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Chapter 459: Ability To Dominate Headlines Is Really Beyond Exceptional

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Curly Hair didn't really understand what Fang Zhao meant by that. He didn't think the bone was nice to eat. Neither was it very filling. However, he could tell that Fang Zhao was very happy with this “present”.

 While waiting for Fang Zhao to continue praising him, he heard Fang Zhao say, “Curly Hair, if you are able to control your interference to not affect electronic devices within a meter, you can have both the personal terminal and gaming helmet.”

 Curly Hair was momentarily stunned from this surprise. He immediately jumped up and down while wagging his tail. “For real?”

 “Mmhm. Starting from now.”

 Curly Hair immediately sprang off to the storehouse to practice.

 Fang Zhao packed the broken fossil bone away, put on his diving equipment and went into the sea to where Curly Hair had dug the hole.

 The surrounding waters near the island weren't too deep. There were many traces of a dog digging around here. Even since they had moved over, Curly Hair would frequently dig for things to play with in the surrounding waters.

 The entrance of the hole Curly Hair had dug was really small and could only fit Curly Hair. Rather than widening the hole, Fang Zhao brought out a small energy radio transmitter.

 Without specialized equipment, Fang Zhao could only rely on his own hearing abilities to discern the composition of the rock strata.

 Fang Zhao's brain was like an imaging device as he approximately mapped out the general structure of the strata after carefully listening to the changes in sound waves.

 There were many things in the rock strata that could add noise, but Fang Zhao had a basic understanding already.

 After going ash.o.r.e, Fang Zhao made some notes before bringing excavation equipment.

 For now, he wasn't going to use those tools to excavate the fossil of a giant creature that had been buried for G.o.d-knows-how-many-years. He was first going to cover up Curly Hair's leftover traces to ensure they didn't attract any unwanted attention.

This was Fang Zhao's project over the next few days. Fortunately, the creature buried beneath was large enough and a portion of it could be excavated directly from the island.

 Meanwhile, the dual incentives of gaming console and personal terminal made Curly Hair's training progress at lightning speed. It took not even a week for Curly Hair to cut down the interference range to be limited to within a meter of himself. After that, he ran impatiently to Fang Zhao to collect his reward.

 Gaming console!

 Personal terminal!

 I have waited for so long!

 It's great without needing to choose between the two!

 Fang Zhao also didn't lie to Curly Hair. After checking that Curly Hair had met the requirements, he handed over the gaming helmet and personal terminal. He even customized the personal terminal from its form as a watch into a dog collar for Curly Hair to put around his neck.

 “You can use them when you want, but stay away from them when you transform. Remember to remove your personal terminal before you transform,” Fang Zhao said as he helped put the personal terminal around Curly Hair's neck.

 “Awoo!” Curly Hair replied.

 He would pay special attention even if Fang Zhao hadn't reminded him. This was a reward he had achieved through so much painstaking effort! How could he not properly take care of his own first-ever gaming console and personal terminal!?

 After putting on the special neck strap, Curly Hair ran to the mirror in the storehouse and spent a good two hours admiring himself.

 He was familiar with gaming helmets, but this was his first time experiencing a personal terminal. The interface was very easy to use, and he had memorized the electronic manual Fang Zhao had given him. He no longer needed to look for Fang Zhao and could instead talk to him via the personal terminal.

 When Curly Hair ran to the storehouse's mirror, Fang Zhao received a notification containing a guide: “Managing Personal Terminal Usage for Kids”. He deleted it.

 Curly Hair had only needed five days to decrease his interference range to within one meter. Curly Hair's control of his own body had exceeded Fang Zhao's expectations. Fang Zhao would have to set the bar higher in the future.

 After settling the matter with Curly Hair, Fang Zhao contacted Nanfeng, Zuo Yu and Yan Biao. He immediately started a conference call.

 Nanfeng and the others didn't dare delay to respond. They dropped everything they were doing and headed online to await their boss's commands.

 The three were making guesses. Their boss generally contacted them once a week, but it had only been five days this time. Could the island supplies need replenis.h.i.+ng again?

 They felt this was rather unlikely since the previous s.h.i.+pment was so large it could probably last Fang Zhao a whole month.

 What happened this time?

 But, when they came online, their boss didn't seem too anxious.

 Or… was he finally going to reveal his secrets? For example, owning a shark on the island?

The three of them set their doubts aside and waited for Fang Zhao to talk.

 “Curly Hair brought a bone,” Fang Zhao said.

 Nanfeng said excitedly, “Our little Curls has learned to bring back bones!”

 Zuo Yu ignored Nanfeng's idiocy. “Boss, is it human or animal bone?”

