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Chapter 5348: You Fool

The badge in Supreme’s hand became resplendent as well, also turning into an immortal eye.

It collapsed and fell out of his palm, signifying the acceptance of the wish.

“Rumble!” The darkness suddenly receded along with the suppressive power.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief, feeling as if they had just survived a fatal disaster.

That power just now would have killed everyone including Supreme and Swordsea Dao Lord. Fortunately, Supreme traded his own badge in order to nullify Illumination’s wish.

“The rumor was true, Heaven Alliance really had an immortal order.” Someone wiped the sweat off their forehead while murmuring.

In this split second, Illumination immediately tried to flee from Duality World. Otherwise, he would be surrounded and killed by the enraged crowd.

He didn’t only try to kill Supreme and the enemies just now but also those from The People such as Hallowed and Timewatcher, even the neutral spectators.

“Pop! Pop! Pop!” Li Qiye appeared out of nowhere and slapped him several times while criticizing: “You fool.”

Despite Illumination’s lifetime of dominance and a defense only breakable by other apex cultivators, he couldn’t do anything against the slap and had to take it like an obedient child.

“Pop!” He got slapped a dozen times or so, losing many teeth in the process. His cheeks became swollen and his lips bloodied.

This was a new low for him but this was not the time to care about face. After Li Qiye was finished, he immediately ran out of Duality World, leaving behind astounded spectators.

Although he had lost before and was forced into seclusion, it didn’t come close to this level of humiliation.

“The a.s.shole deserved it.” Timewatcher regained his wits and started clapping.

Everyone in Duality World wished to kill Illumination Conqueror for his extreme act just now and had no problem with Timewatcher’s foul language.

Of course, some were still shaken by Li Qiye’s power. They didn’t know who he was and thought that no one would believe this story.

“Sir, Dao Brother.” Swordsea Dao Lord slightly bowed in the direction of Li Qiye and the old servant before leaving.

“Farewell, everyone.” Supreme also disappeared from sight. Immortal Emperor Xu Kong and the others retreated as well.

Next came the neutral spectators. They had to leave in order to digest the series of events just now.

Illumination Conqueror attempting to kill everyone was shocking enough. However, his being slapped by an unknown cultivator shook them to the core.

With everyone gone, Timewatcher sealed his grotto again.

“The upper continents will not have peace with Illumination around.” He said strongly.

As a playboy, he preferred loving rather than fighting. Alas, he still wanted to kill Illumination.

“The People cannot be united as long as he is alive.” Hallowed agreed, no longer focusing on Supreme.

“What is your opinion, Sir?” He asked Li Qiye.

“Do it if you can.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Will you help us, Sir?” Timewatcher shamelessly asked.

“I’m not interested in being involved.” Li Qiye took a sip and said.

In reality, they already knew the answer since Li Qiye only slapped Illumination and didn’t kill him.

“Those who walk on the right path will receive help from all sides while the reverse is true. Illumination Conqueror’s extremist actions won’t win him any fans, he’ll be abandoned soon enough.” Li Zhitian said.

“I’m afraid Dao Alliance can’t wait that long.” The old servant said.

“Yes, I think Divine and Heaven Alliance will band together soon enough. No one is caring about the Pact of Blessed either.” Hallowed nodded in agreement.

“I don’t blame them because Illumination Conqueror was the one who tore the pact. If an apex cultivator doesn’t care, others won’t either.” Timewatcher said.

“This might have been part of Supreme’s plan.” Zhitian murmured.

“Yes, his dream order was well-spent. Since Illumination attacked first, now he has justifications to attack Dao Alliance, whether it be in terms of justice or personal retribution.”

“I don’t think Illumination minds either because All-things will be under more pressure. He will be taking advantage of this escalation somehow.” Timewatcher sneered.

“Chaos is coming, we must be getting ready.” The old servant said.

“Don’t you mean your clan should be getting ready?” Timewatcher stared at him.

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