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Chapter 5775: Dao Origination

Although it was only a talisman, it contained the initial dao mysteries of Trinity Epoch. Rumor has it that the cultivation system for living beings was started by Imperial Progenitor of Myriad Realms.

Thus, anyone would benefit from possessing this talisman, especially those who came from Trinity Epoch. This could help an emperor embark on the ancestral path.

It wielded primal forces from the start of the epoch and its creator. After mastering the rune, one could use all the dao from this epoch, virtually becoming unbeatable.

This gave insight into why Sword Emperor became the leader of Celestial Court. Remember, the alliance had a fair share of apex cultivators, some of whom grew up here.

Newcomers such as Light-dragon and Heaven Burial were part of the main branch. Then there were seniors such as War Ancient G.o.d.

However, Sword was chosen instead of them despite his inferior background and concerns regarding his loyalty.

Moreover, Nether Emperor was still alive so why did he abdicate? The reasons were unknown to outsiders but hints existed.

Hao Hai, Nether, and Sword all came from Trinity with the shadows of the five overlords behind him. On the other hand, conquerors didn’t cultivate dao from the same epoch so the overlords preferred Sword over them.

“Die!” Nightmoon attacked without hesitation. The bronze bottle unleashed an ocean of primordial energy, obliterating everything in its path.

“Dao Origination!” Sword grasped his sword tightly with both hands while channeling all of his power and dao into the talisman.

A light that could only be seen at the start of an epoch flashed brightly, granting him the protection of Trinity’s living beings, cultivators, and their dao power.

The blessed swordsman resembled a mighty pillar, capable of surviving the primordial ocean.

“Go!” He went on the offensive with a slice capable of starting a new epoch - pure affinities turned into the sky while turbid essences became the earth.

“Scram!” Nightmoon relied on smas.h.i.+ng the bottle to stop the epoch-ending attack.

Countless sparks burst forth from the clas.h.i.+ng between a heavenly sword and the bronze bottle, akin to a blacksmith’s hammer striking a red-hot iron block.

Nothing in the mortal world could withstand their full-force power once empowered by the bottle and the dao talisman.

Meanwhile, The People launched a second offense with the primordial inferno. They became ferocious and divine, not inferior to their blessed adversaries.

Moreover, the blessings from Celestial Court became weaker for regular cultivators and soldiers compared to the start of the fight.

The reason was simple - Hao Hai and Sword Emperor wanted to defeat their rivals. Thus, they required more power from Celestial Palace, and this diverted the flow from the rest of the armies.

Seizing the upper hand improved the morale of The People who showed no sign of slowing down.

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Emperor’s Domination Chapter 5775: Dao Origination summary

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