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Book 14: Chapter 145

Mr. Gongsun


Zero had sensed a familiar presence for a long time and knew the individual in question was planning to invade the capital. However, the individual had changed dramatically since then, so Zero didn’t recognise it was his former subordinate – the former Zero. When his erstwhile subordinate trained Spring Wind Rainy Night Art back then, he wrecked his own sanity, so him reaching Divine Realm was unexpected. Getting his hands on Nine Dragons Fire Jade took him up another rung.

Gongsun Chu had a hand in bringing the former Zero to the Central Plain just as he had a hand in many other secret alliances and mercenaries he had gathered. Barely anyone outside of the cult knew the ident.i.ty of the former Zero. Gongsun Chu heard Lord San Shen used to be a menace to the Western Regions before he was forced to fight numerous battles to make up for his mayhem. The convoluted tale roused Gongsun Chu’s suspicion of Lord San Shen’s actual ident.i.ty. Upon learning Ming Feizhen was Lord San Shen, he mistakenly thought the Lord San Shen who held captive Aiajianan was the former Lord San Shen. Accordingly, he commanded his subordinates in the Western Regions to release Lord San Shen no matter the cost. The mad believer sought only revenge and went on a rampage all the way to the Central Plain as Gongsun Chu desired. After hearing the results of the former Zero’s fight against Mount Lu Sword Sanctuary, Gongsun Chu believed that the former Zero would come in useful for the operation tonight. He deliberately stalled Ming Feizhen to give the former Zero time to reach his destination.

Zero, immediately catching on to Gongsun Chu’s plan through, raised a hand to eliminate Gongsun Chu before the situation spiralled out of control. Gongsun Chu was obviously prepared to be attacked, but he didn’t expect Ming Feizhen to react so casually and quickly.

Ming Feizhen, smiling, continued, “Since you’re raising the stakes, I’ll raise mine, too.”

“… What?”

The sound of the former Zero’s movement had risen to a point that “fast” was no longer sufficient to describe his pace.

“If you win, Mr. Chu, you can have your way. I’ll take His Majesty’s head for you to use as a potty if that’s what you demand. On the other hand, should I win, I’m changing my demand.” Ming Feizhen stopped to think, then whacked his thigh. “For as long as I’m alive, you’ll have to cease activities as a dissident.”

“… What?”

“Considering your attainments, you will have a way to live longer than I will. Besides, who knows if Li Dynasty will still exist by then.”

Gongsun Chu: What is he talking about? What is going on?

A series of possibilities flitted through Gongsun Chu’s mind as he gazed at the incomprehensible man before him. Zero wasn’t going to be able to mult.i.task while fighting against his former subordinate, which would leave Ming Feizhen at Gongsun Chu’s mercenary. As long as he could’ve accomplished that much, Gongsun Chu considered it a win.

Concerned, Zero voiced, “Master, if we do not kill him now, then…”

Ming Feizhen raised a hand. “This is a bet between us. I shouldn’t sabotage myself now, should I? He hasn’t attacked, so I can’t go back on my word and harm him. Plus, I need to prove myself to Mr. Chu.”

Gongsun Chu pulled his brows together. “Prove what?”

Golden energy illuminated Taishu Hall, turning night into day. With his appearance somewhat obstructed, Ming Feizhen, “A bet and hiding your late wife’s coffin isn’t enough to make you submit. I need to make a point. I’m saying this with my chest.” Ming Feizhen started doing shoulder circles as he continued, “For as long as I’m alive, none of your plans will succeed.”

“What are you talking about?”

“In other words, I’ve expressed my sincere thoughts and blackmailed you. I have to complete the package, right? I have to ‘besiege the walled cities’.”

The fire demon descended from the sky, bringing with it a fire that would inevitably set the opulent city ablaze. “… Scoundrel who caused G.o.d to fall! I’m going t-”

“Who are you?” Ming Feizhen looked up at the crimson-eyed demon and asked.

Suddenly, the “scoundrel” disappeared from the ground. Like a black fiery dragon rising into the heavens, Sacrificial Sage soared vertically, parted the dark clouds and continued to increase the circ.u.mference of clear s.p.a.ce, allowing the moonlight to s.h.i.+ne through.

The descending demon felt an ache in his head out of nowhere. The huge fire enveloping him split in two and ascended. He felt a sense of peace for the first time since childhood; it was as though all of the ghouls clinging to him departed. There were no more cries in his head, no more voices yelling at him to seek out blood and flesh, no more fire incinerating him. All that was left in the world was himself and a man with red eyes.

