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Chapter 1679: Zhang Ye wants to make an animated film!

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At night.

In a hotel in Hollywood.

Zhang Ye brought his people over. Qian Haitao and his acquisition team were currently putting away the contractual doc.u.ments. They had probably just finished the negotiations, and every one of them had a look of frustration and anger. There was a sense of defeat in their expressions. Boss Qian Jr. was also here, and he was currently cursing and swearing.

Boss Qian Jr. shouted, “Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!”

One of the managers said angrily, “No one does things the way they do!”

Qian Haitao looked towards the door. “Teacher Zhang, you're here?”

Zhang Ye nodded. “I just arrived.”

Boss Qian Jr. roared anxiously, “Director Zhang, have you seen the news yet?”

Zhang Ye acknowledged, “I saw it on the way here. What happened?”

Boss Qian Jr. said angrily, “Don't bring it up. Those Hollywood b.a.s.t.a.r.ds teamed up to take us down. They marched in protest and made trouble until the government stepped up. With just a statement, they denied our acquisition. Right now, none of the Hollywood studios dare to sell their company to us anymore. It doesn't even matter how much we offer them. In the end, Dad had no other choice. There's no such thing as stepping back on a business plan that has been announced, so we had to settle for the next best thing. In the end, he forked out a large sum of money to buy an animation studio instead. The scale of the studio isn't big either, yet the price was so high. This acquisition deal can be considered a failure. Motherf.u.c.ker, I'll be at odds with those Hollywood executives forever!”

Qian Haitao frowned. “Rascal, be quiet and talk a little less.”

Boss Qian Jr. rolled his eyes in anger.

It could be seen that Qian Haitao was someone who had been through a lot. “In the business world, things are always unpredictable. It's often not as simple as you think.” Then he looked at Zhang Ye and apologized, “I'm afraid I've made you come here for nothing this time. The plan was originally proceeding quite well, but who could have thought it would go so awry? I'll take full responsibility for it. I never expected that Hollywood and the Directors Guild would have zero tolerance for our Chinese companies. I wasn't even sure that we could seal the deal for the animation studio, but luckily, Hollywood already has an established system. No one really watches animated films, and the box office performance for such productions is not high either, so the deal has more of a symbolic significance for us. From here on out, we can only try to see if we can transform the animation studio into a movie studio. We might have ended up using a different way to help our country, but I doubt we can make much of an impact within the next two years.”

A manager said, “We apologize for this, Director Zhang.”

Zhang Ye said, “It's fine.”

Someone arrived from outside.

The youth said, “Boss Qian, the press conference is about to begin.”

Qian Haitao said, “Alright, I'll head over once I'm ready.”

Very quickly, Qian Haitao brought his people downstairs to join the press conference.

Leaving the group of people from Zhang Ye's Studio looking at one another.

Ha Qiqi sighed, “Hai, let's go back then.”

Little w.a.n.g said angrily, “Why is it so difficult when we just want to make a movie!”

Zhang Zuo looked at Zhang Ye. “Should I book the plane tickets back now?”

“Wait a bit first.” Zhang Ye said, “Let's go down and have a look too.”

Tong Fu was taken back. “What else is there to see?”

Zhang Ye said, “I want to know if Old Qian can hold up.”

In the meeting hall downstairs.

The venue of the press conference.

Many foreign reporters had their equipment up in antic.i.p.ation.

By now, the news of how China's richest man had failed in his acquisition of a Hollywood studio had spread around the world. It had made it into many of the entertainment news reports and who knew how many people were laughing at them right now.

An American reporter smiled and said, “First, congratulations on your successful acquisition.”

Qian Haitao smiled. “Thank you.”

That American reporter asked, “It's a pity that the other Hollywood studio could not be brought under your company's fold. I heard that this was because there was some pressure from various parties, so do you have any opinions on that?”

Qian Haitao shook his head. “I don't wish to answer this question.”

A female reporter said, “Acquiring Star Moon Animation Studios is the first step that your company has taken in Hollywood. Can you share with us your future plans?”

Qian Haitao said, “Acquiring the studio is to make movies, of course.”

A male reporter said, “As far as we know, two of Star Moon's animation directors resigned awhile ago. They were also the only two contracted directors of the company, so it can be said that Star Moon doesn't have any directors. Therefore, if I may ask, can your company come out with any movies?”

Qian Haitao said, “You don't have to worry about that.”

Quite a few reporters started laughing.

“Has Zhang Ye already arrived in Hollywood?”

“About the project that you guys were slated to work on together, has it been canceled?”

“When will Zhang Ye head back to China?”

“What kind of productions will Star Moon partic.i.p.ate in next?”

“Will you all be getting a Chinese animation director to start a project?”

“Does China have any animation directors?”

“Why did the Hollywood Directors Guild collectively boycott against you?”

“Have you considered that it was a mistake for you to acquire an animation studio?”

Question after question, it was like these reporters were on adrenaline as they kept asking all of the questions Qian Haitao and his people did not wish to answer. Perhaps to these reporters, the Chinese were really suckers for money. They had come so far from China to Hollywood and spent such a big deal of money just to end up acquiring an animation studio that no one really wanted to buy. This was clearly a losing deal no matter how they saw it. And it was precisely because this was a losing deal that no government officials intervened with the Chinese company from acquiring the Hollywood animation studio. Otherwise, they wouldn't even be able to acquire any companies at all.

The expressions of the Chinese team didn't look good.

Outside the venue, the people from Zhang Ye's Studio were also getting infuriated.

Little w.a.n.g said, “They're pus.h.i.+ng it too far!”

Tong Fu said enraged, “Are they done yet!”

Boss Qian Jr. rolled up his sleeves and was about to head inside. “f.u.c.k!”

Fortunately, he was held back by Ha Qiqi and Wu Yi. “Calm down! Calm down!”

Only Zhang Ye was not angered. In fact, this fellow seemed to be very amused after listening to all of those questions.

Taking a large stride, Zhang Ye went up to them.

Ha Qiqi was startled. “Director Zhang!”

Zhang Zuo was dumbfounded. “What are you trying to do?”

Tong Fu said in panic, “Aiyo!”

None of them could have expected what Zhang Ye was planning to do this time!

On the stage, Qian Haitao and his team were also stunned for a bit.

In the audience, the reporters' eyes lit up!

It was Zhang Ye!

He had finally appeared!

This was going to get interesting!

Just as they were about to continue asking those hurtful questions, Zhang Ye went ahead and picked up a microphone from the table. He said something to them that left them all in shock!

Zhang Ye smiled and said, “Let me answer the questions that you all raised earlier. Of course my cooperation with Boss Qian isn't over. When will I return to China? I have no plans to do so in the short term. What kind of projects will Star Moon be working on next? We're going to make an animated film! Does China have any animation directors? Of course we do! Coincidentally, the person standing right before you is one of them. In the coming days, I'll be working with Boss Qian to make a Hollywood animated film!”

The reporters were shocked!

Qian Haitao was stunned!

Boss Qian Jr. was dumbfounded!

Ha Qiqi, Zhang Zuo, and the others were also startled!

An animated film?

You want to make an animated film!?

Originally, Zhang Ye had come to Hollywood this time to make a live-action movie, and he also made advance preparations for it.

But making an animated film?

Who says he doesn't know how to?

This bro is gonna show you that it can be done all the same!

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