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Chapter 5686: Destruction Of West Bank

“Nine-wheel Dao Lord!” Luminous Conqueror’s expression soured after seeing the newcomer.

This dao lord found one of the nine heavenly scriptures during his youth - Six Wheels of the Myriad Realms. He was brilliant and created a long-lasting lineage.

His domination continued in the six continents, starting from the lower to the immortal continent. He had fought against the other apex emperors and was never found inferior.

For some unknown reason, he joined Celestial Court in a high position and had commanded armies before, resulting in ill.u.s.trious achievements.

He looked ready to work with War Ancient G.o.d just like how Armament teamed up with Resolute. They were normally prideful existences and would not rely on number advantage. They believed that they were strong enough to take on anyone else.

Thus, this move showed the determination of Celestial Court. The previous attack only consisted of War Ancient G.o.d leading the army with Just-once Dao Lord as his helper.

Now, they sent more troops and emperors but most importantly, apex cultivators. The list included Nine-wheel, Armament, Resolute, and even t.i.tanic. Although t.i.tanic didn’t linger around, she broke the western line with a single move.

It seemed that Celestial Court was willing to pay any price to capture Dao Domain today.

“My apologies for today, Fellow Daoist.” True to his name, Nine-wheel summoned nine wheels and sealed everything around Luminous.

“Activate!” Luminous’ light turned into an energy shuttle piercing through s.p.a.ce and time to escape.

“Down with you!” War’s battle intent erupted as he swung his hand like a hatchet. Archaic totems appeared along the trajectory of the swing.

“Bring it!” Luminous thrust his hand like a spear, intending to shatter the hatchet.

Incessant explosions detonated around the fierce battle, breaking laws and crus.h.i.+ng dao, not to mention the terrain beneath.

“Boom!” Meanwhile, the western front had been breached. Commanders from Celestial Court led their troops against West Bank, ma.s.sacring all resistance.

“Ahh!” Immortal Emperor Yao Guang fell from the sky with a gaping wound on his chest.

“Withdraw!” Skysplitter Conqueror roared and stuck around to buy time for his allies. Alas, he didn’t last long before being surrounded by several opposing emperors and monarchs. His trusty axe crumbled first before its master.

“Run!” Six-finger Conqueror tried to force a path through the blockade. Unfortunately, commanders on the other side erected an impregnable barrier.

“Crack!” His heavenly finger was severed, prompting him to bellow in pain. Next, they obliterated his dao fruits and threw his corpse to the ground.

Meanwhile, War G.o.d Dao Lord was covered in blood since he faced a trio of Just-once, Qing Xuan, and San Dao.

More top cultivators on the other side joined, having taken care of weaker combatants.

“You’re not going anywhere.” Celestial Court came prepared and a supreme chapter appeared along the path of the fleeing dao lord.

The might of the heavenly treasure instantly suppressed War G.o.d, slowing him down.

“Infinite War!” War G.o.d’s battle intent erupted to its utmost and pierced the world.

He offered his blood as a sacrifice to his sword, pus.h.i.+ng his sword dao to the limit. He pierced the supreme chapter but unfortunately, its suppression remained and prevented him from leaving the battlefield.

“Defeat Force!” Just-once caught up and utilized a thrust at the apogee level. Once one had tasted enough defeat, they couldn’t be defeated again - winning became the only possible path.

This was the culmination of his unparalleled will and efforts - a thrust destined for victory.

“Pluff!” It pierced his patriarch’s chest.

“War Soul!” War G.o.d’s true fate combined with his sword dao, turning into a beam piercing through Just-once Dao Lord’s chest.

The latter staggered back as if struck by lightning. Blood gushed out of the wound.

This was it for War G.o.d Dao Lord. He vomited blood and couldn’t move any longer.

“Whoos.h.!.+” Immortal Emperor Qing Xuan and San Dao dismembered him first, leaving his dao fruits exposed for the rest of the team to break them down.

“Ahh!” War G.o.d let out one last scream as his body and dao fruits dispersed, leaving behind only a drifting dao strand. This was the final chapter of an apex dao lord.

“Rumble!” West Bank Imperial Clan completely fell; all of its defenses shattered.

They have lost four conquerors and twenty dragon G.o.ds at this point.

“Long live West Bank!” w.a.n.g Taishou killed three conquerors in one slash before being overwhelmed and cut by various weapons.

This dragon G.o.d who somehow managed to be compet.i.tive against the emperors couldn’t escape death today. A supreme paG.o.da eventually descended and crushed him into smithereens.

With the defenders gone, Celestial Court’s endless pressure descended and engulfed the entire clan.

“Bam!” The lucky survivors and weaker ancestors dropped to the ground, paralyzed.

“We’re finished...” They could only watch in despair.

“Rumble!” This ended the last resistance in Dao Domain. Beams descended and finished the process.

The remaining sects and cultivators could no longer fight now that their emperors had fallen.

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