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Chapter 841: Crazy Puppet Masters

"Take the liberty to ask, which master's masterpiece is this?"

The rabbit masked Puppet Master's chest constantly fluctuated. When he committed the crime of blasphemy against the soul and was jointly wanted by the major forces of the endless G.o.d's domains, he was not so nervous.

"So perfect… So pure… So beautiful…" the werewolf masked puppet master was immersed in the ultimate beauty that only puppet masters could understand.

"In my lifetime, I finally saw it…" the fox masked puppet master kept shaking his hands and looked at Shaya Longnis' fingertips as if he was looking at his daughter.

The rest of the puppet masters who live in seclusion in Doll City are no better than these three.

Crazy, greedy, obsessed, for those who have been committed to creating the perfect puppet all their lives, this is a miracle!

"Master…" Shaya Longnis' expression was a little strange. She didn't know who her daughter's father was. He seemed to be the "Prince" of a country.

However, a.s.syria in her memory didn't have this person. As the queen, after she died in the blood moon, the whole country of a.s.syria had long been extinguished and turned into historical dust.

There must be a problem with how the prince gave birth to this child with her.

However, there is nothing wrong with the feeling of the bloodline. This must be her daughter.

This is the child who inherited her strength, even the ancient G.o.d's affinity.

By the way, the ancient G.o.d who led the blood moon and peeped into a.s.syria from the abyss no longer exists.

Because the first thing Shaya Longnis did after becoming the Sky Sword was to eat the ancient G.o.d, leaving nothing left.

The price she paid for this was to replace the ancient G.o.d as one of the monarchs of the abyss.

Yes, Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword, the Sky Sword of the Sky Sword's domain, is also one of the kings of the Abyss. Her G.o.d Weapon is an evolutionary demonic weapon made from the remains of the ancient G.o.d.

She who gazes at the abyss is also gazed at by the abyss.

The Queen of a.s.syria, captured by the ancient G.o.d, has also become an ancient G.o.d.

The ancient G.o.d who forced her to wear a b.l.o.o.d.y wedding dress and wanted to devour her to become a part of itself was eventually devoured by her.

In order to defeat the ancient G.o.d, she completely abandoned the concept of human beings.

The thousand-year-old Queen of a.s.syria has become Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword.

Her daughter, who seems to have been favored by an ancient G.o.d since birth, is a Born Child of G.o.d.

But Shaya Longnis is sure that she will not become a puppet dominated by ancient G.o.ds.

This child, born with her rebellious genes, will never listen to others.

The ancient G.o.d attracted by her may become her food sooner or later.

However, her daughter's situation is different from hers.

What she longed for was not the body of slime, but the body of a doll.

It seems that this is an obsession, and it is also the clearest message her daughter left to herself in her dream.

Since her daughter has such a wish, then as a mother, she will realize it for her.

No matter how unreasonable that wish is, Shaya Longnis doesn't care.

The Sky Sword is originally a group of extremely willful people, most of whom are absolutely paranoid.

As a Sky Sword, Shaya Longnis is even more famous for being unscrupulous.

"You don't need to know that kind of thing, I just need an answer." Always proud and confident, this is the will of Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword.

"Can you do it or not?"

As the representatives of the Doll City, the three puppet masters looked at each other with absolute confidence.

If creating a perfect soul is something that they can't do now, then creating a body for this perfect soul is what they can really do.

It's just a doll with perfect appearance, which is absolutely no problem for these powerful puppet masters.

Rather, it is a huge honor.

"Please give it to us. In exchange, we will give it the most perfect body."

"You will be satisfied at that time. I am honored to take up such a task."

"I really want to see the miracle of the combination of a perfect soul and a perfect body soon!"

There were sparks in the eyes of the three puppet masters, which was a sign of the continuous emergence of inspiration.

Those who can become top puppet masters are all hopeless perfectionists.

At this moment, the legendary perfect soul appeared in front of them, which was tantamount to leaving a little rabbit in the wolves.

No puppet master will give up this once-in-a-million-year chance. Whether they can surpa.s.s the current limit and move further towards a higher field depends on this time.

"a.s.semble the materials, this is the master's choice…"

"Moonlight branches are good things. It must be more than a thousand years old to make a perfect doll that conforms to this soul, and the older the better."

"Release the highest level reward task to those mercenaries. I need some 3000-year-old moonlight branches, the more the better!"

"I remember there are still high-quality rubies in stock in the warehouse, exchanging Obsidian of the same quality. Are there any transactions!"

With the arrival of Shaya Longnis, the whole Doll City was boiling.

On the originally calm street, one puppet master after another walked out of the house and began to go from house to house with the requirements of their respective owners, exchanging what they needed.

Many people began to form alliances and couldn't wait to start the refining of dolls. The price of each material in the formula provided by Shaya Longnis began to rise, and the market of the whole Doll City began to go crazy.

Everything is for the perfect ultimate doll.

In order to create a doll with a perfect soul and body, puppet masters can trample on all moral laws in the world and trade with all intelligent creatures. There is nothing they dare not do.

Everyone has their own understanding of how to make a perfect doll. They can live in Doll City, which means that their skills have basically reached the limit of human imagination.

What binds them is the seemingly ethereal but real "Soul".

Puppets without souls, even if loaded with programs that can execute commands, are just puppets like the walking dead. Puppets with souls, no matter how they are created, are the real "Beauty", the fantasy pursued by puppet masters.

From the moment Shaya Longnis brought the soul of the perfect doll, there was no difference between day and night in Doll City.

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