 Only then did Nanfeng realize the possibilities. “Right, did something happen?”

 According to the island purchase control, the island was clean. There had never been any accidents or deaths on the island since the previous owner had bought it. After all, the previous owner hadn't really lived on the island. There had only been simple modifications and the construction of the house.

Unless… was there some malicious activity that the previous owner didn't know about?

 Fang Zhao wouldn't go as far to contact them if it was merely the bone of some bird or animal.

 The three of them saw that Fang Zhao didn't seem alarmed and patiently waited for Fang Zhao to continue.

 Fang Zhao continued normally, “Preliminary evaluation is that this is a fossilized bone from a large creature millions of years ago, maybe even hundreds of millions of years ago.”

The three: “…”

 Sounds of sharp inhaling ensued.

 “Fo… fo… fo… fossil?” Zuo Yu stammered.

 Yan Biao didn't understand much about fossils and was still rather unperturbed…

 Like h.e.l.l!

 “Is it a dinosaur?! Those huge creatures that existed a long long time ago?!!” As a dinosaur fanatic, Yan Biao was itching to fly over immediately. He had loved listening to dinosaur stories when he was young! He had even fantasized about being a dinosaur hunter too!

 “Not necessarily a dinosaur. It might be some sort of marine reptile,” Fang Zhao said.

 “Those are still dinosaurs in my book!” Yan Biao didn't care about the specifics of dinosaurs. Whether they were land or sea dwellers, those creatures from that period were all dinosaurs in his eyes!

 Yan Biao convinced Fang Zhao to send him a few more photos of the fossil bone. “This bone is huge! Surely, this is a big fella! Boss, you can't dig it out alone. I'll head over and help you right away!”

 On the other hand, Nanfeng appeared to be searching for something online in silence. After a while, when Zuo Yu and Yan Biao calmed down, Nanfeng spoke.

 “Boss! I just checked the relevant laws and consulted a few authoritative lawyers. In the last five hundred years, fossils are considered tradable goods. Anything dug up on a private island belongs to the island owner! Boss!! You are rich!!!”

 Nanfeng's voice even cracked towards the end. Clearly, he was very excited at this moment.

 Private islands were typically all surveyed before going onto the market. However, the examinations in the early days had been mainly to check whether there was power ore or lingering contagions or dangerous creatures that survived from the Period of Destruction. The island Fang Zhao had bought was no exception. There was no need to think about power ore because it would have already been excavated a long time ago. If it hadn't, the island wouldn't have even been on the market.

 Thus, private islands without power were standard goods and included everything on the island.

 Fossils were a huge deal to the New Era's research in archeology and biology and collectors. Despite the decrease in fossil discovery year over year, interest in it never waned.

 Actually, there were countless fossils of organisms such as bugs and plants that survived millions of years. These could still be found even after the Period of Destruction. However, mankind still had a special fondness towards dinosaurs. However, there weren't many dinosaur fossils.

Who could have imagined that a small and remote island would actually hide fossils of ancient creatures from hundreds of millions of years ago?


 A real fossil!!

 Unlike the other three who were clearly worked up, Fang Zhao calmly made arrangements for the excavation of this fossil.

 A professional team was still needed to excavate the fossil.

 Thus, Fang Zhao took a photo of the fossilized bone and a video clip of its location to upload to his various social media platforms. He appended a message saying that he was looking for a professional excavation team.

Fang Zhao's personal terminal buzzed nonstop after he posted this. Top researchers always had ways to obtain his personal number, while various media outlets tried to interview him.

On this day, many people were shocked by the news headlines.

 “Fossil? Like a fossil of those… prehistoric giants in our textbooks? For real? This isn't just for publicity?”

 “Those bones that have already been dug out are rather large, and there are still remaining parts that haven't been excavated. It is definitely huge!”

 “Fang Zhao again? His ability to dominate headlines is really beyond exceptional.”

 “It was his dog that dug it out! I suspect that the bone covered in saliva that my dog brought to me yesterday was also a fossil! But I threw the bone into the garbage… Ah, I feel like I have lost many millions!”

 Fang Zhao alone generated a lot of traffic. And, with dinosaur fossils having a special significance in the New Era, the whole world learned of this very quickly.

On some small island that Fang Zhao had recently purchased, his dog, yes, the one named Curly Hair with a value close to three hundred million, had dug up the bones of a dinosaur that had lived hundreds of millions of years ago.

 This news was too huge and immediately galvanized the internet traffic of several circles.

 Meanwhile, many professional excavation teams were flying towards Fang Zhao's little island.

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