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Its already been a year since last April, and Warlock of the Magus World is finally complete. Im finally off the pressure of that terrifying release rate, and at the same time I havent let down the expectations of the readers; its a cause for celebration.

Honestly, this book has achieved far beyond my expectations; we were first in the fantasy ranking last year! This is something only possible because of all the subscriptions, monthly votes, and recommendations; a glory solely belonging to the collective group of readers that have supported me. A thousand thank yous to all of you, and a deep bow!

Thank you to all the friends whove subscribed to this novel. Without you, WMW wouldnt be where it is today. In specific thank you to the three sect masters Lanxi, and Empty Mountain New Rain 2015, especially Lanxi for the support of a million fan points. My salute to you!

Thank you also to Myfault, *GGQ*, Silent Seas, Fate is Always Beside Me, Summer Tree, Ultimate Treasure, and Quietly Gently Hehe, thank you for your support and encouragement! There are many others I wish to name for their contributions, but unfortunately, there is a limit to the number of words I have. I regret not being able to list you all.

Thank you to Big Yinyang, Skilful Fis.h.i.+ng, Trickling Meander, as well as Single-Horned Sea Cuc.u.mber, whose suggestions were extremely incisive. The wealth of information gave me a lot of inspiration.

Finally, I thank the readers of the novel. Your views, recommendations, bookmarking, and subscriptions motivated me through all of this. Thank you!

My knowledge is limited and my writing unskilled; there were times when things were inappropriate and poorly constructed, as well as many other inadequacies in general. Im extremely sorry for all of it, and thankful for your understanding and forgiveness of those parts.

Lastly, let us meet at my new book, Semi Martial Artist Hero! Its the legend of a martial artist of infinity, and I look forward to your partic.i.p.ation in its writing. Heres to more recommendations, clicks, and bookmarks O(_)O~!

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