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Chapter 5485: Fate

The figure sighed and said: “I suppose there’s no point in avoiding the inevitable. We will listen to you, Sir.”

“Don’t sound so pitiful as if I’m forcing you all against your will. Who knows, you might even enjoy it in the future and work hard.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“Buddhists like us have little desires.” The figure said.

“If that’s the case, then why does Pure Land exist along with the search for Buddhist seeds? Seems like desires to me.” Li Qiye said.

“What you say makes sense, Sir, but we are merely pa.s.sing down our legacy, not fulfilling our ambition.” The figure said.

“Pa.s.sing legacy down is not a crime, but that’s just the present. Perhaps this will change in the future into something greater.” Li Qiye said.

“I’m afraid we can’t envision it right now.” The figure said.

“Sure, uncertainties are there, but can you do worse than the old geezer, Di s.h.i.+?” Li Qiye smiled.

“Hmm…” The turtle paused for a moment before responding: “We can try with your permission.”

“My permission is trivial compared to your group’s determination. As long as you are willing, everything is possible but of course, there is a cost.” Li Qiye said.

“We will remember, Sir, but it seems like we’ll be bearing the brunt.” The figure asked the crucial question.

“Would you do it if I ask?” Li Qiye stared at the figure.

“I don’t know if our current selves are still of use.” The figure hesitated for a bit before responding.

“At the very least, you all will be doing something.” Li Qiye said.

“We’ve thought about fighting before but eventually decided against it. Perhaps we cannot escape destiny.”

“Honestly, if you all could do something up there, I wouldn’t be standing here right now.” Li Qiye said.

“We are ashamed.” The figure sighed.

“Don’t be. Those who saw and walked away are still renowned, only a selected few can take the next step.” Li Qiye said.

“Right, I couldn’t take the next step because of my heart devil.” The figure nodded in agreement.

“Perhaps waiting is the best for all of you, you will be able to see your true pursuit and defeat the heart devil then.” Li Qiye said.

“Sir, we’ll definitely make plans.” The figure agreed that this was an opportunity.

They didn’t dare to make a move in the past but since this was Li Qiye’s epoch, perhaps they could unleash their full potential.

“It’s decided then.” Li Qiye nodded: “I don’t have any other demand. It’s your own issue if you want to progress further up there. Feel free to stay in this region for now.”

“We understand and shall obey.” The figure and Li Qiye came to an agreement.

With that finished, Li Qiye turned to leave.

The figure called out and asked: “Sir, do you think the burial ground could have survived?”

Li Qiye stopped and sighed: “Hard to say, it’s a very low probability. I don’t know how many survivors there are, perhaps they have turned to ashes already.”

“I hope they’re still alive.” The figure said with a hopeful tone.

“In my opinion, I don’t think there’s a chance for the nine Buddhas to combine in your lifetime. Don’t wait any longer.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“I understand.” The figure let out a sad sigh.


Ye Fantian has been waiting and came up to Li Qiye after he left Pure Land.

“Sir, where will we go now?” She bowed.

“Not far, to your future training ground.” Li Qiye said.

“We’re not going to the immortal continent?” She was surprised to hear this.

“I will be, you will stay behind to train.” He said.

“Which merit law would you like me to learn?” She took a deep breath and asked.

“You have your own fortune and supreme grand dao, I don’t need to pa.s.s down a merit law, that’s no longer important.” He shook his head.

“What should I do then?” She didn’t expect this response either.

Li Qiye summoned True Bones and handed it to her: “Take this with you. You shall not come out of training until you have full mastery over it. Only then will you be able to dominate and become renowned.”

Of course, she was already renowned but still needed to go even further.

She became emotional after seeing True Bones - the weapon of an epoch overlord. Not even Supreme could have controlled this paragon artifact without the help of the wondrous momentum. Her current body would crumble just by attempting to use it despite having twelve dao fruits.

Who knows if Celestial Court even had another weapon of this level?

“You’re giving it to me?” She asked with astonishment. Who would actually gift a paragon artifact away?

Li Qiye didn’t bother to say anything else and placed it in her hand.

She looked down and saw a terrifying aura emanating from the blade, ready to annihilate the entire world. This was before any power channeling.

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