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Long ago, the world was largely divided into three.

Heaven, where angels who wors.h.i.+p G.o.ds reside, the middle where humans live, and a demon realm where evil spirits roam.

The angels reign over the human world, commensurating them based on their deeds through rewards and punishments. The devils would approach humans who feel frustrated when the angels wouldn't respond to their pleads, and give them a choice.

The angels were helpers of G.o.d, and were almost like rulers. They didn't have a soul. The devils were born out of evil and had to constantly ensure they had power.

A devil's way of increasing power was to spread evil. Killing a devil and absorbing its power was a way too, but demons who desired for more power flew up to the heavens.

The demons who ascended, slaughtered angels to their heart's content.

Many demons died in the process, however their deaths were not of importance from the beginning. The demons take advantage of deaths of their own kind, by absorbing their spirits, becoming even more powerful.

Their weapons weren't like the angels who had sacred swords.

Many demons had their bodies and souls cut off by an angel's sword, but provoked the angels by whispering questions to them until their last breath.

‘If G.o.d really exists, why is there evil in this world?'

‘You foolish angels… My very existence denies that your G.o.d exists.'

‘If all these terrible things were truly your G.o.d's plan, isn't G.o.d who sees these kinds of pandemonium the absolute evil being?'

The answers of the mighty angels were fixed. The existence of evil was inevitable, in order to know what goodness was. The darkness allowed them to see how great the light was, and that was the reason why demons exist. The angels who knew the truth did not condone to the demon's sly provocation.

Without holding back, he swung a sword of fire and cut off the tongues of the evil demons, burnt them alive in fire and punished them. Half of the cunning demons who led the troops into heaven were killed, while half abandoned their own and fled, hiding deep inside the demon realm.

The war seemed to have ended, however there were some angels who were bothered by the words whispered from the devils.

It started with a simple question.

G.o.d made humans and angels look the same. Unlike humans who were weak, angels were powerful.

If that was the case, then why couldn't angels become a G.o.d and wield the same amount of power?

The moment angels have doubts about G.o.d's existence, their confidence fell almost immediately. They, who were closest in a.s.sisting G.o.d, challenged his power and failed tremendously. As a result, G.o.d expelled them from heavens forever. The demons cheered as they watched fallen angels enter the demon realm, crowning them the kings of h.e.l.l.

The presence of an angel who because a G.o.d in the demon realm was enough to boost the spirits of the devils.

Unlike demons who were born out of pure evil, a depraved angel who morphed into a demon lead to confused anguishes and positive cheers.

The devils were segregated into three and divided into several groups.

Anger, l.u.s.t, indolences mixed with arrogance and jealousy, intemperance and corruption. The heavens identified these feelings as 7 deadly sins and punished those who felt it. However, the demon king would become more powerful based on these sins.

The demon realm became a place infested with all sorts of evil, and its size rapidly expanded. Whenever there was a chance, the demons would enter the heavens and provocate.

At that moment, angels proclaimed to demons to ceasefire in order to prevent confusion and any more fallen angels.

1. The celestial and demonic realms were not to invade each other.

2. Thus, angels do not have any work concerning devils disturbing humans. However, angels will continue rewarding and punis.h.i.+ng humans.

3. The celestial and demonic realms were two separate worlds, and angels and devils were strictly prohibited from entering the opposite realms.+

The demons cheered, and again, a war of death among their own people over the throne of h.e.l.l was about to begin, while the heavens regained peace.


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