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Chapter 513: Suspicion (Part One)

"Want to go? Haha, I'm afraid that you can't get out of this Mythical Altar……" Emperor Ya.s.sin shouted before turning into a dash of gold light and chasing after that red light.

Emperor Ya.s.sin's two guards also moved and followed them.

The four dashes of light soon disappeared into afar.

Fei felt like before Emperor Ya.s.sin chased after Domenech, he turned around and glanced at him.  When he got looked at, Fei felt like all of the secrets on him were seen through, and he felt an unprecedented powerlessness. This terrifying pressure was several times greater than the pressure that Domenech, the Sun-Cla.s.s Lord, gave him.

A breeze blew by Fei who was sweating buckets, and he felt like what happened was a dream.

"We need to leave as well. After witnessing the battle of a Sun-Cla.s.s Lord, I got a lot of inspiration. I need to use this opportunity and try to advance in my level…… Alexander, you are great. I hope that I can see you again," as if he was pondering about something, Crown Prince Girano of St. Germain nodded at Fei friendly and waved his Semi-G.o.d-tier Combat Weapon [Black Crystal Wand]. A purple-blackish cloud appeared under his and his four maids' feet, and they flew toward one direction.

They looked harmonious.

"Ahaha, let's go as well. Such a battle is rare to see! It is a great opportunity for your four! Let's find a safe place so you four could try to advance in realms in the Mythical Altar before the [Mythical Gate] closes," that Royal Master of Jax laughed and summoned the [Sand of Earthly Anger]. After it covered his guard, Prince Fairenton, and Head Disciple Modoc of Big Snow Mountain, an orange light flashed by, and they all disappeared.

It was true that seeing such a profound battle up close would be of tremendous help for weaker masters. They would be able to sense the natural laws and pure elemental power clearly. If they were talented and lucky, they could even advance in realms and gain a brighter potential. It could even change their fates and allow them to advance to the realm of Sun-Cla.s.s in the future.

The masters in the area soon left. Now, there were only four people: Fei, Hazel Bank, and the two-fainted people of the Holy Church.

"Your Majesty, what should we……" Hazel Bank who was wearing the black h.e.l.lo Kitty mask asked.

"You should stay here and continue to heal up. This core region is very special, and you might be able to return to the realm of Sun-Cla.s.s soon. Also, please pay attention to the battle between Emperor Ya.s.sin and Domenech. I have already found the Mythical Altar, and I should leave here immediately," Fei told the Undead Mage after some thinking.

After experiencing that breathtaking battle, the King realized that his party was still too weak. Chambord as a whole was like a cave of ants in the eyes of Sun-Cla.s.s Lords. If he and Chambord wanted to survive in this chaotic world, they need a top-tier master. Although Fei could level up quickly through the Diablo World, he couldn't become a Sun-Cla.s.s Lord in a short time. However, Hazel Bank could. Before he was chased and hunted by the Holy Church, he was already a Sun-Cla.s.s Lord. After Fei used his pure Death Energy to cleanse and strength the energy channels inside Hazel Bank's body, this Undead Mage was already back to a peak Full Moon Elite. If he could recover more in this level 36 region, it was highly possible that he could return to his prime.

Once Hazel Bank was a Sun-Cla.s.s Lord, Fei and Chambord would be a lot safer.

"Ok then. But Your Majesty, after you finish your tasks, you should return to this place. After all, it is rare to witness such a battle. Especially that Ya.s.sin…… He was able to defeat a Sun-Cla.s.s Lord as a Moon-Cla.s.s Elite…… It is shocking, and Your Majesty could get a lot from it," the Undead Mage nodded and tried to pervade, afraid that the King might miss this great opportunity. As he was about to leave, he suddenly looked at the two people of the Holy Church on the ground and frowned. "Your Majesty, what should we do about……"

"I will figure it out," Fei suddenly thought of something as he looked at Jessie and said to Hazel Bank. He felt like these two people could be very beneficial to him.

"Great," the Undead Mage replied and disappeared. He was moving toward the direction where Emperor Ya.s.sin and Domenech went.

Fei stood still and continued to think. Although he just had an idea, that idea was vague and unclear; he couldn't grasp the key. He shook his head and stopped thinking.

After he grabbed Jessie and Alan with his hands, he opened the huge silver sword energies wings on his back and dashed toward where he came from.

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Chapter 513: Suspicion (Part Two)

He had to return to Dual-Flags City immediately and heal and wake up Angela and Elena with the [Worldstone].

The loud air-piercing noises sounded as Fei flew across the sky rapidly. Gra.s.s plain, hills, mountains, rivers…… All of these places went by him quickly.

For some reason, Fei was feeling very anxious. He felt like he overlooked something.

"Emperor Ya.s.sin could defeat a Sun-Cla.s.s Lord head-on. This is shocking! The difference in realms is beyond imagination, but he is still able to defeat Domenech…… Could it be that the actual divisions between levels aren't that strict? Or could it be that Emperor Ya.s.sin is so talented that he could battle masters beyond his realm……"

After thinking back to what happened in the [World or Burning Flames], Fei was very moved.

"The guards beside Emperor Ya.s.sin and that Royal Master of Jax are all Moon-Cla.s.s Elites…… One of them is even a mid-tier New Moon Elite. Why aren't they famous? Even the Martial Saints of the two empires aren't as powerful as them…… Are these the hidden strength of the empires? Or something else is going on?"

"Also, even though Jax and Zenit are technically in war, that Royal Master of Jax had been helping me…… Also, Emperor Ya.s.sin could easily kill these four people of Jax, but he didn't even look at them. Although Emperor Ya.s.sin and that Royal Master of Jax didn't communicate, why do I feel like they are more like friends rather than enemies?"

All of these questions that he ignored before due to the intense battle appeared in his head. The sixth sense of the Nightmare Mode Level 42 Barbarian was insane, and it allowed Fei to sense the strangeness of the battle. Also, the subtle harmony between people like Emperor Ya.s.sin and that Royal Master was weird.

Of course, these were nothing in front of the key issue as Fei found out why he was anxious.

"Since Emperor Ya.s.sin had already recovered, he could have easily helped out and killed the challengers on the Martial Saint Mountain. Why did he wait until Krasic died? Aren't they very close and intimate? Or could it be that…… Could it be that Emperor Ya.s.sin was trying to kill Krasic?"

Fei's body s.h.i.+vered subconsciously when he thought about that.

"It better not be like this…… I really don't want to stand on the other side of this genius!"

The more Fei thought about it, the more anxious he became.

After half a day, Fei finally arrived at where he appeared in this world. On the summit of a huge mountain, there was a silver gate that was three meters tall. It was the [Elemental Gate] that teleported Fei and the other four old masters into this Small World. Without hesitation, Fei dashed into it.

Dual-Flags City.

Four days had pa.s.sed.

In the last four days, the spiritual pillar of the city, King Alexander of Chambord, never showed himself. Only a few top-tier commanders knew that the King was out of the city seeking methods to save the future queen and the Valkyrie.

During this time, the soldiers and the residents were quite relaxed.

Due to the consecutive wins under the command of the King of Chambord, the invaders of Jax backed off for more than five kilometers, and they weren't planning any sieges. Also, Fei's 'advertising campaign' was working. His tactful techniques controlled the spread of rumors and brightened the hope in everyone's mind. Therefore, the soldiers weren't scared. Instead, they all wanted to get on the defense and battle alongside the King of Chambord!

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