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Chapter 942: Crippled, Dead, Or Pregnant

The stage was filled with killing intent, while below the stage were undercurrents swirling about.

Bai Lei retreated to the side to observe everything going on.

He wanted to protect Luo Tian!

But this was beyond the boundary of his powers, so it wasn’t easy for him to interfere. Even though that’s the case, he wasn’t going to let Luo Tian die just like that. This disciple was able to reach the Spirit Martial 9th rank within a month, which was practically heaven defying. Such a genius needed to be brought back to the Bai family!


Bai Xuan suddenly shouted this before continuing, “Luo Tian, this is what you get for inciting public outrage! Kill him for me!”

As Bai Xuan’s voice faded, the twenty to thirty martial artists all charged forward, hoping to be the first to kill Luo Tian and claim credit in front of Bai Xuan.

Luo Tian’s mouth curved into a cold sneer as he said, “Public outrage? Hahaha… These people just want to enter the Bai family. They have been working hard for many years, but they have never gotten a chance. You bunch of garbage want to step on me to climb higher? You guys are overestimating yourselves!”

“I shall let you guys experience the full firepower of a Spirit Martial 9th ranker!”

Luo Tian charged into the fray without waiting for their attacks to land.

Luo Tian locked onto a single person and just followed along with inertia to smash his shoulder into the person’s chest. He then thrust out both fists, “Mountain River Fist!”

Both punches were like cannons!

“Boom~, boom~…”

That person flew out of the stage and landed in a pool of their own blood. The person twitched a few times before finally dying.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing…”

System alerts started going off.

Luo Tian smiled in joy, “Hahaha, next one!”

As he was speaking, two attacks were about to land on his body. Luo Tian took two steps back, stabilized his body, and then charged at them with a shout, “Wolf King’s Claw!”

“Swish~, swish~…”

“Mountain River Fist!”

“Explode for me!”

“Bang~, bang~…”

A Wolf King’s Claw was followed by the Mountain River Fist. One claw, one smash, and the Spirit Martial 8th ranker and 9th ranker couldn’t resist it. The stage was too small for so many people. Even though Luo Tian was surrounded, not many were able to strike him accurately due to being jostled about by others.

This created many opportunities for Luo Tian.



From time to time, someone would fly off the stage, and a new martial artist would join the fight.

“Another one!”

“Good! Amazing! This is the most exciting fight I have ever seen! Hahaha… Luo Tian, you are too awesome! What stupid Wu Feng and dog’s fart middle talent? He is simply weak to the max when compared with you!”

“Luo Tian! Luo Tian! Luo Tian!”

All the worlds were the same.

The strong will be respected.

Was Luo Tian strong?

He wasn’t really that strong. But he dared to fight, kill, act arrogant, and go crazy. It didn’t matter as to who he faced and whatever cultivation they were in. As long as he is p.i.s.sed off by them, he will not give them any face at all!

Fight if you’re unconvinced!

If we fight, we might as well fight to the death!

It was like the team battles in online games where you fight until you’re either crippled, dead, or pregnant!


“Another one flew out.”

“It’s another elite disciple of the Spirit Gathering Sect.”

“Good job, Luo Tian! Hahaha…”

The plaza was filled with commotion.

The spectators didn’t care who died because they just wanted to watch a good show. Once they see something exciting, they naturally have to clap their hands and shout, “Good!”

But there were some people with unsightly looks on their faces.

The sect leader of the Spirit Gathering Sect, w.a.n.g Huan, had a livid look on his face. Both Wu Feng and w.a.n.g Li had died. Several elite disciples of his Spirit Gathering Sect were killed by Luo Tian in just a few moves. All these deaths caused the vitality of the Spirit Gathering Sect to go down a few notches.

At this time, the hearts of some of the bosses of the other sects were getting heavy. Each disciple Luo Tian sent flying, the lower their hearts sank. Their teeth were almost shattering from being clenched so hard. If this continues, all the disciples from the thirteen sects in Martial Mountain City are going to be screwed over.

Apart from worrying about this, they were especially angry at the Elders who were sent to recruit the new disciples. “This genius… super genius… ultimate genius never seen in ten thousand years, was tested as a zero talent piece of trash by you guys. Why don’t you guys go to h.e.l.l?!”

Too upsetting!

If they had this super genius, it wouldn’t be impossible for their sect to eventually rise up to a silver level force!

But now, they have lost their best chance at becoming a clan at a silver level!

Now, they had to deal with a malevolent star!



Another two disciples were sent flying off the stage.

Luo Tian’s body was covered in b.l.o.o.d.y wounds, and his health bar had dropped to about one-third.

The cultivation realm of these people wasn’t weak.

Luo Tian was already considered a powerful existence for being able to continuously kill nine people.

“Fuuu~, fuuu~, fuuu~…”

Luo Tian’s chest was rising heavily, blood kept squirting out from somewhere, and his face was quite pale. He stared at the empty two meter s.p.a.ce in front of him, at the shocked martial artists. He could see there was a trace of fear in their eyes, and these martial artists were not as impulsive as before.

In their eyes, Luo Tian was no longer a soft persimmon that they could step on as leverage for a higher status.

They were afraid.

In their hearts, Luo Tian was basically a lunatic.

Once Luo Tian holds onto a person, he will not let go, no matter how many attacks or damage he receives. He would then kill that person he’s holding onto, no matter what! The martial artists on the stage knew not to get grabbed by Luo Tian, or else they would lose their lives. This was the main reason they were feeling fear!

You want to fight? Luo Tian wasn’t afraid of anyone!

Back in the day, he had mingled with the triads and gang members.

He didn’t know any better when he was young and would often run amok in school. Fighting was as often as eating a meal to him.

After not pursuing his studies, he went on the streets and hung out with the gangs.

However, fighting on the streets was completely different from fighting in school. They would use knives and other weapons. If you didn’t fight with your life on the line, then you may not survive. You might just end up lying on the ground with dozens of knife wounds. But this was all in his younger years, as he stopped fighting after becoming a professional gamer.

His battlefield had just changed to a different perspective.

Inside a game, he was still a young man with crazy hot blood coursing through him. He didn’t care about dying once he went into player killing mode. What he liked the most was the feeling of close combat. Fresh blood and skills flew together while strength and speed resonated with each other.

That feeling was very hard to express with words.

He thought that he would no longer find that feeling ever again, but now he felt it. This was a feeling completely different from playing a game. It was a hot blooded, awesome feeling that made Luo Tian more excited the longer he fought.

He was similar to a battle maniac!



“Did you guys want to step on me to climb to the top?”

“You bunch of garbage, come at me together!”

Luo Tian had a cold, ferocious smile similar to a grim reaper.

Luo Tian then suddenly took a forceful step forward.

Those martial artists all took a step back because no one wanted to be the first one to rush forth.

The fear in their eyes seemed to have gone up a bit from before.

At this time, Bai Xuan was especially angry. So many people still couldn’t get rid of Luo Tian? He then angrily shouted, “Whoever can kill him will become a disciple of the Bai family!”

As his voice faded, a fierce-looking male around thirty years of age stepped forward, shouting, “Everyone move to the side! Let me go take his life!”

An expert with a Four Elements cultivation realm had appeared!

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