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Chapter 1122: Fei's Plan (II) (Part One)


With Chambord's full support, the Behemoth Orc Tribe made full use of their power, and more than 40 million behemoth orcs already safely traveled from the distant [Banished Land] to the territory of the former Anji Empire.

With the help of the Alanians and those close to 400,000 Barcelonan soldiers who were now basically enslaved, many fortresses and buildings were constructed, and wasteland was turned into arable farmland.

With such support, the behemoth orcs who migrated back to the Azeroth Continent gradually settled on the new land.

To the orcs, this place was like a paradise, and their loyalty towards Beast Emperor Alexander grew even stronger.

The behemoth orcs were aggressive and loved battles; they had endless war potential. Also, the harsh living environment in the [Banished Land] made this tribe never lose their fearlessness and courage.

Besides, 1,000 years of isolation ensured that the behemoth orcs kept their pure and primitive beliefs, and they were 100 percent loyal toward the Beast Emperor. In addition, Fei had been working hard in the last while. Therefore, except for the Chambordians, the behemoth orcs' loyalty toward Fei was unquestionable and unshakable beyond all others.

Before the behemoth orcs who were loyal and had immense potential were fully-armed and well-trained, Fei didn't want to put them into early battles. Instead, the king treated them as reinforcements and temporarily s.h.i.+elded them from conflicts.

Right now, Fei already had an idea as to how to quickly unite the Northern Region and crush various royal families' optimism bias.

"The first generation of university students of Chambord's Military School are about to graduate, right?" Fei went back to his seat and signaled at everyone, telling them to sit down. Then, he suddenly asked this question about the students.

"Your Majesty, you are correct. The graduation for the first generation of students in Chambord's Military School is happening the day after tomorrow," Bast replied while laughing.

After close to three years of training, about 3,000 students were graduating from the military school.

The students all had pure Chambordian bloodline in their bodies, and their loyalty toward Fei and the empire was tested during the war. Besides, they had fought monsters on their own.

These students were all at least Five-Star Mages or Warriors, and they all had a great talent for military command.

Once these people entered the military of Zenit or the military of Chambord, they were going to completely transform the troops and increase their combat strength by a lot in three to five years.

These students represented the king and the officials' great efforts, and they were the invaluable treasures of Chambord.

Therefore, when mentioning these students, Bast and others couldn't help but smile brightly.

"The day after tomorrow? Huh, the time is just right. Alright! I will go and host their graduation ceremony myself." Fei nodded and had a plan.

Bast was overjoyed, and he said, "Then this is great! If the kids learn that Your Majesty is going to go there, they will be so happy that they couldn't possibly sleep for several nights! Haha! The military school was planning to invite Your Majesty to host the graduation ceremony, but it was pressed down since too many things were happening."

"Your Majesty, you must have another reason for going, right?" Old Aryang thought about it and pointed out Fei's intent.

"Haha! That is right! The Strategist sure knows me well!" Fei laughed and nodded while saying, "I, the in name, am going to borrow 3,000 elite students from Brook who is the real"

"Your Majesty, you mean…" Old Aryang's eyes lit up.

"That is right. I want to delegate the construction of the ten military districts and the reform of the military forces of various empires to these students." Fei nodded.

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Chapter 1122: Fei's Plan (II) (Part Two)


Bast was shocked, and he said, "However, the original plan was that these 3,000 students are going to become mid-tier officers in the military in order to gain experience. Then, they were to help Your Majesty construct a new military system of Zenit. Now, is that plan going to change?"

The smile on Fei's face slowly disappeared, and he said while nodding, "Right now, the most important thing is to grasp the military forces of other empires tightly in our hands. In terms of the situation inside Zenit… no one dares to cause any trouble with me being here."

Bast froze for a second before nodding along. What Fei said was quite true. Fei being crowned the new emperor of Zenit aligned the desire of the public with the desire of the military.

Now, except for Elder Prince Arshavin, Elder Princess Tanasha, and the one million soldiers who had disappeared, everyone in Zenit was loyal to Fei for sure. Therefore, no strong turbulences were going to appear in Zenit for a short time.

Old Aryang thought for a moment with a frown and reminded, "These students are loyal for sure, but isn't their strength a bit too weak? After all, this is a ma.s.sive project. Those n.o.bles and royal families are cunning. They don't dare to go against Your Majesty's words on the surface, but they might play tricks in the dark."

"I already thought about that," Fei laughed and said, "The 3,000 soldiers will be divided into 30 groups with 100 people in each group. With 30 demi-G.o.dly silver crystal battle soul warriors supporting each team, the students will have enough strength to execute the reform. There also will be a time limit, and the royal families of the empires that don't complete the reform in time will all be wiped out. With us having a strong att.i.tude, I don't think the royal families and n.o.bles will dare to play tricks."

"Each team can have 30 silver crystal battle soul warriors?" Old Aryang and Bast were shocked. "A total of 900? We already have this many war puppets?"

Fei only laughed, and these two got the confirmation from the laughter.

"This is great!" Mystical glints flashed in Old Aryang's eyes, and he said, "If this is the case, we can finish our ideal plan in just three months!"

After discussing the situation with the students, Bast and Old Aryang quickly left to finalize the details.

Emperor Alexander could make huge plans just by moving his lips, but hundreds if not thousands of officials and advisors had to figure out the details day and night. Right now, the situation in the Northern Region was intense, and any movement might create unwanted consequences.

Nothing was simple. The direction that Fei chose had to be studied and a.n.a.lyzed by many people to create the best possible implementation plan.

Chambord had always been great in this area; the kingdom had already nurtured many talented people who specialized in figuring out the details in many different plans.

Soon, ma.s.sive wars were going to prove how farsighted Fei was in creating such a system. This system that was similar to a think tank was going to revolutionize how wars were fought! Rather than the few commanders and masters making the decisions in wars, these intelligent individuals would have in-depth discussions and create more fitting battle plans and contingency plans.

Fei was quietly sitting in the palace, and a streak of red light suddenly shot down from the sky and dashed towards Fei.

It was a hummingbird.

Fei took out the paper from the storage ring on this bird's neck. After reading it, he sighed, "Almost half a year had pa.s.sed. Where the heck is Luffy? Did he really die in the bottom of the ocean?"

The young woman who committed suicide at the peak of the Martial Saint Mountain flashed in Fei's mind, and he felt a little guilty.

"[One Sword], you are in the stars' embrace, so please bless and protect your only son. As long as he is alive, I will find him for you and make him into a great hero like you and me!"

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