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Chapter 5350: Visiting The Lord of Dream Paradise

The light seemed to be attracted by something. Numerous rays and particles gathered together to form a maelstrom within Dream Paradise.

It twisted and turned before taking the final form of an abyss, seemingly splitting Dream Paradise into two halves and leaving an indelible scar.

“Dream Abyss is opening!” Everyone became interested in this event, whether it be regular or apex cultivators.

“Shall I be the one this time?” A mighty conqueror gazed at the abyss and murmured.

“There will be anima dreamwater.” A peerless dragon lord became impatient.

The older cultivators that have reached a bottleneck felt their heart beating faster.

“Perhaps I can reconstruct my dao…” One of them whispered.

“Hold your horses, everyone, Dream Abyss isn’t a nice place for a vacation. One mistake and there’s no returning.” A top cultivator told his friends.

“We must go either way.” Another in his group insisted.

Many dragon lords, conquerors, and dao lords began leaving their grotto, heading for the abyss.

“This is my last chance.” A dragon lord who was stuck in his current realm fantasized.


“Dream Abyss…” Xiao Hu was startled to see the opening of the abyss.

“You want to go?” Li Qiye smiled.

“My master rambled on and on about it before. He doesn’t ask for much but I know he wouldn’t mind a bottle of anima dreamwater. His bottleneck is too serious for normal cultivation.” Xiao Hu smiled wryly while scratching his head.

“Has he been there before?” Li Qiye asked.

“He said that it has to do with fortune and fate. Even if he were to find it, he might not be able to grasp it either. Plus, he’s not one to believe in utilizing external help for cultivation.” Xiao Hu said.

“He’s not wrong, cultivation relies on the heart and mind. If he keeps on trying, he’ll break through eventually.” Li Qiye said.

“But Swordsea Dao Lord and the others have obtained anima.” Xiao Hu said: “My master is not inferior to them, whether it be his talent or dao heart. He always trained as well but still couldn’t move on.”

Having said that, he lowered his voice and said: “Do you know that he is training with a heavenly scripture too? One of the nine dao of Finality Sword. He even ascended to the upper continents before Swordsea Dao Lord.”

Hallowed Dao Lord ascended earlier but was eventually surpa.s.sed by Swordsea and Darkfrost Dao Lord.

Today, Swordsea was the guardian of Divine Alliance while Darkfrost was renowned as a mighty cultivator.

Xiao Hu didn’t care for his master being weaker and only worried about the potential complications resulting from his dao stagnation.

“He has to fully erase the shackles of his bloodline. Otherwise, it would take a long, long time for him to break through.” Li Qiye said.

“Would the dreamwater be helpful in this case? Will it allow him to obtain anima?” Xiao Hu asked.

“So that’s why you want to go to the abyss?” Li Qiye asked.

“Young n.o.ble, you think too highly of me. Even if I were to be suicidal enough to go to the abyss, how can I ever hope to obtain the dreamwater given my meager skills? I cannot compete against the seniors and will only make my master mourn my death. I do not want to become a sinner.” Xiao Hu said.

“You’re right.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Master said that Apricot Dao Lord, an apex cultivator, forcefully delved into the abyss and only came back with grievous injuries. She still is recovering right now.” Xiao Hu said: “And then there was Calamity Dao Lord as well. Have you heard about his ultimate defense? I think he’s still trapped there so although I really want to get him some dreamwater, I know my limits.”

“Self-awareness is a virtue.” Li Qiye smiled: “Okay, we’ll be going to the abyss.”

“!” Xiao Hu became startled before happily exclaiming: “Really?!”

“Of course.” Li Qiye stretched and said.

“I don’t think you care for the dreamwater, right, Young n.o.ble?” Xiao Hu asked.

“Right, I’m going to see an old friend.” Li Qiye glanced at the abyss and said.

“An old friend in the abyss?” Xiao Hu whispered: “People actually stay there?”

“What do you think the abyss is?” Li Qiye asked.

“Hmm… from what I’ve heard, the three illusory realms seem to be different dimensions. I am unsure if they are dreams or actual realities with living beings.” Xiao Hu answered.

“Yes, different dimensions.” Li Qiye said.

“I know! You’re going to see the lord of Dream Paradise!” Xiao Hu blurted out.

“Correct, I got some business to take care of.” Li Qiye smiled.

“The lord of Dream Paradise…” Xiao Hu tried to imagine this ent.i.ty.

His master was one of the strongest cultivators in the world. He and his peers had created grottos in these boundless and mystical illusory realms.

The master of Dream Paradise must be on a higher level compared to apex cultivators.

“So there are Dream Immortal Orders, the lord must be an immortal.” Xiao Hu asked with curiosity.

“Immortals don’t exist.” Li Qiye said.

“But Master told me that some have obtained immortality, isn’t that the final path for dao lord and conqueror? You don’t consider them immortals?” Xiao Hu asked. In his mind, anyone on the path with anima had a chance of becoming immortal in the future.

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