumbled.

“Is he alive?” One junior asked.

“I don’t know.” His first elder shook her head: “Rumor has it that he might not be a person at all.”

“Do you mean that he’s dead? Like a ghost?” The junior became curious.

His peers felt the same way since none of them could take a closer look at the emissary despite activating their heavenly gaze.

“He’s here.” The daoist swallowed his saliva and instinctively touched his turtle sh.e.l.l. He had the urge to divine but knew that it was forbidden. Their clan had done so before and it wasn’t an auspicious reading.

“Doesn’t look like a ghost.” Jian Ming could sense how powerful this being was despite not being at a similar level.

“An immemorial existence.” Si Jingru whispered: “Our ancestors said that the true origin of this being is untraceable.”

“Of course, that’s why he is in charge here.” Li Qiye smiled while staring at the emissary.

Lin Mo did the same. Her eyes became particularly clear, capable of seeing through all the mysteries of the world.

“There are hints of an ancient emperor.” She then concluded.

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