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Chapter 5685: Unstoppable

Loud explosions ensued as kingdoms and sects suffered the same fate as the previous battle - being completely suppressed by the power of Celestial Court.

Those who couldn’t escape to West Bank in time lamented and felt despair. Li Qiye saved them last time but he didn’t seem to be here right now. Moreover, Celestial Court sent a greater army with more emperors, even the apex existences.

“Boom!” A blast strong enough to nearly flip over Dao City detonated. Numerous cultivators were sent flying.

Everyone looked up and saw a floating woman; s.p.a.ce seemed to be bending to her form. Her steps wielded incalculable weight and power.

“t.i.tanic Conqueror!” Everyone became alarmed.

She wasted no time and raised her hand, summoning the stars to form a celestial hammer.

“s.h.i.+t!” The members of West Bank saw the incoming smash and shouted in astonishment.

“Boom!” This decimated Dao City, inciting agonizing screams and splas.h.i.+ng blood.

The unbreakable western front had a corner taken down by the smash just now, resulting in grievous casualties. Countless disciples were reduced to blood and flesh.

t.i.tanic glanced at the aftermath and left without joining the battlefield. Perhaps she believed that the outcome was decided even without her direct involvement.

“Rus.h.!.+” Celestial Court’s armies mobilized for the broken section.

The defenders did the same, wanting to rebuild the broken formation.

“Kill them!” West Bank Imperial Clan had no choice but to fight to the death.

“Maintain the line!” Their strongest dragon lord, w.a.n.g Taishou, presided over the battlefield. Their offensive was short-lived since they had to pull back to the exposed arrays.

Jadesword, Six-finger, and the other conquerors joined West Bank and attempted to rebuild the formation.

Alas, waves of attackers never gave them the chance to breathe. If this continued, West Bank would not be able to defend itself.

“I’m here.” Another beam of light descended near West Bank Prime Emperor and Resolute Conqueror’s battle site.

With a single move, he unleashed a hundred weapons - celestial sabers, divine swords, magnificent spears....

Each possessed a unique dao, descending to suppress everything. He activated his anima tree already and fiercely launched the weapons at West Bank Prime Emperor.

“Armament!” The prime emperor staggered backward, relying on his chaos energy and anima power to stop the incoming dao weapons.

“Boom!” His barriers collapsed and he was sent flying while vomiting blood.

He had to use all of his power just to deal with Resolute Conqueror. Another apex cultivator was too much to handle.

The weapons flew back to Armament like birds returning to the nest after a successful attack. They formed a special domain - one capable of splitting the world into primordial chaos.

He came from Eight Desolaces and was renowned in the immortal continent. He was already at the apex level before joining Celestial Court.

According to the legends, Sword Continent - true to its name - was a place for the blades. Virtually all sects there focused on the sword. All other weapons were considered deviant branches.

In fact, many looked down on any dao outside of the sword. Because of this, new cultivators often picked the sword lest inviting disdain and contempt.

One youth didn’t accept this convention. He focused on all the other dao outside of the sword and used them to defeat the sword, becoming a dao lord.

During his prime, he entered a forbidden zone and took a mountain from there to be used as a defensive measure in his sect.

“Fellow Daoist, this is over.” Armament said.

“That depends on your ability!” West Bank Prime Emperor didn’t give up.

He roared and a celestial symbol appeared between his brows - an activation of his bloodline. The situation became dire enough for him to burn his true blood to activate his ancient heavener bloodline.

“Very well.” Resolute answered with a spear thrust.

“Suppress.” Armament used his weapon domain to seal all potential escape paths.

“Bring it!” Divine rings appeared behind the prime emperor, seemingly connected to the source of the heaveners. They contained the most primal power of his race, allowing him to contend against two apex cultivators.

“Bam!” On the other side, War Ancient G.o.d showed no sign of yielding despite being injured by Luminous Conqueror.

He resembled an uncaged tiger, becoming stronger as the fight raged on. His battle intent was comparable to War G.o.d Dao Lord.

Luminous might be able to force him back and even defeat him. Alas, killing him was impossible.

“Brother, you are amazing. So this is a primordial dao fruit.” A steady and profound voice echoed.

Luminous shuddered and turned around to see a dao lord with nine rotating wheels. Each represented a world and dao.

Their rotation in conjunction formed an illusory heaven. When they converged, they could derive the heavenly dao and gain the power of the high heaven. Thus, he seemed to have the ability to pa.s.s absolute judgments.

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