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Chapter 973: Dark Yin Crystals

Half an hour later, Luo Tian followed Bai Lingling and her group to a hidden cave entrance.

Near the entrance of the cave was a large field of neglected graves.

There were tufts of wilted gra.s.s growing about mounds of various sizes. An occasional desolate caw of a crow could be heard in the bleak-looking surroundings. A dark, shadowy atmosphere seemed to have permanently cast itself over this area, causing anyone’s heart to beat a bit faster in anxiety.

There was not a single demonic beast in this area, not even a bird flying by.

There were only a few large crows standing on the branches of a dead tree that cawed out now and then.

The entrance of the cave looked like a deserted tomb that someone smashed open.

The gravestone was broken in two halves, and the marks on it looked fresh. One can easily guess that it had been broken in the last few days.

Luo Tian observed his surroundings before muttering to himself, ”How could there be such a large expanse of neglected graves in the depths of Martial Mountain?”

Ouyang Ye heard it and said with disdain, “How would a muggle like you, who had just entered the Ancient World, know about this? There were once many glorious sects in the Martial Mountain and even a king level force in it. Where there were once living people would naturally have dead people. When there are dead people, there naturally would be graves for them to be buried in. So, what’s so surprising about such a large expanse of neglected graves here?”

“Such a naive and inexperienced newcomer!”

Ouyang Ye was p.i.s.sed at Luo Tian, so he would target Luo Tian whenever he could.

He was yelled at by Bai Lingling several times because of Luo Tian.

Luo Tian treated him like a fart and ignored him. His thoughts were mostly focused on the ancient cave. If there really was a large number of zombies inside, then he would have struck it rich! A large amount of experience was waiting for him!

Bai Lingling said softly, ”This should be the place where some sect buries their own members.”

Luo Tian asked, ”Since it’s a place to bury people, what are you guys doing here for? Even if these dead people had good things while they were alive, most likely, they would have been taken away when they were buried, right?”


“I already knew that you were an ignorant person! Haven’t you noticed that the temperature a few kilometers around here is lower than in other places? This is a place of extreme yin; otherwise, those who had died wouldn’t have been able to turn into zombies. And in this place of extreme yin, there will be an abundance of Dark Yin Crystals.” Ouyang Ye revealed a look of being very knowledgeable as he explained in disdain to Luo Tian. This information was something he learned from a book he once read, or else he would have no clue either.

Bai Lingling added, ”He’s right. This time, we have to get some Dark Yin Crystals, or else we won’t have the face to go back.”

When she thought of those hateful looking faces at home, Bai Lingling felt a fire surge inside her heart. “I’ll definitely get some Dark Yin Crystals! I’ll definitely save my dad! You all just wait and see!”

A place of extreme yin?

Luo Tian knew it from the moment they arrived here, but he just didn’t expect that the place of extreme Yin would have something called Dark Yin Crystals. It was rumored that this kind of crystal could absorb away yin energy or yin poison from a person’s body, thus adding to one’s lifespan.

This kind of crystal was worth over ten thousand xuan coins.

Bai Lingling looked at Luo Tian’s expression, which looked like he was in deep thought. She mistook it as Luo Tian being afraid. After all, his cultivation realm was still a bit lacking if he were to enter the ancient cave and fight against the zombies here. But she had to succeed this time. No matter what, she had to try one more time and fight it out with all she had!

She tried to rea.s.sure Luo Tian by saying, “You just have to do what I tell you to, and nothing will happen to you. I will definitely protect you.”

Luo Tian smiled, “Then I shall thank you in advance.”


There was no need.

Luo Tian was only scared of someone stabbing him in the back.

After stopping there to prepare for a few minutes, Bai Lingling said, “Let’s enter the cave.”

She then took the lead into the muddy and desolate-looking tomb that was completely dark below.

Luo Tian was briefly stunned as he said to himself, ”She didn’t even frown after entering such a dirty and terrifying looking place. Looks like she’s a little different from other girls.”

