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Chapter 520: Regret, The Hua Family is here (Part 1)

Although Mo Qingfeng's strength and his party cannot be compared with the martial G.o.ds, their arrival greatly increased the confidence of the entire army!

“You people are just worrying too much. How could w.a.n.gye not prepare? Didn't people who can help already come in here? I heard Young Master Mo from the Mo Family in the Northern Territory, trained under a master that could fight several martial G.o.ds. His strength is unfathomable. He won't lose against martial G.o.ds.”

“And w.a.n.gye is just deeply hiding his strength. To tell you the truth, w.a.n.gye is so powerful. So how could there be a serious problem? Young Master Mo also said that his master, who lived in the Wushen Mountain, and w.a.n.gye are good friends. These people, who w.a.n.gye got acquaintance with are also martial G.o.ds.”

“I heard that when w.a.n.gye was still not a martial G.o.d, he went to the Wushen Mountain. w.a.n.gye must have met many martial G.o.ds in there. It's just a pity, the martial G.o.ds in Wushen Mountain don't go down the mountain. Otherwise, with just one word, those martial G.o.ds of the northern country will be defeated.”

Under Liu Bai's intentional or unintentional guidance, the entire army learned that Mo Qingfeng's martial arts were high and powerful, and Xiao Tianyao has made arrangements for the upcoming war. Those five martial G.o.ds were no threats to the lives of ordinary soldiers.

Mo Qingfeng originally felt embarra.s.sed, but Liu Bai said that this move was to boost the morale of the army, and so Mo Qingfeng didn't say anything. He came to the front line to help Xiao Tianyao. No matter what kind of help it was, as long as he could help, that's enough.

It's just that every time he went out, he was being stared with the fiery eyes of the soldiers, which made Mo Qingfeng very guilty.

He, he was really… … not as good as they thought! He was just an ordinary person. Although his master was known as one of the best masters in the world, he can only pull a punch against martial G.o.ds.

However, he couldn't say these words. Well, even if he said it, it will be useless. People will only think that he was being humble.

For this reason, Mo Qingfeng has tried his best to go out less in his camp. He doesn't want to act like an expert in front of those soldiers!

Mo Qingfeng no longer wanted to talk about this matter. Anyway, no matter what he says, those generals can distort his original intentions.

The battle on the front line was still tense, but when Mo Qingfeng and his party arrived, the army became stable. Their morale increased, and everything was moving in a good direction. When this news arrived in the capital, the emperor also became happy.

Although the east and west were also fighting, the emperor knew very well that they should focus on the northern country. As long as the north has been defeated, the west will be defeated without fighting. On the contrary, if the east was defeated in the battle with the north, even if they win against the west, it would not make much sense.

Xiao Tianyao's performance on the front line was remarkable. Even facing the martial G.o.ds sent by the Central Empire, Xiao Tianyao didn't return to the capital to ask for help. Instead, he relied on his strength to bear the pressure of five martial G.o.ds. With such strength and courage, even if people looked around the four countries, they were afraid that they wouldn't found another person like Xiao Tianyao, but…

The emperor was proud and satisfied, but not worried.

Xiao Tianyao's performance was so good. After the war, no one can match Xiao Tianyao's prestige in the east. At that time, he's afraid that the people of the east will only know Xiao Tianyao and not him, the emperor.

Thinking of this possibility, the emperor felt uncomfortable as if a cat was scratching his heart. However, he was not a person who couldn't think clearly. He knew very well that it's not the time to fight Xiao Tianyao. He shouldn't drag his legs back and make the enemy happy.

“If an emperor does this, he will absolutely be defeated.” The emperor couldn't help but laugh at himself, which made the people in front of him pondered.

Prime Minister Lin and several other ministers secretly pondered why the emperor was unhappy. They couldn't think of a reason, so they hesitated whether to share the worries of the emperor, but they haven't had time to make a move, another big event happened!

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