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Chapter 276

Chapter 276: Red Lotus’ Killing Intention

When Yun Que transcended her limit and opened her “G.o.d Sound Field”, there were bright lights spreading in the sky. It was the afterwind of another battlefield.

Let’s slightly turn back time to a little earlier.

On the ground, Yun Que and the three wonders were attacking Hua Huo violently.

In the sky, Yun Xi stepped on the clouds formed by mist, looking at the twin witches face to face.

This was actually the first time Yun Xi faced the twin witches together.

By the way, they really were predestined as if there was a bond between them. From the dark forest to the tall tower, and now, they were all on this island, looking at each other again

In the dark forest, the sleeping beauty, the avatar of White Lotus could kill Yun Xi a thousand times with a glance.

On the tall tower, the guardian of the princess, the avatar of Red Lotus could kill Yun Xi a hundred times with a brandish of her sword.

At the end of the trial in the Water G.o.d’s world, Yun Xi could finally confront the most talented twin witches face to face.

Yun Xi had experienced their strong power with his own body. Considering that they could fly in the sky freely, they were already better than 90% of hero ranked humans.

After coming to the Water G.o.d’s world, Yun Xi knew from the three High Priestesses, that much of

his knowledge about the hero rank was wrong.

Flying, especially flying freely in the sky, freely like Hua Huo and the twin witches was still rare even amongst hero ranked humans.

Humans naturally couldn’t fly. If a human wanted to fly in the sky, a human must pay much more effort than the races who have wings.

The twin witches could fly in the sky as easy as breathing, which was very rare, like the hair of a phoenix and the horns of a giraffe. At least, the Lamia Queen couldn’t fly, even though she was the strongest amongst the three High Priestesses.

It meant that the twin witches were even stronger than Yun Xi had guessed.

Not all hero ranked beings could fly. The twin witches could fly because they were the twins of the fate, their bodies had broken away from the gravity of the earth.

“I don’t like you. I hate your smell.” Red Lotus stared at Yun Xi with undisguised killing intention in her eyes.

She was holding the Red Lotus Holy Sword in her hand, which was one of the legendary weapons in White Lotus Sword Domain.

In White Lotus Sword Domain, the rank of this sword was only slightly inferior to the White Lotus Secret Treasure. But no one knew where the secret treasure was and even whether it existed, therefore, this sword was the only artifact that symbolized the future master of White Lotus Sword Domain.

Of course,

course, Yun Xi had also heard the holy sword’s name before. He just didn’t expect that he would face and fight against this legendary artifact one day.

However, he still had an advantage. The twin witches knew nothing about Yun Xi, but Yun Xi had the twin witches’ seed. He knew the twin witches very well.

The twin witches, Red Lotus:

Vacuum Seal: Red Lotus’ sword skill. With her Red Lotus Holy Sword, she can cut through a mountain and tear off part of the sky. It is a top cla.s.s sword skill.

Cutting Blade: It is a special effect of the Red Lotus Holy Sword. It can cut off 70% of low ranked spirit weapons and 30% of middle ranked spirit weapons, and 100% of mortal ranked weapons.

Red Lotus’ Avatar: The angry Red Lotus has obtained the demon G.o.d’s power. She can turn into a red-hot guardian spirit. When she entered this state, she would attack anyone apart from her sister.

The Sealed Artifact: the Red Lotus Holy Sword. No one knows where this sword is from, but Red Lotus is its current owner. Most of the powers in the sword are sealed.

The twin witches, White Lotus:

Void Burst: White Lotus’ spell of void, which can create a wall of spirit that can even block the attack from a standard artifact. It can also be used as a subsidiary attack method.

The Great Circulation: White Lotus can predict the future. She can foresee

can foresee the enemy’s attacks and moves in the next three seconds, as long as the enemy isn’t three times stronger than her.

White Lotus Holy Field: The blessing of the White Lotus Holy Virgin. The field can dispel all evils within ten kilometers and strengthen the power of her soul. It is a G.o.dlike skill that is inherited by witches from generation to generation.

The Standard Artifact: The Ring of Star and Moon. It is a prototype of an artifact that is blessed by the stars and contains a flicker of the primal fire inside it.

The twin witches’ special ability one: their hearts are connected to each other. When they stay together, they have no weakness.

The twin witches’ special ability two: ???. It’s a G.o.dlike talent. It can be played when the twin witches are pulling together.

Bloodline G.o.d Weapon: ??? It’s an unknown secret treasure. Maybe it had some relations.h.i.+p with the power of the source of G.o.d’s domain.

Neither of the twin witches are easy to deal with. Not to mention that Yun Xi had to face the twin witches together.

Even the system reminded Yun Xi that their talent wasn’t inferior to Hua Huo, moreover, they had the power source of G.o.d’s domain.

Yun Xi thought that he could be called “the child of the Water G.o.d’s world” because he was supported by the power of the source of the Water G.o.d’s world, then the twin witches could be regarded could be regarded as “the children of White Lotus Sword Domain”, because they were protected by the power of the source of White Lotus Sword Domain.

“If possible, I don’t want to be your enemy.” Yun Xi looked around the battlefield and sighed.

On the ground, a lot of golden slime kings were having a desperate struggle against the Mist Soul Army. All golden slime kings could summon a lot of special slimes, they were well-matched in strength with the Mist Soul Army.

On the sea, a lot of giant slimes were emerging out of the surface of the water. The bone dragon, the b.u.t.terflies of death and a lot of unknown mist creatures were trying to stop them.

Hua Huo and Yun Que was having a duel on the ground.

The sky was Yun Xi and the twin witches’ battlefield, which would also determine the result of this battle.

Can Yun Xi defeat the twin witches and rush to the Dark Shadow Spider Queen before the Sky Sword enters this world? Or will the Dark Shadow Spider Queen successfully help the Sky Sword enter this world under the twin witches’ protection?

“You think too much. Now, do you still think that you can go back alive?” Red Lotus sneered.

Shaya Longnis’, the Sky Sword’s coming is already unstoppable.

Under the established fact that the Sky Sword will come to this world inevitably, nothing will be a threat.

Therefore, the thing she should do now was simple.

Enjoy the killing!

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