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Shamefully, Zhang Tie had not studied the pieces of these fierce deities that he acquired from the Heavens of Light during those years in the "dream". When he acquired their pieces, he was busy returning to Taixia Country. When he returned to Taixia Country, he was busy dealing with demons. Like other rarities and materials that he collected in the Castle of Black Iron, these pieces of fierce deities were just put in the warehouse in idle. Previously, he wanted to study the functions of these pieces; however, Meng s.h.i.+dao and the dominant demon deity didn't leave time to him...

Now, Zhang Tie had enough time.

That fierce deity's head was a typical head of an ox-headed demon. It felt as heavy as a huge rock in hand. The cut was as smooth and neat as gla.s.s. After taking a closer look at it, Zhang Tie could see, blood vessels, bones, muscles, structures and organs inside the cut. However, all of them turned as hard as fossils. 

Zhang Tie wrapped this fierce deity's head by his spiritual energy. Through careful observation, he gradually found the weird place that h.e.l.ler once mentioned.

The cells of the muscles and bones of this fierce deity's head were completely filled with bizarre energy. After studying that special energy carefully, Zhang Tie found that it contained the fierce deity's spiritual energy, battle qi, four chakras, seven strengths, even the enormous force of energy realm in the immortal chakras of the fierce deity. Like h.e.l.ler had said, this special energy had been completely consolidated in each cell of the pieces. Although a part of them had dissipated after such a long period of time, the remaining energy was still very considerable. 

Perhaps this was the reason that fierce deity could still fight after death. When this energy was consolidated into his cells, the fierce deity's body actually became a set of machine. It was the instinct and awareness of combat left in his cells that manipulated this machine.

"The 'all' sutra in Infinite King Roc Sutra is powerful. However, 'all' sutra is only effective to living powers. It was ineffective to the pieces of fierce deities who had died for billions of years, even elder than dinosaur fossils.'

'Could these pieces of fierce deities become the fertilizer of the small tree?'

Zhang Tie, who was confident and fanciful just now, started to waver his mind. 

'Whatever. Hopefully, they could; if not, I will suffer no loss.'

With such a composed mind, Zhang Tie directly returned to the lobby of the palace tree and came to the place under the small tree with the head of the fierce deity, also the energy field of the small tree.

Since the small tree evolved into a king tree, bits of light had started to drift down the crown, which looked sacred and fantastic.

"Can it become your fertilizer..." Zhang Tie asked the king tree straightforwardly.

The king tree didn't speak; however, its leaves caused clear and euphonic rustles like how wind bells rang. Additionally, the bits of light that the falling leaves carried felt as pleasant and cold as before. Given the king tree's response, it didn't refuse at all.

'I shall have a try!'

When Zhang Tie was thinking about digging a pit under the king tree and burying this fierce deity's head inside or thinking about grinding it into ashes and spraying it over the soil under the king tree, he found the soil, which was not far away from the trunk, suddenly turn soft as a big pit covering a few square meters slowly appeared there. 

Zhang Tie widely opened his eyes at a stroke——does the king tree want me to drop this fierce deity's head into the pit?

Only after thinking about 2 seconds, Zhang Tie had come to the edge of the big pit and put inside the fierce deity's head.

Closely after the fierce deity's head was put inside, it had sunk into the fine sands like a stone; in the blink of an eye, it had been covered by the fine and soft soil.

Watching that, Zhang Tie became more confident at a stroke.

Previously, Zhang Tie wanted to try the bearing capacity and receiving ability of the king tree by slowly adding "fertilizer" to it. Given the king tree's active response, he realized that he could be a bit more radical.

Zhang Tie then gnashed his teeth as he directly moved all the pieces of that fierce deity out of the warehouse and put them into the huge, soft pit.

Strangely, when Zhang Tie intended to put all the pieces of the fierce deity inside it, the huge soft pit reappeared as if the king tree was waiting for him to put all the pieces of the fierce deity inside the pit.

The king tree didn't make any response for the time being.

Zhang Tie was not anxious; because he knew that it required a period of time for the king tree to digest it. Similarly, you couldn't expect your crops to grow taller soon after you applied fertilizer to your crops. You needed a bit of patience! Patience was a virtue!

Additionally, it was unknown how would the king tree respond. The pieces of fierce deity might lead to fruits; however, they might only be beneficial to the king tree; as for whether they could lead to fruits or not, Zhang Tie would accept it frankly.

After waiting in the lobby of the palace tree for a few hours, he didn't see the small tree make any response. Therefore, Zhang Tie entered the secluded cultivation. 

Before entering secluded cultivation, Zhang Tie told h.e.l.ler to call him when the king tree had any change. 


7 days later, when Zhang Tie was consolidating his realm and adapting to his new strength in the backroom by destroying cities and mountains in Blackson Human Corridor in his trouble-reappearance situation, he suddenly heard h.e.l.ler's voice.

"Castle Lord, I think you should take a look in the lobby of the palace tree. There's something that you're waiting for!"

The entire trouble-reappearance situation broke into a light rain at a stroke. Zhang Tie, who was sitting in the backroom with his legs crossed, instantly opened his eyes. Closely after that, Zhang Tie stood up and left the room before coming to the lobby of the palace tree.

When Zhang Tie arrived, the lobby of the palace tree had been brilliant as a brilliant fruit was hanging over the king tree.

Although with a bit of hope, Zhang Tie didn't imagine that the king tree could bring him a new brilliant fruit. That was too powerful.

Zhang Tie then released his spiritual energy towards the new fruit.

——Fruit of Immortal Essence; not ripe yet.

——As long as this fruit becomes ripe, Castle Lord could take it and light your second immortal chakra which meant that Castle Lord could sense the LV 2 universal laws and acquire the whole energy of a fierce deity...

——Dust will return to dust; soil will return to soil...

Before reading all the explanations of the source of the new fruit...


Zhang Tie, being shocked by the two paragraphs, forcefully slapped his face in order to confirm that he was not having a dream!

'It hurts!'

'I'm not dreaming!'

Closely after that, Zhang Tie was in surging ecstasy!

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