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Chapter 940 Investigate!

Thinking back to Planet Azure, where all the enemies were pseudo domain realm masters, with even two t.i.tled domain realm masters. Compared to this planet, Planet Muyang, with only one pseudo domain realm master defending it, it seemed to have been neglected by the organization.

If the computer chip didn't have the information that Planet Azure's Central Scout Academy operation had failed, Ling Lan wouldn't have been able to put two and two together.

The operation on Planet Azure was to secretly send spies into the military. Then, what is the reason for them to put men on Planet Muyang? Is their target actually Mai'er Fa?

Although Mai'er Fa was a lone planet, it still didn't have any natural resources. There were only countless casinos. Even if the profits of the casinos were abundant… Just from the large base that was in the forest showed that this faction didn't lack the funds and would not care about such a place…

'Perhaps their goal is not only Mai'er Fa. There is definitely a hidden goal!' Thinking to this point, Ling Lan couldn't help but sigh. Her information was still lacking. That was why she couldn't predict the organization's real goal from the data she had. If it was her father, Ling Xiao, he would probably be able to find a hint of some sort.

Ling Lan didn't waste anymore time to think about it since she couldn't figure it out. Ling Lan also felt exhausted not only from killing people in the night, but also using her brain power to think. Seeing that it was still early, she closed her eyes to rest.

"Knock, knock, knock." The door to her room was suddenly softly knocked on. Ling Lan slowly opened her eyes and discovered that it was already bright outside.

Ling Lan got up and opened the door. She saw Mother Liu holding today's breakfast while standing at the door.

"Jiang Hui, this is your breakfast for today." Mother Liu walked into the room and put down the food. However, she didn't turn around like she had done the previous mornings and instead stood there as though she had something to say.

"Aunt Liu, you have something you want to say?" Ling Lan was curious.

"Well, Jiang Hui, I just want to ask. Have you ever heard of the name Liu Zhongguo out in the galaxy?" Mother Liu frowned as though something was worrying her.

"Aunt Liu, you know that there are many people who joined the military. Unless we meet accidentally, or perhaps told by the military, otherwise, we wouldn't know of just anyone," Ling Lan said helplessly. She ,of course, couldn't tell Aunt Liu that the name 'Liu Zhongguo' was found by Little Four as KIA( Killed In Action) 15 years ago. However, all of that information was wiped clean. Even if Mother Liu was to go Planet Muyang's task force headquarters to search for him, she wouldn't be able to find any information.

"I know. When Aijun was born, something happened in the family. I had no choice but to go to the task force headquarters. However, I couldn't find anything on Zhongguo… After that I stopped searching," sighed Mother Liu. Back then, she was hurt emotionally. Her husband, the father of her children, actually deceived her. He didn't actually become a soldier…

"I heard Aihua telling me that you travel everywhere and go on adventures. That's why I wanted to ask you whether you've met Aihua's father. If he's not in the military, then I suspect that he probably became a part of some galaxy's adventure mercenary group. Six years ago, I caught wind from him saying that his regiment commander was very powerful. From that I deduced that he's within a group or a team." If he wasn't in the military, then he was probably in a mercenary group. "This is his picture. I secretly took a photo while he was sleeping. Aihua's father didn't like to leave any photos or videos of himself behind." Liu Aihua carefully took out a photo from her pocket.

The man in the photo had long hair hanging on his shoulders and his features were well rounded. He was a handsome man, but he had a large beard around his face which covered half of his face. This beard made him look lazy. He had his eyes closed while he was sleeping, but he still had a frown on his face. It was as though he was intensely thinking about something… Ling Lan's hand trembled as she took a look at the photo. She looked at it carefully many times. After confirming there was nothing wrong with her suspicions, she bit her lip and shouted into her minds.p.a.ce, "Little Four!"

"Here!" When Little Four heard his Boss's tone was odd, he immediately put aside what he was working on and appeared before Ling Lan in an instant.

"a.n.a.lyze the person on the photo and find out who he is!" Ling Lan said coldly. Someone actually disguised his ident.i.ty and committed such a crime… Ling Lan felt a burning rage rising from her chest.

"Roger." Little Four quickly scanned the picture in Ling Lan's hand, then erased his beard. After that, he cut his hair, revealing a clean forehead. Just like that, the handsome looking man appeared in Ling Lan's minds.p.a.ce.

"What? It's actually Captain Liu!" Little Four couldn't help but exclaim in surprise.

"Very good. Very good. I didn't think that 250 Ace Mecha Clan would have such a person within it…" Ling Lan's eyes were ice cold.

Although Ling Lan was angry in her mind, her face still had a huge smile, "Aunt Liu, Uncle Liu is quite handsome. It's no wonder that Aijun and Aihua are so beautiful."

Hearing this, Aunt Liu instantly blushed. She said embarra.s.singly, "Back then, one half of the reason why I got together with your Uncle Liu was because of this."

"However, your Uncle Liu didn't like to take care of himself and was messy everyday. I've told him many times." When Aunt Liu spoke of her husband, her tone was still somewhat sweet.

'He didn't like to take care of himself? Messy? 'Ling Lan thought of Liu Furong's clean and straight uniform, even his subordinates were clean and spiffy… It was hard for her to connect the person Aunt Liu was telling her about with Liu Furong.

'What secrets does Liu Furong conceal? Is he actually Liu Zhongguo or is that an impersonator?'

"Little Four, investigate Liu Furong. Get everything on him!" Ling Lan ordered Little Four in her minds.p.a.ce. It wasn't only for Aunt Liu's family, but also for Liu Furong and 250 Ace Mecha Clan.

"Yes, Boss!" Little Four instantly had an adrenaline rush and began working on it.

Little Four lit a candle in his mind for Liu Furong. Once his crime was confirmed, Captain Liu would definitely die a gruesome death.

Ling Lan handed the photo back to Aunt Liu, "I will keep an eye out Aunt Liu. If I see Uncle Liu, I will definitely tell him to come back and see you guys." Ling Lan squeezed the words 'Uncle Liu' out the cracks between her teeth.

Aunt Liu took the photo and carefully put it away safely. She then smiled, turned around and left. Although she knew that the likelihood of Jiang Hui finding her husband was slim, she could still have hope right?

"Boss, I found everything on Captain Liu. There's nothing wrong with his records." Little Four took out all the files on Liu Furong and didn't find anything that was meddled with.

"That means Liu Furong is real!" Ling Lan slammed the table and went into deep thought.

"Liu Zhongguo isn't fake too!" Little Four continued, "Although the two of them were in different divisions and with different experiences, they still had one time stamp that was the same."

Little Four put together the time Liu Zhongguo was KIA along with time when something happened to Liu Furong's clan, "They both happened 15 years ago in April."

After suddenly remembering something, Little Four took out w.a.n.g Baozhuang and w.a.n.g Qi's files as well, "They also entered Planet Muyang 15 years ago, but they arrived in September."

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