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Chapter 5891: He’s Not A Fool!

“Sacred Teacher, this is your choice? Abandoning Eight Desaolaces?” Once Twilight Hunter calmed down, he gazed at Li Qiye and said softly.

“Sigh, is this how you want to do this? This won’t go well for you.” Li Qiye’s smile became wider.

“Sacred Teacher, you are not in control of Eight Desolaces right now.” Twilight said.

“How can you be so sure when you are here? Who is helping you there?” Li Qiye asked before rubbing his chin: “I suspected many things in the past but they were hidden well. I didn’t have enough time to come up with all the contingencies, a bit of prodding was also useless.”

“You didn’t show up when I killed the overlords, that thing didn’t appear when I was in Eight Desolaces either.” Li Qiye said: “At that point, I knew that this life form never did anything such as blood refinement or spying like the other overlords. It stayed in one place like an obedient child.”

“Of course, I questioned this possibility occasionally but in the end, I was sure I was right. The question is why? The dark overlords and lifeforms in the forbidden grounds always moved to further their agenda.” He continued: “Then something enlightened me, light and darkness often come in pair. This means that when the light came into being, so did the darkness.”

“In theory, the two can’t co-exist so someone was there to interfere. However, being born in an era of light meant that the darkness was insufficient. In mortal terms, the thing was born intellectually deficient, a fool. The elder light didn’t think so, this was his twin brother. Truly tragic, unable to kill the younger brother who was inherently flawed and even had to take care of him.”

“Did you think about killing him to protect the light?” Li Qiye finished with a question.

Twilight didn’t respond but a bright light emanated from him for a split second.

“I suppose not, but the old man certainly did.” Li Qiye continued: “Whether it be the nine worlds or Eight Desolaces, this stagnant darkness bothered me for a long time. Now I understand why I couldn’t find it, it didn’t even know what it was doing.”

“He is no fool!” Twilight shouted.

“So he was feeding it.” Stonesplitter murmured to himself, understanding some of Twilight’s strange actions previously.

“Not entirely because he followed all of your commands.” Li Qiye admitted and let out a soft sigh: “You buried him after every new epoch, waiting for a chance to hunt and giving him half. He was always slumbering. When Primal and the others divided the world, he was left in the nine worlds. Although he didn’t do anything, his dark affinity still affected the outside world. It made kings go mad and paragons fall into depravity. He didn’t do it actively, the darkness merely made them stronger.”

“Did I get anything wrong?” Li Qiye stared at Twilight.

Twilight had no response. Since Li Qiye got everything right, he certainly had countermeasures. This was Dark Crow’s style.

“So here we are, what will you do? Risk it all or protect your little brother?” Li Qiye asked with a smile.

“...” Twilight recoiled upon hearing this.

“I was being merciful by allowing you to commit suicide, sparing you from seeing the death you do not wish to see the most. Alas, since you threatened me, perhaps you should see it.” Li Qiye said.

Twilight’s chest heaved up and down, unable to stay calm. The target was the thing he cared about the most.

“The old man had no love for him, going as far as wanting to eat him. However, you, the light, protected the darkness only to find yourself falling as well. This was a tragic fate, the old man was rather cruel.” Li Qiye said sentimentally.

“Are you finished?” Twilight breathed deeply again.

“Yes, it is your turn now but you have lost your chance to end it, your pain will be transferred to him.” Li Qiye waved dismissively.

“Die!” Twilight clenched his fists and suddenly made a move, swinging his dark dagger.

Darkness took over and the dagger came for Li Qiye’s throat, potent enough to pierce any overlord.

Stonesplitter immediately hid behind his s.h.i.+eld after seeing the attack while others froze from astonishment.

However, the dagger suddenly changed direction and aimed for Twilight’s throat instead. Alas, Li Qiye easily grabbed his wrist, preventing him from committing suicide.

This development shocked everyone - a merciless overlord choosing to end himself at the last moment.

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