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If Imperial Alliance knew that Zhang Tie had known the ident.i.ty of Xuanyuan Wuji in Imperial Alliance...

If Xuanyuan Wuji knew that Zhang Tie dared kill him...

If Xuanyuan Wuji knew that Zhang Tie dared turn completely hostile against his opponents when he was weak in Blackhot City...

If Xuanyuan Wuji still regarded the word Qianji with a bit reverence...


The three top sects might not deliver the black invitation cards and everything in the future might change greatly.

Pitifully, none of the above conditions were real.

Xuanyuan Wuji and those sage-level knights in Imperial Alliance had realized the necessity, urgency and benefits of cracking down Zhang Tie. Additionally, even a sweet rabbit would bite people, not to mention Zhang Tie, who was a divine dominator. If Zhang Tie was driven mad, many people would die for real; instead of only be bitten.

They felt that they could defeat Zhang Tie for sure. Therefore, they didn't spare any chance to survive Zhang Tie. Whereas, they didn't know that their choice didn't spare any chance to themselves either as Zhang Tie would not wait for the offense.

Actually, the raid of Xuanyuan Wuji was an act of revenge and counter-strike for Zhang Tie; besides, the Imperial Alliance would be completely collapsed.

Without third prince, Imperial Alliance would lose its largest reliance for fighting for the throne of Taixia Country. Except for rebellion, the three top sects had no other means to fight for the throne anymore. However, if they did that for real, they would become the public enemy of Taixia Country as a whole. 

After the two holy wars in the past 1,000 years, Taixia Country had not fallen facing the attack of demons, not to mention the attack of the three top sects whose total strength was weaker than demons. How could 3-4 sage-level knights and over 10,000 human knights become overwhelming among billions of humans and hundreds of thousands of Taixia knights?

Don't be naive!

The three top sects were so presumptuous now; whereas, as long as they dared lift the banner of rebellion, they would face a completely different result.

The third prince was a talented one among so many princes of Taixia Country surnamed Xuanyuan. He could match Xuanyuan Changying for real. If third prince died, of course the Imperial Alliance could collude with another prince. Nevertheless, even though the new prince could match third prince in ability, reputation and available resources and would like to collaborate with Imperial Alliance, it would take them at least 20 years to establish mutual trust and recover their existing power. Otherwise, it would only be a joke for the two forces to combine with each other to fight for the throne. However, within 2 decades, Xuanyuan Changying might have long ascended to the throne and Zhang Tie might have promoted to a heavenly knight.

By then, Zhang Tie would be afraid of n.o.body. 

Therefore, now that Xuanyuan Wuji chose it, he had to die!

However, Zhang Tie was suffering a high risk by intending to kill Xuanyuan Wuji. As long as his ident.i.ty was revealed, he would be accused of intending to kill a prince, which was nothing different than being involved with a rebellion. By then, even His Majesty couldn't protect him and speak for him. As both Xuanyuan Hill and Imperial Alliance would kill him, Zhang Tie would become the public enemy across the country; the undertakings of Iron-Dragon Sect and Jinwu Palace would be destroyed overnight; his friends and family members would also be involved. Therefore, Zhang Tie behaved pretty meticulously this time. Although he had long intended to kill the third prince, he didn't tell it to anyone else. Additionally, he chose to leave Iron-Dragon Sect during the period when he entered secluded cultivation secretly. 

When he was flying at supersonic speed, Zhang Tie's eyes gradually turned into spiritual and bright amorous eyes with inclined eyebrows, thinner lips, white skin and long hair. At the same time, his face shape also adjusted...

Only after a short while, Zhang Tie had turned into a handsome youth at his 20s. To be honest, his new look was like Han Yuantu, the second abnormal prince of Han Zhengfang that Zhang Tie had killed on the airboat. His eyebrows looked debonair and would always be favored by women.

Han Yuantu was eaten by mutated rats. Besides Zhang Tie and Zhang Gui, n.o.body in this world knew that Han Yuantu had died. Before the event of Han Zhengfang, Han Yuantu had already "disappeared". After the event of Han Zhengfang, Han Yuantu was also wanted by the Supreme Court of Taixia Country. However, over so many years, Han Yuantu didn't show up in any continents or Heavens Reaching Empire. Therefore, few people could remember Han Yuantu's look. Even if someone remembered the look of Han Yuantu from his wanted order, they would at most look at Zhang Tie for a few more seconds; instead of regarding Zhang Tie as Han Yuantu. No matter what, Zhang Tie was just like Han Yuantu. 

Of course, it depended. If Zhang Tie killed the third prince in this new look and performed some tricks of b.l.o.o.d.y Soul Sutra in the process, this new look and the name of Han Yuantu would soon rise to the top of the name list of criminals in the Supreme Court of Taixia Country as everyone would take this new look as Han Yuantu which had undergone delicate disguise. By then, n.o.body would believe that this murderer was the famous Immortal Qianji Zhang Tie. 

——It was the largest mistake that Imperial Alliance and the third prince had made by turning Zhang Tie into their enemy.

Zhang Tie moved at 6 miles per second, namely 36,000 km per hour. That was to say, he could fly across many provinces in one hour. This speed could already match that of the fastest supersonic ballistic missiles when they returned to the atmospheric layer. 

At this speed, it was as difficult as a kid threw a copper coin into the slot of a piggy bank from over 20 m away if he wanted to arrive at a big city precisely over 120,000 miles away after penetrating through the greater part of Taixia Country, except for Zhang Tie.

In the flight, Zhang Tie visualized the panoramic map of Taixia Country in his mind as he kept glancing over the 600 miles' land using his lotus flower eyes. Through matching the cities, mountains and rivers with those in the map in his mind, he could fix his location and direction. In this case, even though Zhang Tie detoured some sensitive regions of major clans, after over 6 hours, he still entered the territory of the top nine immortal provinces outside Xuanyuan Hill. After less than half an hour's flight, he finally saw a magnificent Cla.s.s A city...

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