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After bidding farewell to those commanders and returning to the imperial palace, it was already dark while the snow turned lighter. With full ambition, Xuanyuan Changying felt pretty satisfied with what happened today. 

It was his first time to ask the commanders of military regions to submit their work report to him since he was in charge of supervising the administration of the country. All the commanders had arrived, which meant that they rooted for Xuanyuan Changying to a certain degree. As a result, Xuanyuan Changying was very happy. 

What was more, he revealed some trump cards in the Weapons Testing Center of G.o.d's Will Army. Watching those officers' awe-stricken looks, Xuanyuan Changying felt as cool as drinking iced sour plum soup in hot summer. 

If he wanted to ascend to the throne, he had to win the sincere support of these high-level officers. If these officers didn't show enough respect and awe to him, it would be very difficult for Xuanyuan Changying to make it. Even if he could, his imperial decrees might not take effect at all. In history, from home and abroad, too many emperors were mere figureheads and always cheated by chancellors. Xuanyuan Changying didn't want to be such an awkward emperor. Otherwise, it would be meaningless for him to be an emperor; instead, he was just a puppet, which was not even as powerful and cool as a provincial governor. 

In big and steady steps, Xuanyuan Changying pa.s.sed by many winding corridors, on the way, all the guards, maids and female officials and butlers hurriedly gave way to him.

The plum garden had been covered with silver snow while plum flowers were opening brilliantly with a faint fragrance. However, Xuanyuan Changying didn't feel like enjoying the beautiful scenery. Only after a short while, he had come to his study room near the plum garden. 

After waving his hands towards some bodyguards, Xuanyuan Changying took in a deep breath as he tried to remain a bit relaxed before pus.h.i.+ng open the door and entering the study. 

"Mr. Fang, as you've imagined, all the commanders were startled by the destructive effects of those new weapons. When I was bidding farewell to them, some of them even wanted to meet me alone..."

The copper crane was spurting out the faint fragrance of burning eaglewood while the brazier made the room much warmer. In long fur coat, Mr. Fang was browsing official doc.u.ments behind a table. The moment he saw Xuanyuan Changying, he hurriedly sprung up as he bowed towards Xuanyuan Changying. 

"The greatest virtue of an emperor lies in victory. Your virtue becomes more expensive in these chaotic times. All the commanders are the most practical and experienced high-level officers and the backbone of Taixia Country. As long as Your Majesty show them the hope of humans in this holy war and your efforts, Your Majesty would be a wise emperor in their eyes. All the commanders would prop for Your Majesty to stabilize the overall situation facing Taixia Country for sure..." Mr. Fang said with a smile as he had already seen through everything although being not at present. 

"I was also petrified by the earth-shaking power of those new weapons. They could boil the mountains and rivers in a split second..." Xuanyuan Changying said as he took a seat. At the same time, he let Fang Qingming sit down too.

"Xuanyuan Hill is converged with many masters. Taixia Country has numerous able craftsmen and the best industrial production capacity. Given the overall national strength of Taixia Country, it's not difficult for us to develop these ma.s.s destructive weapons as long as we have fiery oil. Plus Your Majesty's concern, your subordinates would complete it carefully at a high speed. The top four armies shall be matched with such weapons step by step. Corps in Western Theater of Operations shall also share some of them. In a few years, the strength of ground demon corps would be offset by our new weapons. Even if Taixia Country couldn't establish such a corps of LV 9 soldiers, we don't need to fear demons. By then, the holy war would recover balance..."

"You're right, Mr. Fang. Fiery oil would definitely bring us long-term profits. As it could save people, it has great meritorious service!" Xuanyuan Changying commented as he made a cup of tea for himself...

Mr. Fang hurriedly stopped His Majesty as he said, "Your Majesty, the tea has been cold. I've drunk the greater part of it..."

"It's fine. I'm not that fragile!" Xuanyuan Changying said as he bottomed up the tea water. Closely after that, his facial expression became slightly frozen before turning vivid. 

The tea water was not cold yet, but it tasted special. After drinking it, it tasted like ordinary tea leaves at the beginning. However, as it entered his throat, a flexible aura stayed at his mouth and tongue before suffusing over his body. Gradually it tasted sweet and aromatic endlessly...

Xuanyuan Changying was proficient in teaism while all the tea leaves in the imperial palace were of top quality provided by all the provinces with the territory of Taixia Country. However, this tea water tasted different than any others that Xuanyuan Changying had tasted. Its flexible taste was unforgettable. 

Watching Xuanyuan Changying's look, Fang Qingming revealed a bitter smile inside as he realized that he couldn't keep those tea leaves anymore. He felt regretful bringing these tea leaves into the imperial palace. Since he came back from Youzhou Province, Fang Qingming would drink a few tea leaves gifted by Immortal Qianji every day. As a result, when he drunk other tea water, he always felt like lacking something. As he had been used to drink such a kind of tea, he brought them into the imperial palace to enjoy himself. Unimaginably, this secret was discovered by His Majesty. 

