Emperor’s Domination Chapter 5892: Why Force The Issue?

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Chapter 5892: Why Force The Issue?

Overlords were merciless existences, Twilight Hunter included. However, he always acted alone and had no connection with anyone.

As for the five overlords of Celestial Court, they fought together when necessary despite rarely interacting otherwise. This was also the case for Epoch’s End and Voracious Leviathan.

Both groups have worked before with Twilight Hunter to hunt Divine Ancestor, but they knew nothing about him.

He gave the impression of being the coldest and most emotionless being. His fatal ambush made them shudder.

Therefore, such a character could only die fighting, not commit suicide. His choice today caught everyone off guard.

Nevertheless, Li Qiye prevented him from doing so. The disparity of power became apparent once more since struggling was futile.

“Can’t die now even if you want to. Give me what I want first and then you can die. Of course, I could have taken it after your death but I didn’t appreciate the threat to Eight Desolaces.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

“So be it.” Twilight trembled before closing his eyes.

Li Qiye took off the veiled hat, revealing his appearance and causing the crowd to gasp in awe.

He belonged to no race in their world and had a G.o.dly halo above him. His sacred aura, once revealed, caused them to adore and admire him.

After seeing his hallowed appearance, they couldn’t help but want to forgive him regardless of any heinous sin or mistake. Destroying the whole world still became forgivable.

The aspect of “handsome” didn’t quite apply here. His aura just drew them in and captivated them. Staring at his face tugged one’s heartstrings, making them want to embrace him.

“Your ace card is useless against me.” Li Qiye said.

“Then why do you wish to force the issue, Sacred Teacher?” Twilight’s true voice was comforting. Doing anything bad to him seemed sinful.

“The sweep shall be complete and thorough. If it shouldn’t exist in Eight Desolaces, it won’t exist after today.” Li Qiye was not affected by this special characteristic.

“He might not harm Eight Desolaces.” Twilight said.

“He himself doesn’t know. He might be like a baby but when hunger comes calling, his instinct will kick in. I aim to wipe everything out and leave no potential problems behind.” Li Qiye said.

“Do it.” Twilight took a deep breath and said: “This day comes for all.”

“What a shame.” Li Qiye sighed and shook his head: “This tragedy all stemmed from the old man.”

“Give me a swift end, Sacred Teacher. There’s nothing left to say.” Twilight clenched his fists after hearing this.

“Don’t blame me for being merciless, I will force him out.” Li Qiye said.

By this point, the crowd understood that Twilight tried to commit suicide to save someone hidden in Eight Desolaces, capable of devouring everyone. However, Li Qiye expected this and had countermeasures in place. Initiating the plan would result in nothing but failure.

Therefore, Twilight tried to kill himself and erase all clues, preventing Li Qiye from finding the slumbering existence.

“Pluff!” Li Qiye pierced Twilight’s head with his dagger.

Light gushed out from the wound instead of blood. However, once it interacted with the outside world, it somehow changed to darkness.

“Ahh!” During the blood extraction, Twilight screamed in agony.


“Boom!” In Revival Imperial City back in Eight Desolaces, darkness erupted from the deepest crevices. [1]

Next, volcano-like eruptions detonated all over Eight Desolaces, leaving craters behind. Waves of darkness rushed out and tore everything apart.

They came together to form a dark law looming above. Thorns appeared on the surface, ready to fly out and kill all living beings, draining them of their blood and vitality.

Living beings beneath could only stare in horror, not knowing what to come.

1. Chapter 3988 but this plotline started in the first one hundred chapters ☜

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