Emperor’s Domination Chapter 5776: How Dare You Underestimate Us!

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Chapter 5776: How Dare You Underestimate Us!

“Boom!” The tides turned again with the supreme chapter sweeping forward.

The initial balance was tipped when Sword Emperor and Immortal Emperor Hao Hai channeled more power from the palace.

The primordial ode and its inferno appeared unstoppable, causing cracks to appear in Celestial Court’s barriers and forcing them back toward the gates - culminating in a siege.

“Don’t stop!” Demon demanded, seeing hope of carrying out the ultimate goal - taking over Celestial Palace.

Light-dragon and the others would lose control over the heavenly treasure, spelling the demise for their armies. Celestial Court would belong to the people instead.

“Keep up!” Light-dragon understood the gravity of the situation but was still being pushed back.

“Ahhh!” Finally, the inferno broke through a ma.s.sive gap and obliterated emperors, ancient G.o.ds, and dragon lords.

Success further fueled The People’s battle spirit. They worked and sang, deriving the primordial chapter to the limit.

Demon and her allies entered a stage of total concentration, becoming a part of Li Qiye’s epoch and borrowing its power.

“Rumble!” They pressed forward and saw hope for victory while Celestial Court awaited reinforcement.

“How dare you underestimate us?!” Someone shouted.

A colossal Grand Emperor with an ancient aura appeared before the palace. He came from an older epoch, having achieved supremacy long ago.

“Nether Emperor!” Celestial Court’s members became excited while their enemies shuddered.

He was the oldest Grand Emperor, only second to Purewood Divine Emperor. Some said that he was the founder of Celestial Court since he served as its first leader.

Later on, he somehow a.s.sumed this position again. All in all, future generations did not know about the forgotten past and misunderstood him as the founder.

As for why he had to become the leader again, this was after the death of Solidarity Heaven Emperor - slain by Empress Hong Tian.

Celestial Court lost its leader and became a headless snake, overshadowed by the great World Emperor and Crimson Emperor.

After the calamity, Nether took over again and started Immemorial Epoch War, solidifying Celestial Court as a behemoth again.

Generations pa.s.sed by and he gradually faded from the public eye. Sword Emperor became the next leader during Skysplitter War.

Today, he appeared again and the fact that he had survived all this time was a testament to his strength. Instead of attacking the invaders, he connected his dao to the palace.

“Activate!” He commanded.

“Rumble!” The gate to the palace seemed to be opening, releasing more heavenly rays than ever before to empower the armies.

“Clank!” Their armors of light became stronger than before, turning combatants into metallic beings.

“d.a.m.n, they’re stronger now!” Demon said while watching the hole in the barriers slowly disappear.

It took immense energy to break through. Was it all for nothing?

“Nether Emperor, you made me wait too long!” As Nether attempted to harness more power from the heavenly treasure, a slash came out of the void.

It swept through countless dimensions and cleared myriad illusions. It had returned to simplicity, reaching the pinnacle of the dao and perfecting anima.

“Bam!” It severed the connection between Nether and Celestial Palace, forcing Nether to stagger backward.

With the gate closed, the flood of energy weakened to its original state.

“Go!” Demon ordered and wanted to march through the opening.

“Stop them!” Light-dragon and his allies had no choice but to face the ferocious enemies directly.

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Emperor’s Domination Chapter 5776: How Dare You Underestimate Us! summary

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