"Sir, what kind of tea it is? There're totally 23 varieties of top-quality teas across the country. Each of them was unforgettable. However, this tea tasted utterly different than them. This tea is as unique as pure gold and jade. Despite its simple look, it had its specialty and flexible aura. With a long aftertaste, could intoxicate my spirit and lubricate my qi and blood. I wonder when did our country start to produce such a kind of top-quality tea?" Xuanyuan Changying asked Fang Qingming as he widened his eyes. 

"Aah, it's gifted by Immortal Qianji when I paid a visit to Fiery-Dragon Bounty Territory at your order, Your Majesty. It's said that it's planted by Immortal Qianji in Eighteen Xuantian Peaks. Only people in Iron-Dragon Sect could enjoy it. Therefore, it unknown to the public..." Fang Qingming could only make an explanation helplessly. After checking His Majesty's look, he could only say, "Your Majesty, if you like, I've got some more at home; I will bring 1 kg to Your Majesty..."

It was actually not planted by Zhang Tie; instead, this tea had long been existing in Eighteen Xuantian Peaks. It was not a top-quality tea either. After Zhang Tie had his disciples bury the ashes of b.l.o.o.d.y Sacrifice Furnace under those tea trees, these tea leaves gradually evolved and became the favorite of elders and disciples of Iron-Dragon Sect. 

His Majesty didn't know about its background. After hearing that it was related to Zhang Tie, besides being shocked, he became silent for a while before heaving a long sigh, "Is there any news about Immortal Qianji recently?"

"Since he received the black invitation cards, it's said that Immortal Qianji has been in secluded cultivation!" 

"Really?" Xuanyuan Changying played with the teacup as he continued, "Air calvaries would be an independent force this year. If Immortal Qianji is here, he could be the commander of this air force, which would meet the expectation of the people. Pitifully, the three top sects are too presumptuous..." Xuanyuan Changying put the teacup onto the table forcefully. Closely after that, he watched Fang Qingming with a bit of hope as he said in a gloomy tone, "Mr. Fang, have you discovered which one do the three top sects root for through carding the reports from all parties these days, the third younger brother or the ninth younger brother..."

"I indeed discovered something; however, I need to verify it..."

"Oh, really?" Xuanyuan Changying was shocked by Mr. Fang's answer.

Fang Qingming then turned around and withdrew a report from a thick pile of doc.u.ments before giving it to Xuanyuan Changying. 

After taking it, Xuanyuan Changying found it was from Zhifang Palace of Youzhou Province. 'Youzhou Province again?' The royal prince frowned slightly...

The report contained over 10,000 words, which included all the events in Youzhou Province over the past two months, large or small. Xuanyuan Changying paid special attention to a paragraph which was marked in red by Mr. Fang. Huaiyuan Palace announced on January 17 that Lan Yunxi would marry Xuanyuan Wuji...

Datang City was the bounty city of Xuanyuan Changying's third younger brother. Xuanyuan Changying was also clear about the relation between Huaiyuan Palace and Zhang Tie. However, Xuanyuan Changying still didn't imagine that he could see the name of Huaiyuan Palace here. After Immortal Qianji left Huaiyuan Palace, Huaiyuan Palace was just an ordinary clan, which was not eye-catching anymore. Since Jinwu Palace was founded in the latter half of last year, Xuanyuan Changying had not heard about Huaiyuan Palace for a long time as everyone was paying heed to Jinwu Palace. They gradually forgot about Huaiyuan Palace. No matter what, there were too many ordinary clans like Huaiyuan Palace across the country. Although being a bit well-known in a local place, Huaiyuan Palace was nothing but sh*t as for Xuanyuan Hill. n.o.body would care about such an ordinary clan. 

Additionally, Xuanyuan Changying felt strange about the name of Lan Yunxi. 

"Lan Yunxi was the daughter of Zhang Taixuan, the former head of Huaiyuan Palace. It's said that she has an exceptional flair. Later on, she joined Taiyi Fantasy Sect and became a popular candidate of the G.o.ddess of the sect. However, after the event of Zhang Taixuan, she left Taiyi Fantasy Sect and returned to Youzhou Province as the new head of Huaiyuan Palace. Now that Huaiyuan Palace has released this news to the public, it means that Taiyi Fantasy Sect has already agreed that Lan Yunxi had given up the chance to be the G.o.ddess of the sect..."

"It's my third younger brother behind the three top sects?" Xuanyuan Changying's eyes turned cold at once. 

Shaking his head, Mr. Fang said, "It's still uncertain given this message. It might also be a puzzle made by the three top sects. They intend to influence our judgment by this female disciple. A few days later, Zhang Tie would fight the sage-level knights of the three top sects, I believe that the three top sects would expose some loopholes. Your Majesty, you only need to stay calm to make the preemptive move..."

"Yes, the date would come in 11 days!" Xuanyuan Hill said as he pinched the report. After being silent for a short while, he told Fang Qingming, "Mr. Fang, please go there on behalf of me again..."

"It's my pleasure, Your Majesty..."


At the same time, Zhang Tie was standing in his room at the hotel in Datang City and watching the heavy snow and the frozen Swordswas.h.i.+ng Lake. He remained still for over one hour like a stone statue while the flying snowflakes and those happy ones skating on the lake looked lifeless...

One hour ago, he received the news that Lan Yunxi would marry Xuanyuan Wuji too.

What a ridiculous G.o.d's will!


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