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Chapter 809: Splitting the Line

“Can we explain to Mother-sama? Why don’t we just kick this liar away and go home.” Red Dragon Zaka stomped on Yun Xi’s toes with her high heels, harder, and harder.

“It’s useless, we’re already on the blacklist.” Desert Dragon Zaka shook her head.

The married daughters are like splashed water. Mother-sama must be angry hard, so she sent Black Dragon Zaka to hunt them down.

“Mother-sama is unexpectedly stubborn sometimes, we can’t go back.” Ice Dragon Zaka also agreed with Desert Dragon Zaka.

The youngest sister’s early birth is the best proof of that.

Perhaps the great original dragon mother has not yet awakened, but has made her att.i.tude clear.

“It’s all your fault, it’s all your fault, it’s all your fault!”

Red Dragon Zaka with her small fist constantly pounded Yun Xi’s head.

“You were the first …” Yun Xi tried to argue, and instantly encountered the double scorn of Desert Dragon Zaka and Ice Dragon Zaka.

“You must have bullied my sister. She’s so innocent, she doesn’t know anything, and you have really done it, a*****e.”

“That’s right, he must have grabbed a hold of my sister and then started doing whatever he wanted to her, using all kinds of positions and pretending to be innocent.”

Yun Xi knelt down and raised his hands in surrender.

There is no doubt that his defeat rate is 100 percent when arguing with them!

“Meeting this big liar is the biggest misfortune in my life.”

“That night … he … he … ooooooooooo … “Red Dragon Zaka cried, which completely sat Yun Xi the facts of the crime.

Yun Xi couldn’t explain it even if he has a hundred mouths.

“Okay, okay, there’s plenty of time to bully him later.” Desert Dragon Zaka stroked the crying Red Dragon Zaka’s head.

Who will understand her time with Yun Xi and her bitterness when she saw the prince’s wedding?

She was cheated by this liar from beginning to end, and even after becoming this guy’s princess, she never forgot to teach him a lesson.

Well, the battlefield is the bed, she has teamed up with her sister Ice Dragon Zaka and squeezed him dry many times. Congratulations, congratulations.

“Things have come to this point. We can only fight side by side with this guy to the end.”

“If it’s a combination of we three sisters and this guy, maybe there is still a chance of winning.” Compared to Desert Dragon Zaka, Ice Dragon Zaka is obviously much calmer.

There are four Zakas that were bred by the original dragon.

In terms of absolute power alone, the longer the Zaka is bred, the stronger it is, so the situation of the four Zaka sisters is very simple.

Desert Dragon Zaka can conquer the world but can’t beat Ice Dragon Zaka .

Ice Dragon Zaka can easily suppress Desert Dragon Zaka but is no match for Red Dragon Zaka .

Red Dragon Zaka can beat her two sisters one by one, but there is nothing she can do against Black Dragon Zaka.

The later the birth of Zaka , the more exponential increase in strength. Black Dragon Zaka is unbeatable facing her sisters alone.

However, this is not a civil war between the Zaka sisters, there is also a variable.

Yun Xi, the person who caused the three Zaka sisters to be considered traitors by their own mother.

He, then, is the key to deciding this victory.

“Your combined forces are very powerful.” Desert Dragon Zaka grabbed Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka ‘s wrists and kept touching them, trying to touch the invisible thread of life.

“If it’s as my sister said, this might be the key to change the situation.” After knowing why Yun Xi was inseparable from Red Dragon Zaka, Ice Dragon Zaka was also interested in this invisible thread.

The two of them, Yun Xi and Red Dragon Zaka, are basically in a bad situation when they face Desert Dragon Zaka and Ice Dragon Zaka one on one.

However, after the two joined forces, they were able to beat the two Zakas, and even won by a large margin.

This reveals some information, whether it is Desert Dragon Zaka or Ice Dragon Zaka can not be ignored.

When it comes to intimacy with Yun Xi, they are ahead of their own sister, Red Dragon Zaka .

There is no reason for them to lose to the third sister, Red Dragon Zaka.

What Red Dragon Zaka can do, they can definitely do as well.

“Probably, it’s the heart.” Yun Xi tapped his fingertips on the tip of Red Dragon Zaka’s bud and felt the increasingly powerful heartbeat.

After acquiring Red Dragon Zaka as a host body, the last blessing left by Lvji did not dissipate with time, but became more vibrant.

As if that blessing that did not belong to this world was slowly becoming compatible with this world.

Amazingly adaptable and tenacious. This flower left by Lvji has brought Yun Xi so many surprises.

“Oh, it’s here!” Desert Dragon Zaka took the lead and attacked Red Dragon Zaka’s chest, and put her ear up to listen to the heartbeat simulated by the green flower.

“What a miraculous power, I’ve never seen a flower with this kind of posture.” Ice Dragon Zaka is also interested, reaching out her hands from behind to knead her sister’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s~.

“Sisters, don’t keep pressing that place!”

“My b.r.e.a.s.t.s are being rubbed by you!” The Red Dragon Zaka who was attacked by her sisters forcefully was about to cry.

Yun Xi didn’t even know where to look. This feeling… the left side is breast~ and the right side is breast too~, is it heaven, or is it h.e.l.l?

The flower that resides in the heart of Red Dragon Zaka also seems to be very interested in Desert Dragon Zaka and Ice Dragon Zaka, because they are tainted with the same flavor that belongs to Yun Xi.

After recognizing their life pattern, this gift from Lvji began to stretch out its own petals.

The thread of life, which was originally only one, gradually split into three, connecting one by one to the three Zakas.

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