Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 1485 - “Bai Yan’s Return (9)”

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Chapter 1485 “Bai Yan’s Return (9)”

The ones killed thus far may happen to be only from the Celestial Palace, but those summoned for this battle was still falling into a panic. They came to help win a war, not to throw their lives away!

So, after a brief exchange of looks between themselves, these Demi Divine Lords all turned tail and fled in all directions like it didn’t matter anymore.

Winger didn’t go after these individuals despite the opening, his focus remains solely on the Keepers at hand. Like a mighty tiger that’s been provoked, he flew for Keeper Yellow next and smacked a direct punch at his back, causing the old elder to shoot dozens of meters out in the process.

Bai Ning didn’t move despite being beside the bird man, she’s just as shocked as the others because the guy didn’t show any sign of being this powerful. Heck, if the woman had known the guy was this strong, she wouldn’t have schemed on Keeper Ling and directly killed the old fella at the last encounter.

Unfortunately, Winger did not know what’s going through Bai Ning’s mind right now, nor the old witch’s for that matter. If he had only took a glance, even a simple whip of his eyes toward Yun Ruo Xi, then he would surely discover the sour jealous glare coming his way.

d.a.m.n him…. That power should’ve been mine to use! How dare he betray me and turn to Bai Yan’s side!

In light of what she thought, the old witch felt more of a sense of regret then anger. If she knew how capable Winger was then she would never have treated him like so back then. Such a valuable tool was a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Suddenly, right as the bird man was about to attack to finish off Keeper Yellow, a purplish bolt of lightning roared down from sky. It came way too fast, leaving the recipient without room to avoid. With a tremble after the hit, Winger felt blood swirling up from his throat but kept it down through sheer force and will.

He’s resolved to kill the members of the Celestial Palace. Until he succeeds, he won’t stop.

“Madam Bai Ning, Uncle Dragon Flame, all of you leave now, go!” He cries out with anxious urgency.

“You…” Taken aback by the tone, Bai Ning makes a perplexed face, “What’s the matter?”

“GO!” Without explaining, Winger dropped this sentence and charged yet again.

Perhaps the thunderbolt affected his strength too much, but the bird man could no longer finish off a Demi Divine Lord in one instantaneous blow. But even so, under his mighty fist, Keeper Yellow once again flew out several meters and puked even more blood.

“HAHA, you demons are getting retribution from the heavens now, AHAHAHAH!” The blood ridden old elder coughs and laughs with deep sinical sarcasm.

Sinking in his complexion, Winger once again throws another punch at a different Keeper to vent his frustration. However, those sharp eyes of his never once left Keeper Yellow while speaking: “If the demons have done so much bad things then why are the thunders only going after me? Even if there is divine retribution, it’s only directed at me, it’s I who’s done too many evil. HAHAHA! You can ask Yun Ruo Xi yourself, ask her how many evil deeds I did in the past century for her!”

He won’t allow anyone to frame the Demon Realm! If there’s any blame to be had then it’s on him, he’s going to shoulder it all, that’s his conviction and determination.

Against the retort, Keeper Yellow obviously wanted to say some more mocking words. However, he’s not getting the opportunity because Winger obviously intends to kill him before he did so.

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Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 1485 - “Bai Yan’s Return (9)” summary

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