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You're Beautiful When You Smile

Chapter 34 Part 5

Tong Yao was glad that her mom hadn't gone onto Weibo yet. But she
overlooked the fact that she had a good friend who did go on Weibo.
Less than 5 minutes after Lu Yue had gone outside, the Mid from the team
next door came by for a visit with his girlfriend. The moment Tong Yao
opened the door, the hand of her 172 cm tall, high heels wearing friend
landed on her shoulder: “Nice picture.”

Tong Yao felt a gaze shooting daggers from behind.

Tong Yao tightened her back: “Don't talk nonsense! Our team forbids
internal love affairs.”

Jinyang smiled like a flower: “I didn't say anything, my friend.”

Tong Yao felt the gaze behind had turned into a spotlight. She turned to
check and found there was no one behind her. Xiao Rui was on the phone;
Old Cat and Old K were playing duos on the computers; Little Fatty was
kneeling before the refrigerator, flipping through its contents; Lu Sicheng
was sitting on the sofa playing on his cell phone-- --

Everyone seemed busy.

Tong Yao breathed out a sigh of relief. She left Ai Jia to her teammates
and pushed Jinyang upstairs. Jinyang spoke as she was whisked up the
stairs: “I saw the male lead talking on the phone on my way in-- --I heard
he's Lu Sicheng's brother, they do look alike. I almost mistook him as Lu
Sicheng when I first saw him…...He's really handsome, it almost gives me
the wrong impression that there's good looking guys everywhere in the
esport circle.”


“Then, why do I get to pick the leftover Ai Jia among all the good looking


“-- --Hey, the one upstairs, I heard that!”

Ai Jia's voice came from downstairs. Jinyang made a face and dragged
Tong Yao into her room…...Tong Yao was still wearing their summer uniform
which was somewhat scratchy since they hadn't been washed yet.  She
wanted to change into something more comfortable once she was back in
her own room-- --Jinyang sat crossed legged behind her as Tong Yao was
changing. When she saw the underwear that Tong Yao was wearing underneath
the uniform, Jinyang chided her: “Tsk, what are you wearing?”

“Underwear.” Tong Yao turned around without much expression. “What
about it?”

Jinyang glanced over the childish prints on the underwear, though there
were two bow ties on both sides of the panty-- --

Jinyang supported her chin with one hand and understandably said: “Now
I think I might have gotten something wrong.”

“What?” Tong Yao turned to grab a t-s.h.i.+rt to put on and asked.

“It's quite possible that there are people who do like this kind of underwear.”


“But, you have to be careful now. If someone truly likes this style, then he
must be, without a doubt, a pervert.”

Tong Yao threw the summer uniform onto her face. Jinyang fell onto the
bed in laughter. Tong Yao got on top her trying to stifle her laughter, yelling
all the while, “You better shut up, hurry.” The person who was being pushed
down couldn't possibly see that Tong Yao was blus.h.i.+ng more than usual-- --

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