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Chapter 1075: Everything That You Can Get (Part One)


Akinfeev now understood it a little bit.

Several years ago, during the battle at the peak of Martial Saint Mountain, the famous General Costakarta of Eindhoven suddenly went against the agreement and betrayed the Zenit Empire, joining the Martial Saint of Spartax and No.1 Swordsman Huntelaar of Jax and attacking Martial Saint Krasic of Zenit. Although the conspiracy was crushed, and the three people were captured, Costakarta's daughter who came to St. Petersburg with him escaped from the search and got away.

Later, this woman returned to the Eindhoven Empire and became an influential female general. While leading the troops of Eindhoven, she blocked the siege put up by Elder Prince Arshavin of Zenit, helping the Eindhoven Empire that betrayed the Zenit Empire to survive.

Women were indeed crazy creatures.

Who could have thought that St. Petersburg, an ancient city that had blocked the troops and top-tier masters of Barcelona for a month, would start to rot and crumble under the hands of this woman who was only a Six-Star Warrior?

Now, all the questions had reasonable explanations. Questions such as how did the spies of Barcelona disappear when they got into the city? Why did the Fourth Prince walk with Barcelonans? And how did the central magic tower collapse?

Were all these events determined by fate?

"Alright, there isn't enough time." After hearing all the stories, Lionel Messi looked at Emperor Ya.s.sin and smiled as he said, "You know why this war was waged, and you know why I am here. Tell me the answer, and I will order the troops to stop attacking and killing, saving a trace of bloodline for your Zenit Empire."

What Messi said sounded abrupt, and even top-tier masters such as Busquets looked surprised. They had thought that Barcelona was attacking Zenit since it was one of the steps on Barcelona's roadmap to conquering the world.

"Could it be that there is an unknown secret behind all this?" the top-tier masters of Barcelona all thought to themselves.

Everyone's gaze focused on Emperor Ya.s.sin.

Emperor Ya.s.sin didn't pay attention to Messi. Instead, he turned around and looked at Akinfeev beside him. He smiled and said, "Only you appeared here. Does that mean the other execution knights have died in battle?"

"They… bled for the empire until the last drop of blood left their bodies. No one retreated; they were all true warriors."

Emperor Ya.s.sin nodded and said, "I am confident in your abilities. However, you shouldn't have come here. With your strength, you can leave here without a problem."

After Akinfeev spat out a mouthful of blood, he laughed and said, "Your Majesty, I know what you mean. Don't worry; I already arranged for that matter. The Third Prince will know everything."

"Great." The last bit of worry on Emperor Ya.s.sin's mind disappeared.

"It has been about 50 years, and I can battle alongside Your Majesty again. I feel like we are back to when we were young, and the nine of us soared on the battlefields. Brothers like Doumbia and Miasnikov are looking at us from the stars' embrace." Akinfeev wiped off the blood on his lips and slowly raised his sword. He laughed and said, "Brother Ya.s.sin! Allow me to break the rule and address you as Brother Ya.s.sin! I will go first!"

As soon as Akinfeev finished speaking, he suddenly released radiant light and turned into a light beam before anyone could react. Then, he instantly dashed forward and became one with his sword, turning Lanji, the Eindhovenan woman who was standing not far away from him, into pieces. The hot blood and broken flesh spilled onto Fourth Prince Chrystal's face, and he was so terrified that he screamed and backed away.


In the next moment, Busquets raised his hand, and a streak of blue light flew out, shattering the radiant light beam that Akinfeev turned into.

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Chapter 1075: Everything That You Can Get (Part Two)



At the same moment, another radiant star fell from the sky, leaving a long tail in the dark night.

Another star that represented an influential figure fell.

Tonight was the night that even the universe was crying.

The spies of Eindhoven cried in sadness, but they couldn't even find Lanji's corpse.

This woman was too excited and stood too close to Akinfeev. Therefore, she had no time to react and dodge. However, Lionel Messi and the other four top-tier masters could stop Akinfeev's attack, but they intentionally didn't save that woman's life for some reason.

Emperor Ya.s.sin was still calm as if he didn't see anything. He beckoned at Messi and said, "Come here, I will only tell you the secret. I hope that you will honor your promise and stop killing civilians."

"Ok." Messi smiled and walked up.

"Sir, be careful of his schemes!" Busquets instantly tried to dissuade Messi.

"Mr. Lionel, this man is trying to play tricks. Don't be fooled by him!" Alves also voiced his opinion.

"Don't worry." Messi was extremely confident in his strength, and he wasn't afraid of any tactics. With a smile, he walked to Emperor Ya.s.sin and said, "Now, please tell me."

Emperor Ya.s.sin got close to Messi and moved his lips beside Messi's ear, appearing to be saying something to Messi.

"Ah… it is too unfortunate. We are late."

Flames flashed on the teleportation portal in the Imperial Military Headquarters, and Old Aryang and a few saint seiyas of Chambord appeared before the highest-level meeting hall that had already collapsed.

These people were a bit late, and they weren't able to stop this tragedy from happening. In the end, the Second Prince and about 100 military advisors died and got buried under the giant rocks.

"His Highness was so injured, and he got smashed by these giant rocks. Perhaps…" a saint seiyas of Chambord hesitated and murmured.

"The Second Prince has already fallen," Old Aryang said with a sincere expression, "Perhaps battling to death is a good ending for him. As a prince, he can't escape and run out of the Capital of Zenit like civilians. He was a great and honorable prince."

"If we didn't have to move and save those doc.u.ments and important artifacts in the Royal G.o.dly Temple, we might not have been so late. It is too unfortunate that we didn't have the chance to try and save Mr. Sutton and Second Prince His Highness."

"Those artifacts ensured the perseveration of Zenit's bloodline, and they had to be saved and maintained," Old Aryang said, "After clearing the garbage around here, let's rush to the northern city gate. We have to try to save Ms. Paris."


The saint seiyas of Chambord nodded. Then, Old Aryang took out a silver scroll from his storage ring and opened it against the wind. A vast amount of energy exploded, turning Barcelonan soldiers who were approaching them and almost all the structures of the Imperial Military Headquarters into dust.

In the next moment, this group of people disappeared from where they were.

"What did you say?" Messi frowned as a confused expression appeared on his face.

However, Emperor Ya.s.sin didn't answer his question. He backed away by two steps and smiled while saying, "Alright, now you know the answer to that secret. When you take the hundreds of years worth of acc.u.mulation of the continent and become invincible, please remember the promise that you made today."

Messi seemed to have realized something, and anger appeared in his eyes as if he was tricked.

"You did it on purpose! You didn't tell me anything!"

"Hahaha! I told you everything that I know. Lionel Messi, you can get your hands on what you want!"

Emperor Ya.s.sin laughed, and the power of imperial faith became thicker and s.h.i.+nier on him.

He was completely engulfed in the pure golden energy flames, and it felt like another golden sun appeared on the ground. Others couldn't even stare at him directly.

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