The impression he had of her went up a bit.

The five of them went inside the ancient cave.

There was a putrid stench and a bone-chilling wind blowing from the depths of the cave. It could easily make anyone feel a sense of panic in their hearts.

“Light the fire.” Bai Lingling ordered.

She then said, “Keep your distance and don’t act rashly. A few more steps ahead, and there will be some of those Bloodthirsty Zombies. Don’t be injured by their sharp nails, or else you will get poisoned by it. The injury will paralyze you, and you might even faint for a short period of time. Once you have been poisoned, quickly take a healing pill at once. The poison is very mild, so any tier healing pill can detoxify it.”

She was saying all of this for Luo Tian.

The people in her group already knew this information.

Ouyang Ye had an impatient look on his face as he sneered, “Do you even know what a healing pill is?”

Bai Lingling was briefly stunned before she walked to Luo Tian’s side and said, “Your position is to fend off the zombies, so you’ll definitely suffer some minor injuries in that position. I have some extra healing pills here, so take it and use it first.”

“No need.”

Luo Tian rejected it and said, “I will take care of it myself. Just remember to give me the full amount of money once you finish your mission.”

Bai Lingling didn’t insist that he take her pills.

She hadn’t brought that many healing pills with her this time. Not to mention, their group had already entered the ancient cave once already, so over half of her supplies had been consumed. She didn’t know how deep this ancient cave went on for, and she didn’t know if they were going to find any Dark Yin Crystals or not. It wasn’t a bad idea to preserve a few more healing pills as a precaution.

When Ouyang Ye saw that Bai Lingling was showing care to Luo Tian, he felt annoyed once more. In the darkness of the cave, a cold glint briefly flashed in his eyes.

“Let’s start advancing,” said Bai Lingling.

Luo Tian and Ouyang Ye’s sidekick, Zhao Hai, took to the front to take the brunt of the attacks.

Playing the role of tanks!

Bai Lingling and Ouyang Ye were the ranged attackers.

Bai Xiong was the backup tank, who was also responsible for protecting Bai Lingling and Ouyang Ye.

This was a very common team makeup!

But Luo Tian felt that it would be better if he was a damage dealer in this formation instead of being a tank. The advancement speed of the group would be a bit faster. But since he was getting paid to do the job, he naturally wouldn’t say anything about it and just acted like a tank like he was told to.

Since he was the closest to the zombies, he could take the final strike when they only had a bit of health left.

The majority of the experience points would belong to him then!

Luo Tian was quite familiar with playing the role of a tanker. It was actually a very important position and not as useless as these people were saying about it. Tankers were basically the first line of defense. If a tank did a good job, the damage dealers in the back would be protected, and the entire fight would go smoother.

The five of them slowly advanced.

Due to the cave being too dark, no one could see that far ahead.

Luo Tian was also very careful as he didn’t know what rank of demonic beasts these zombies were categorized as.

The person in the group with the most serious look on their face was Bai Lingling.

“Slow down!” Bai Lingling suddenly shouted.

“There’s a Bloodthirsty Zombie lying down ahead. Zhao Hai, go and lure it over.”

Zhao Hai didn’t respond.

Ouyang Ye said, “Why does it have to be Zhao Hai? Have the kid go. He had taken so much money, yet he isn’t doing anything? Who does he think he is?”

Bai Lingling looked at Luo Tian.

Luo Tian smiled and said, “I’ll do it.”

Bai Lingling advised, “Be careful and don’t get tangled up with it, or else you will be in big trouble. Most importantly, don’t get bitten by it!”

Bai Xiong said with a smile, “Brother, be extra careful, and you should be fine.”

Luo Tian started running over in large strides.

Isn’t it just luring monsters? Do you guys really have to be this uptight?

In the video games of his previous life, Luo Tian was capable of playing any role that was needed. Luring monsters was a job too easy for him!

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