It was the demon’s first time seeing the white-haired man up close. He remembered how livid he felt when he watched the man cut down G.o.d, yet he no longer felt any hatred towards the man. In addition, he could smell blood and flesh, a stench he was supposed to most familiar with and found most comforting. His flesh armour shouldn’t have had any smell anymore since the flesh was burnt, so who did it belong to? Himself? It wasn’t until the next moment that he felt his body falling apart slowly. His flesh armour peeled off in grains as small as grains of sand. Bones dispersed and drifted off no differently to specks of dust. It happened so fast that he didn’t feel anything; he only saw his body disintegrate. He didn’t know what happened nor how, but he realised he was dying.

Is this how death feels? Is it so peaceful?

The demon exploded, parting the dark clouds even more.

Ming Feizhen slowly descended back to the earth, his white hair flowing down onto his shoulders.

Gongsun Chun: He… killed a Divine Realm adept in one swing?!

“This is a quality cudgel. I wanted to see what a weapon Shang Bies.h.i.+ forged would be like, and here we are. This is good stuff.” Ming Feizhen mindlessly threw the cudgel to Zero, but he carefully slipped the Nine Dragons Fire Jade into his s.h.i.+rt. “This thing is worth a lot of money.”

Despite its heat, Ming Feizhen treated the Nine Dragons Fire Jade as if it was a mantou or something.

Zero brightly caught Sacrificial Surge, then heaved a breath of relief. “Congratulations on your recovery, Master. Your subordinate was worried for nothing.”

“Only just now, to be honest. He was unlucky, and I was lucky.” Ming Feizhen turned to Gongsun Chu. “Do you accept defeat now, Mr. Chu?”

Gongsun Chu took a while to realise Ming Feizhen was speaking to him. “… You… What… sort of monster are you?”

Gongsun Chu couldn’t hide his own anxiety. He thought Ming Feizhen was bluffing, but he now realised he was wrong for a.s.suming so. He also realised his bigger mistake was making an enemy out someone who could thwart any plans he could design.

Ming Feizhen strolled over to Gongsun Chu. “Mr. Chu, I don’t see you as an enemy after all you gave me. I betted with you today because I want to save your life.”

“Save me? When did I ever need your help? Should a man fail in his undertaking, death is the only option. Why do I need to be saved?” For the first time since being shocked, Gongsun Chu held his gaze against Ming Feizhen’s red eyes without any backing down just as he never backed down when he was cornered.

“Princess Pingan.”

In two words, Ming Feizhen extinguished Gongsun Chu’s fire.

Ming Feizhen held up a piece of jade. “When I found this piece of jade, I found her with her hands together, kneeling on the ground. I have never seen someone die so indifferently before. She left in a peaceful state of mind, yet it seemed as though she was praying to heaven for something. I found this piece of jade in her hands. She’s admirable. She entrusted this piece of jade to me, but she actually meant to entrust her husband to me. How can I deny the wish of the deceased? That’s why I suggested a bet.”

Gongsun Chu lost control of his tear ducts when he saw the jade piece. Even a century later, she saved his life once again without being present. He could hear her say, “I just wish for you to be safe and sound. Can you promise me that?”

“The place I am about to move to is basically darkness no matter where you go. I am no academic, so completing business procedures is tough. As such, I had no choice but to seek help. No matter how I look at it, I believe you are the best man for the job.”

Gongsun Chu made a small smile as he listened to the arrogance. After all, Ming Feizhen was asking one of Confucianism’s most decorated sages to serve him in an a.s.sistant capacity. Gongsun Chu found Ming Feizhen an interesting character now.

“This world is out of place, upside down. I remember you saying that more than once.” Ming Feizhen placed the piece of jade into Gongsun Chu’s hand. “The sky has always been the sky. The earth has always been the earth. Perhaps they’ve changed and are changing every second, but they’re never in reverse.”

Ming Feizhen rose to his feet. “How do you know if you haven’t personally experienced this era and world?”

Gongsun Chu looked up at Ming Feizhen.

“If you think the world is upside down, maybe you’re just standing the wrong way up.” Ming Feizhen walked back over to Zero. “I believe you can get away on your own legs? I won’t keep you any longer. See you next time, Mr. Gongsun.”

Note: Ming Feizhen switches back and forth between Mr. Gongsun and Mr. Chu. That’s not inconsistency in translation.

Volume 14 END

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