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EMHS – ch410

Posted on August 12, 2019

Chapter 110: Shouldn't be mentally disabled


    Remembering how Nie Zheng had been rebounded just a moment ago, the old woman and the servant girls don't dare to take off Muyan's clothes again.


    They just hastily put on the phoenix crown and red clouds shawl on her, using the red outer clothing to cover up the plain white underclothes beneath.


    Apt to the occasion, the sound of shawms and firecrackers could be heard outside.


    The auspicious hour has arrived.


    Although the wedding is rushed, all the prestigious people in the entire Donglin Imperial City of Huang Yao have been invited to come.


    There's a surge of people in the Jin w.a.n.gfu, lively and bustling.


    However, most of their faces are filled with doubt.


    Why would Jin w.a.n.gye, who has always been a notorious womanizer, suddenly get married?


    There hadn't even been the smallest of indications before this.


    Furthermore, most of them don't even know who the w.a.n.gfei is.


    Jin w.a.n.gye himself is standing at the entrance, having a casual att.i.tude while he salutes the incoming visitors to express his thanks.


    Nevertheless, he shows no respect or appreciation on the surface.


    His tone and bearing could even be described as neglectful.


    But what is Jin w.a.n.gye's ident.i.ty? That would be the Huang Yao Emperor's younger brother by blood, one with extraordinary strength and towering influence.


    There's no way someone would dare make a big fuss about his att.i.tude.


    For Jin w.a.n.gye to even come out and welcome them, they're already overwhelmed by the favor.


    With Jin w.a.n.gye's manner, it's only as he sees an elegant youth of divine poise and sage-like features, that he goes over with large strides to welcome the latter.


    "Qing Feng pays respect to Teacher!" as the youth sees Jin w.a.n.g, he promptly performs a respectful salutation, "Master Jian Feng is currently in the middle of an important matter in Jing Cheng, and he is unable to come. This disciple has been specially appointed to come and take part in Teacher's wedding ceremony."


    Hearing that Jian Feng couldn't come and attend the wedding, a trace of regret flashes through Jin w.a.n.g's face.


    But Qing Feng smiles and says: "However, Master has made me come over with a present for Teacher. I believe that Teacher will surely like it. It's just that Teacher has always lingered in a cl.u.s.ter of flowers – for you to suddenly take a wife, I wonder what kind of beauty are you going to marry?"


    "Hahaha… the auspicious hour is almost here. Qing Feng will know it after a while."






(9-11am) arrives, the entire hall of Jin w.a.n.gfu is completely packed with hundreds of people.


    Each and every one of them is a person of prestige in the city of Donglin.


    Even the Emperor of Huang Yao has sent a Prince as his representative to attend the wedding.


    "Inviting the bride to enter the hall and make her salutations–!"


    Just as the officiant's voice has fallen, they see several people come out, supporting a young lady who is wearing a set of red clothes.


    The girl is wearing a dazzling red dress.


    On her head is a phoenix crown glittering with pearls.


    A veil hangs down from the headdress, making the young lady's features only faintly discernible.


    But even through the cover of the beaded veil, everyone could still see the girl's face.


    "Ah–! So beautiful, nothing less than the beauty of the world, like an ascended immortal!"


    "It's no wonder that such a distinguished and accomplished man as Jin w.a.n.g, would also want to get married."


    "But this woman is somewhat unfamiliar, I don't think I've seen her in Huang Yao before. Just which family's Miss is it? She can actually become the true Jin w.a.n.gfei, that's really too lucky!"


    "That's right, each and every woman who followed Jin w.a.n.g weren't given a t.i.tle, and all traces of them disappeared in the end. For this girl to become the Jin w.a.n.gfei, then surely, her place in Jin w.a.n.g's mind is entirely different from those other women."


    However, everyone soon discovers that there's something wrong.


    That's because a lot of people could still see that the girl's eyes are closed, even though her face is only faintly discernible.


    It's only thanks to other people's help that she could move to the front of the hall.


    It seems like she simply doesn't have the capacity to move.


    "This… what is going on here? Why does it seem like the bride is unconscious?"


    "Yea, this… why are they getting married when she's not conscious?"


    "The bride isn't mentally disabled, is she? Why would Jin w.a.n.g want to marry a fool?"

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