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Book 15: Chapter 1

Exam Papers. Taishu Hall.

The secret pa.s.sage still existed. Gongsun Chu still had his twenty-four bodyguards. There was n.o.body around in Taishu Hall who wanted to kill him. If anyone witnessed what took place, they’d realise that any tricks he might’ve meant to try would’ve been meaningless.

Strolling ahead with a smile, Ming Feizhen said, “I remember the two of us being unable to access internal energy back then and having to fix up the city walls we destroyed. I would’ve legged it if the food wasn’t decent.”

Luckily for the golden city that the two tore half apart, n.o.body from the seven states dared to make an enemy out of the city. On top of that, Ximen Chuideng sent envoys to protect it. Otherwise, there would’ve been a furious mob of residents who lost their homes who would’ve rioted. The two of them hid deep inside the palace while they were unable to defend themselves, chatting, playing go, fighting or fixing the walls. For Zero, who hadn’t had friends in a long time, those were some of the brightest days of his life.

Following behind Ming Feizhen, Zero smiled, too. “It is only fair that we repair the damage we caused.”

“Glad to hear that.”

Zero felt there was something weird about the reply, but he chose not to speak up.

“Zero, how long has it been since we’ve had a proper conversation?”

Zero silently stared at the back in front of him as he relived the days they pulled big stunts. n.o.body expected Lord San Shen and his servant to lead a team of four across the seven states on an unstoppable run. Those days, the seven states knew a peace that was different to the violence back then that Lord San Shen implemented in the name of “the war of repentance”; few people still linked it to Lord San Shen.

“Your subject is more than happy to share drinks with you.”

“All right. On the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, you’ll have to come join me no matter where I am or you are.”

“Your subject will drink three extra jars if he fails to show up.”

“Sounds good!”

They continued strolling happily until Ming Feizhen reached his destination.

“I’ve arrived.” Ming Feizhen checked out the decimated section of Taishu Hall where Zero and Venerable Monk Jiyi faced off. “Find it.”

“What are we looking for?”


“What… paper?”

“My exam paper! I mean, the paper someone wrote for me. The exam paper I’m meant to submit. Understand now?”

Part of being a good subordinate was not wasting one’s superior’s time, which meant being frank.


“Look at what you and Venerable Monk Jiyi did to this place. I’m supposed to submit an exam paper!”

“Please forgive your subordinate for his ignorance, but the paper someone wrote for you is…”

“And you claim to have unlocked Knowledge Path. This is the exam venue. Do you think I could pa.s.s it? What option do I have besides cheating? Cheating means having someone write on my behalf.”

Zero nodded, then said, “But the venue is…”

The venue was constructed using poor materials and craftsmans.h.i.+p because His Majesty argued, “The venue is used once every three years. Why would we need to use expensive materials? What happens if there’s natural disaster, man-made disaster or invasion? Use cheap materials.” Venerable Monk Jiyi crushed buildings and buried examinees beneath stuff as a result. While injuries were inevitable, n.o.body died.

“Repair it. Restore the buildings, and then find my paper. Also, you have to treat all those your crushed.”

Zero glanced at the venue, then smiled. “Do you not feel you are exaggerating? There is no reason to panic, is there? It is unlikely the examinees will wake up before dawn. The two of us will be more than enough to make it in time.”

“Of course not. A lot of them haven’t finished writing their papers. Wouldn’t it be suspicious if they were out until dawn? If there is suspicion of foul play and I have to resit the exam, I’ll be annoyed. You have one hour to fix up this place, heal them and find me my paper. Then, wake them up. As for me, I’m going to eat Tangy-, drink some tea. I suggest you get cracking.”

Zero took another look at the scenery and blinked. “Master, your subject has no objections to completing the big job.”

“Then get started.”

“However, the guards should be on their way.”

Ming Feizhen flapped his eyelids. “… So?”

“If your subject does not intercept them, there will be no secret.”

“Wait, you’re saying…”

“Yes, it will have to be on you.” Zero took off straight away, looking back to affably remind, “Remember: you only have one hour.”

“Hey! Don’t forget about the hair wash with manure!”

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