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Chapter 5890: Child of Light

Twilight Hunter and the emperors pondered the question.

“What is your definition then, Sacred Teacher?” Twilight asked.

“Am immovable dao heart that changes for nothing is not falling to the darkness.” Li Qiye said.

Everyone murmured his response again.

“Cultivation is not to become a savior or to save others. The moment one embarks on the cultivation path, they are no longer a part of the world, so why do they wish to save it? It is not because there is light in their heart but because their existence relies on the world and its people. They’re not saving others, they require others for a savior cannot exist in a vacuum…” Li Qiye stared at Twilight first and then the rest of the spectators: “Therefore, the process of becoming a savior means interfering with the mortal world, not saving but disturbing, not protecting but ultimately destroying.”

Li Qiye had a different perspective compared to most. The latter believed they could do good for the world while he believed that keeping a distance was best.

“So what is falling into the darkness? It often happens to those who want to become saviors, they already have one foot in the darkness without knowing it.” Li Qiye concluded.

Everyone thought about someone immediately - Epoch’s End. He believed he was the savior of Machine Epoch but turned out to be its destroyer.

“Your father, why did he falter, why did you falter?” Li Qiye asked Twilight.

Twilight couldn’t help but take one step backward.

“Did he have darkness in his heart? No, he wouldn’t have embarked on this path if he had ignored it. There is a reason, the light gave him a push and made him think about saving the world, but what about you?” Li Qiye said.

“You were born during his proudest moment when the light shone the brightest. You were destined to become the savior but what made you fall? How interesting.” He continued.

Twilight was shocked because Li Qiye obviously knew his ident.i.ty.

“The child of light.” Li Qiye said: “You believed in this once but as time pa.s.sed, you came to find that the light isn’t like you imagined. There was darkness looming behind the scene. Did light create darkness or vice versa, only to co-exist in a special harmony?”

“What did you choose after realizing that the light would eventually devour your epoch?” Li Qiye asked: “Fighting or running, or joining the light instead? It must have been painful.”

“You!” Twilight roared like a wounded beast as if someone had ripped the scabs hidden deep in his heart after numerous epochs. His eyes pulsed with darkness afterward.

“He clearly fell then.” Trinity who was suppressed to the ground remarked.

“Don’t laugh at his misfortune, you did the same to your kind disciple.” Li Qiye scolded.

“Hahaha, the brat had ulterior motives all this time.” The mysterious visitor spoke this time.

They were referring to the founder of Celestial Court who shared a similar experience as Twilight Hunter. The former respected Trinity Ancestor only to find him return one day as a fallen being.

“You are lying to yourself, that you do not devour epoch and your consumption is an artistic expression, not the darkness. After all, you’re unlike other overlords who feast on anything in an unsightly manner. You maintain the course despite being tormented by starvation, only striking when the right prey appears. In a way, this is simply pursuing and perfecting a work of art.” Li Qiye shook his head and said: “However, in terms of artistic value, you were inferior to the old man. You devoured flesh while he devoured the whole epoch, I must admit, rather elegantly. The only thing that makes you different from other overlords is your inability to accept the truth.”

He paused for a moment and concluded: “It’s tragic, being born in the light yet your creator brought you to the darkness. You couldn’t resist him and chose to run away, becoming a wandering hunter.”

“Shut up!” Twilight roared furiously after being pushed to the edge. Worst of all, Li Qiye revealed his scars and reminded him of his worst years.

Overlords weren’t born evil. Some were filled with light once, n.o.ble and full of love for the common people.

Those born in a bright era yearned for the light even more, possessing a strong devotion to this affinity. This was the case for Twilight Hunter.

Unfortunately, behind his light was endless darkness. He was powerless to stop its spread and had no choice but to flee, eventually becoming Twilight Hunter.

“It’s him.” Stonesplitter understood who had supported Twilight in the past.

Li Qiye smiled patiently and waited for Twilight to regain his composure.

“I must say, Sacred Teacher, you are a master at sowing discord. You can disturb people’s emotions any time and anywhere.” Twilight took a deep breath.

“Not this time because as you know, I already killed the old man. Can’t sow discord with just one party.” Li Qiye waved his hand and continued: “I wonder what you were thinking during the battle. Well, you definitely didn’t think about saving him, that’s for sure.”

Twilight didn’t respond.

“Do you still hate him?” Li Qiye asked.

“It’s all in the past.” Twilight said, not wanting to dwell on this matter.

“Indeed.” Li Qiye nodded.

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