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Chapter 620: Stress, she’s just a woman (Part 1)

As Xuanyuan Zhi said, Lin Chujiu didn’t kill him not because she lack of courage, but because of the situation. The situation didn’t allow Lin Chujiu to kill Xuanyuan Zhi, or because of Xuanyuan Zhi’s ident.i.ty, so that Lin Chujiu couldn’t kill him.

Who was Xuanyuan Zhi? He was not a helpless orphan, he was the eldest prince of the Central Empire. If Lin Chujiu killed Xuanyuan Zhi today, she will really be happy, but what would be the consequences?

No need to mention the Central Empire, the black-armored guards behind Xuanyuan Zhi, will not let Lin Chujiu go.

Xuanyuan Zhi brought the black-armored guard to their door. From the Central Empire’s point of view, it was not a major event at all. Even if Xuanyuan Zhi did a heinous thing, the Central Empire would not allow others to move him.

This was like saying, my own child, I can beat him, but others cannot. Not to mention that the Eastern country was still a subject of the Central Empire. The eldest prince of the Central Empire died on the border of the Eastern Country and died in the hands of a woman in the Eastern Country. If the Central Empire will not get back at them a thousand times, how will they keep their faces?

Therefore, Lin Chujiu’s refusal to kill Xuanyuanzhi has nothing to do with the guts but knows what was at stake. Besides, she didn’t have the ability to kill Xuanyuan Zhi.

She was a human being, not a G.o.d. She can’t kill people invisibly. She pitted Xuanyuan Zhi, so she was already very satisfied.

That’s right, Lin Chujiu pitted Xuanyuan Zhi!

Xuanyuan Zhi was not poisoned at all right now. Lin Chujiu stubbornly took three steps and gambled that Xuanyuan Zhi took his own life very seriously and will not easily gamble with his life whether he was poisoned or not.

The more valuable people were, the more they care about their life. Because they have too much and can’t bear to let go of anything. And it turns out that she was right, didn’t she?

Seeing Xuanyuan Zhi’s angry face, but having to bear with her, Lin Chujiu felt comfortable. Sure enough, she still didn’t like compromising. She had been aggrieved before because of Xiao Tianyao before, which really suffocated her to death.

As Lin Chujiu had seen, Xuanyuan Zhi was still angry. He wanted to kill Lin Chujiu or take Lin Chujiu directly, and then forced her to hand over the antidote, but… …

He was worried that if Lin Chujiu would die, he will also die here in the Eastern Country. The Central Empire will never let Eastern Country and Lin Chujiu go, but what does this matter have to do with him?

People involved were dead, so even if the Central Empire turned the Eastern Country upside down, he won’t get the slightest benefit.

Xuanyuan Zhi stared at Lin Chujiu fiercely for a long time, but in the end, he could only grit his teeth and responded: “Bring the antidote.” Lin Chujiu’s life was cheap, but he was different. He was the eldest prince of the empire and the person who may sit on the throne in the future. If he dies here because of momentary anger, he will lose even if he takes the entire Eastern Country to be buried with him.

“The eldest prince is refres.h.i.+ng.” Lin Chujiu didn’t show it on her face, but when she heard Xuanyuan Zhi’s words, she was very relieved in her heart.

It finally came!

Lin Chujiu took out a porcelain bottle from her chest and threw it to Xuanyuan Zhi. Xuanyuan Zhi caught it, shook it, and asked with frowning eyebrows: “Is it a concoction medicine?”

“Eldest prince, just open it and have a look. Be careful, don’t spill it.” What was inside was the real poison. The poison was mixed with glucose, but how could she tell this to Xuanyuan Zhi?

As soon as Xuanyuan Zhi opened it, he smelled something like medicine but not medicine. When he looked at it, he found that the medicine in the bottle was as clear as water. It was not the same as the usual black concocted medicine.

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Princess Medical Doctor Chapter 620.1 - Stress, she's just a woman (Part 1) summary

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