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Chapter 5349: Young n.o.ble, We’re Counting On You

The old servant took a deep breath and bowed toward Li Qiye: “Master, may I take leave temporarily? I wish to return home and see my family.”

His clan was mighty and had produced numerous conquerors. Time was changing with the pact nullified. This meant that war could break out at any moment between the two sides.

Either Supreme or Illumination could be the first to make a move. They had garnered enough followers to cause considerable damage to the upper continents. Moreover, neutrality was most likely not an option.

At that point, which side would his clan pick? Of course, he himself knew that this wasn’t the crucial matter.

Standing on Li Qiye’s side was the right choice. That’s the only way for his clan to survive and prosper.

Thus, his return was warranted to warn his fellow clan members from doing foolish matters during the incoming war.

“Go.” Li Qiye smiled at him and waved.

He bowed again before telling the rest: “Next time, gentlemen.”

Li Zhitian also wanted to leave since he shared the same issue with his own clan. In fact, it might be in a worse situation because they were on the side of Heaven Alliance and Celestial Court. This has been the case since its foundation.

Therefore, would Imperial support Heaven Alliance or stay neutral? The latter wasn’t so simple.

Furthermore, he didn’t hold the same authority. The old man’s words were law so he was in charge of his clan’s fate.

Although Zhitian was a supreme genius with twelve sacred fruits, he didn’t have actual decision-making power. Nonetheless, he made up his mind to not let the clan be involved in the war.

“Young n.o.ble, I will have to leave now. I won’t be as distracted next time and will serve you better.” Zhitian bowed and said humbly.

He understood that serving Li Qiye was a great fortune. Others coveted this opportunity but didn’t have the same luck.

“It’s fine.” Li Qiye nodded and smiled.

After Zhitian’s departure, Timewatcher smiled and said: “Those from the Lu and the Li are rather wise.”

“Of course, they hope for peace between the two sides. After all, if one side could actually win, it would have done it a long time ago.” Hallowed responded.

Meanwhile, Xiao Hu who has been serving them tea finally spoke: “Young n.o.ble, you don’t have anyone to serve you right now, will you allow this lowly one the honor?”

Li Qiye chuckled after hearing this. Timewatcher clapped and said: “What a smart boy, abandoning my old bones and sucking up to a bigger mountain right away.”

“Junior Uncle, I do not dare to bother you since you are too busy.” Xiao Hu said while still serving the group tea.

“This is a great idea, I don’t have to worry if the young n.o.ble takes you in.” Timewatcher laughed.

“Look, this is Xiao Hu’s decision, not mine. I can go with you to Dao Alliance now to gather a crew for killing Illumination.” He told Hallowed.

“Very well.” Hallowed agreed this time and bowed toward Li Qiye: “Young n.o.ble, I entrust him to you.”

Having said that, the two ran away instantly without waiting for Li Qiye’s answer.

“Young n.o.ble, I’ll be a better host next time!” Timewatcher’s voice echoed back.

Only Li Qiye and Xiao Hu were left in the grotto. The latter didn’t mind and still calmly served Li Qiye.

“Got any plans?” Li Qiye asked.

“I haven’t thought about it.” Xiao Hu took a moment before answering.

“Want to become a conqueror?” Li Qiye asked.

“I haven’t thought about cultivation too much. I only wanted to stay with my master and take care of him. He saved me from starving to death when I was an orphan.” Xiao Hu said.

“A heart full of filial piety and grat.i.tude.” Li Qiye praised: “What would you like to do if your master is no longer around?”

Xiao Hu took his time contemplating before answering: “I enjoyed our time in the noodle shop, working and cultivating just a little. Can’t ask for more than those peaceful days.”

“Do you want to become someone like him?” Li Qiye asked.

“Well…” Xiao Hu scratched his head and said: “Not really, he’s tired because he can’t let go despite trying.”

“Yes, and people don’t have to follow the path of their predecessors.” Li Qiye said.

“I’m walking a different path right now by following you, Young n.o.ble.” Xiao Hu answered right away.

After following his master for so long, he understood that Hallowed didn’t want him to be involved in the war. Despite being strong for his age, he had no chance of surviving a conflict between conquerors and dao lords.

This was the reason why Hallowed tried to entrust him to Timewatcher. Now, Li Qiye was an even better choice.

Xiao Hu didn’t want to let his master down and plus, this was certainly an honor.

“Boom!” Suddenly, a loud explosion caused Dream Paradise to shake, the same for Duality World.

An immortal light with an eternal power lit up the entire world, seemingly paving a magical path across Duality World.

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