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Later that afternoon.


Outside the Asakusa Hotel.

A crowd started gathering in all directions. Some people were scolding angrily, some looked enraged, and some had sullen faces. There was a mix of men and women, young and old.

"We're here!"

"It's the Asakusa Hotel!"

"This is the place!"


"Zhang Ye is in there!"

10 people!

50 people!

A 100 people!

More and more people were gathering. Within a short period of time, the crowd grew to over a 1,000 people!

The front, sides, and back entrances of the hotel had all been clogged up by angry crowds of people!

Upstairs, in the president's office.

Several of the hotel's top bra.s.s were talking and laughing.

At this moment, the hotel's lobby manager ran in in a panic.

"This is bad! President! Something bad has happened!"

"What's going on? What happened?"

"The hotel has been surrounded by crowds of people!"

"What? People from where?"

"I, I don't know!"

"How big is the crowd?"

"Uncountable! Totally uncountable!"

"How is that possible!"

"Hurry, go out and look!"

The top bra.s.s were shocked and started panicking. They jumped to their feet and ran outside to see for themselves. But when they saw the surrounding area of their hotel jam-packed with people, they nearly p.i.s.sed themselves! Why? What is this?! Is Zhang Ye the one behind all this? But it's impossible! This is j.a.pan! Not China! How can that Zhang fella possibly have such a great influence! These executives were mocking Zhang Ye a while ago for being unable to gather anyone to the hotel. But when they saw this scene in front of them, when they saw the densely packed crowd of people, they were all dumbfounded. This was too f.u.c.king outrageous!

The crowd's numbers were still increasing!

The crowd was still growing larger!

In the blink of an eye, another 100-odd people had joined in!

Suddenly, someone shouted, "Hand Zhang Ye over!"

"Hand Zhang Ye over!"

"Hand Zhang Ye over!"

Countless people were shouting in unison!

The leading voice roared, "Get out of j.a.pan!"

"Get out of j.a.pan!"

"Get out of j.a.pan!"

"Get out of j.a.pan!"

"Get rid of the tumor!"

"Get rid of the tumor!"

The roads had been blocked off!

The pa.s.sersby looked over in shock!

The hotel president paled. He finally understood what was going on!

When the hotel's top bra.s.s heard that, they also understood what was happening. They nearly jumped and started cursing at this!

Many of the hotel staff got so scared that they did not dare show themselves!


This is bad!

Zhang! You're too f.u.c.king evil!

At the hotel across the road.

Ha Qiqi and the others were holding a meeting in the room. Everyone was discussing the comic series that Zhang Ye had delegated to them. As they were talking, thunderous shouts and screams came from outside. They jumped with fright and immediately felt that something big had happened. They ran over to the window in a panic and looked down. When they saw it, Ha Qiqi and the others all gasped in shock!

Little w.a.n.g shouted, "d.a.m.n!"

Little Zhou shouted, "d.a.m.n!"

Little Sun shouted, "d.a.m.n!"

Ha Qiqi anxiously said, "Are they shouting Zhang Ye's name?"

Little Sun, who understood a little j.a.panese, said, "Yes!"

Ha Qiqi said, "This is bad! Something has happened!"

She quickly called Zhang Ye who was staying at the hotel across the road.

Du du du. It went through.

Ha Qiqi said: "Director Zhang!"

Zhang Ye asked: "Old Ha? What's the matter?"

"What's going on over there?"

"Nothing is happening?"

Ha Qiqi nearly vomited blood. "How can you call that 'nothing is happening'?"

Zhang Ye laughed and said: "It's fine. Just carry on with whatever you all are doing. Didn't I already say not to look for me these few days? I have some matters to handle, so I'll go look for you all after I'm done over here."

After hanging up, Ha Qiqi and the rest were all shaking in fear!

They only understood now what Director Zhang was planning!

They only understood now why Director Zhang had insisted on staying at the Asakusa Hotel!

Little w.a.n.g slapped her forehead and exclaimed, "I knew it! I knew that Director Zhang would surely start something big the moment he came abroad! Look at that! Will you all just look at that!"

Little Sun was almost in tears. "What are we going to do now!"

Little Sun had only joined Zhang Ye's Studio for a short period of time, and this was his first time going out for work with Zhang Ye. Although he had heard many stories about Zhang Ye, now that he was experiencing it firsthand for the first time, he finally understood why his colleagues at the studio got so terrified the moment they heard that Zhang Ye was going abroad. He finally had a taste of this feeling and thought that it wasn't something that most people could bear. Their hearts wouldn't be able to take all of this stress!

At the hotel.

Zhang Ye's room.

The shouting outside grew louder. However, Zhang Ye did not even have a frown on his face. Instead, he was relaxing on the sofa with his legs crossed and checking out the comics and animation of this world on his cell phone.

One page.

Five pages.

Ten pages.

This comic was pretty good.

Zhang Ye was reading it with relish.


The crowd was howling.

"Get out of j.a.pan!"

"Hand Zhang Ye over!"

Some people made a dash for the hotel!

The Asakusa Hotel's security team rushed to stop them, while the hotel staff were crying over the situation. They braced themselves into a human wall to keep the crowd at bay.

"Don't squeeze through!"

"You're not allowed inside!"

"Manager, quickly call the police!"

"I've already done that!"

"What do we do now!"

"Block them! Stop them from entering!"

"Go and close the back entrance! Hurry, hurry, hurry!"

The hotel was full of guests, so they couldn't possibly allow the protesters to get inside. If the guests complained, the hotel couldn't bear it. Moreover, these people were all so angered, so who knew what they might do if they got in? If they were to thrash the place, none of them could suffer the losses!

A few minutes!

In just a few short minutes!

The Asakusa Hotel was plunged into chaos!

The hotel president stepped forward to speak up. "Everyone, please calm down! Listen to what I have to say!"

The crowd was enraged and wasn't going to listen to any explanations. "Hand Zhang Ye over! We know that he's inside!"

The hotel president said loudly, "I don't know where you all got your information from, but we really don't know anything about Zhang Ye staying with us. We did not receive any news about it, so could everyone please go back! Hurry up and go back! Zhang Ye isn't at our hotel! You can all go elsewhere to look for him!"

The crowd shouted, "Impossible!"

The hotel president said, "He's really not here!"

An executive of the hotel said, "Right, there's no such person staying here!"

For a moment, the crowd fell silent and hesitated a little.

But right at this moment, a hotel window upstairs was pushed open from the inside. The figure of a young man appeared at the window with his elbows resting on the windowsill and a cell phone in his hand. He was reading comics on it with a smile while basking in the warmth of the sun.

Someone looked up!

Someone pointed upstairs!

"Quick, look up there!"

"It's Zhang Ye!"

"f.u.c.k! It's him!"

"He's really in there!"

"There he is!"

"The hotel is in cahoots with him!"

"d.a.m.n! So they banded together to lie to us!"

With this, the people became even more enraged!

The hotel president and staff also looked up at that window. They were so enraged they nearly burst into tears. They had never come across someone as despicable as this!

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d was doing it on purpose!

Zhang Ye!

f.u.c.k your grandpa!

Are you f.u.c.king trying to do us in?!

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