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Chapter 5752: Someone Was Here

The star could ignore Li Qiye’s provocation because it merely found him annoying. The cloud was a different issue because they were similar and came from the same branch.

Thus, a sense of compet.i.tion existed between the two. The star immediately rushed over and joined the feast, telling the opponent that it was not afraid. Both began devouring meals, wanting to be faster.

“No rush, no rush, there’s plenty to go around. Let’s take our time and stay elegant.” Li Qiye resembled a kind-hearted chef watching others enjoy his delicious meals while smiling with the innocence of a child.

The star and the cloud raised their head at the same time and glared at him as if questioning the need for elegance. Only speed mattered here.

Whenever they cleared the table, he patiently prepared more essences and runes for them, twisting them into presentable dishes.

The world never had the privilege of seeing these dishes, let alone eating them. The child-like ent.i.ties stuffed their mouth greedily. Perhaps they didn’t understand the need for elegance and grace while eating.

Li Qiye sat down and put on a n.o.ble demeanor, savoring each bite slowly and gracefully.

Eventually, the two tapped their bulging stomach, seemingly having enough food and wanting to belch.

Li Qiye ate slowly, eventually wiping his mouth and asking the star: “Has anyone been here before?”

The star seemed particularly content and tilted its head in ponderance before blinking and waving a hand.

“So that’s a yes.” Li Qiye understood: “Did they find you?”

The star shook its head and recalled how annoying it was to be driven out. No, the cloud did it, not this man.

At the moment, the cloud had a smug expression as if it was the only one who could drive the star out of the celestial river.

In reality, just reaching this place was impossible enough, let alone getting the star to come out. Thus, its smugness was well-warranted. It would have been difficult for Li Qiye to accomplish this without its help.

“Celestial Court is a treasure.” He told the star.

It tilted its head, unable to understand the comment.

“Looks like you truly haven’t revealed yourself before. Instead of Celestial Court, I should be saying Elder Galaxy, one of the nine heavenly treasures.” Li Qiye said.

The star understood that Li Qiye was speaking highly of it; its eyes narrowed as if laughing.

The cloud, on the other hand, glanced contemptuously - what was so great about being in one of the nine treasures? I did it too.

“There’s a secret hidden here.” Li Qiye took a sip of immortal nectar and said.

The star’s proud expression disappeared instantly, replaced by a vigilant gaze. It adopted a confrontational stance, ready to engage in battle with Li Qiye.

“Don’t worry, I bear no malice, it was just a casual question.” Li Qiye shook his head.

The star didn’t believe in his nonsense - he didn’t look like a good person from any angle.

“Sigh, there should be more trust between people.” Li Qiye said: “If I were a bad guy, I would be taking out my heavenly treasure for a direct attack. Although Elder Galaxy is extraordinary, it’s not meant for offensive purposes but more of an independent world.”

The star seemingly scowled, not afraid in the slightest.

“It’s different.” Li Qiye shook his head: “The old geezer had Death Coffin but so what, he didn’t dare to show his face and preferred to tremble in hiding instead. But as for me, if I want to break this place, even the villainous heaven can’t do anything to me.”

Both the star and the cloud grunted this time, not agreeing with his comment.

“Don’t give me that look, it’s the truth. I’m not afraid of the villainous heaven and can do whatever without needing to hide. If I were to go all out, you would not have peace anymore.” Li Qiye said while petting the cloud.

It became so comfortable and almost purred like a happy kitten, squinting its eyes and no longer displeased with him.

“I’m always sincere, I have my secrets and you have yours, we can keep them to ourselves, no need to talk about it, okay?” Li Qiye said.

The star’s gaze softened upon hearing this.

“I’ll stop prying about your secrets, but Celestial Court, no, Elder Galaxy, is hiding a particular place, right?”

The star shook its head.

“Perhaps I misspoke.” Li Qiye stroked his chin and mused: “It has always been here, just sealed and impossible to find. However, someone knew he had placed a few people in there.”

The star thought about it and recalled a particular place.

“I reckon that there’s a seal but not quite, the place is inherently isolated from everything else with only one opening. It eventually evolved into a minor world, am I right?” Li Qiye smiled.

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