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EMHS – ch412

Posted on August 13, 2019

Chapter 412: To not move a single jot


    But at this very moment, he really wishes he could ruthlessly slap his past self to death – that incompetent coward that has no learning nor skills.


    If it wasn't for him, how could Master be subjected to this kind of humiliation?


    Scorching tears roll down from the corners of his eyes, blending together with his perspiration.


    "The groom and bride, wors.h.i.+p heaven and earth!"


    The master of ceremonies' call to salutation echoes throughout the entire room.


    "Wors.h.i.+p heaven and earth!"


    WIth a brush of his robes, Jin w.a.n.g faces outwards. He raises both hands, and he slowly bows down. 


    The two maids hold Muyan's body, making her bow down in coordination with Jin w.a.n.g's movement.


    But in the next moment, something bizarre happens.


    The two maids secure Muyan's shoulders, trying to bend her knees, and press down her head.


    However, Muyan's body doesn't move a single jot.


    The phoenix crown's beaded veil softly sways, showing off the girl's beautiful and quiet countenance. Pure and holy, like something one cannot profane.


    But then, this sublimity makes the atmosphere incredibly awkward all of a sudden.


    Just at that moment-


    Jin w.a.n.g is already bowing down, but Muyan is not budging at all.


    In this way, Jin w.a.n.g's movements of sincere salutations appear a bit funny instead.


    Jin w.a.n.g's features twists for an instant.


    He pushes down the fury in his heart. With a gentle smiling expression, he straightens himself and says: "Let her go, you two. Ben w.a.n.g will be the one to help Muyan. She doesn't like other people's touch. Now, she's naturally having a small fit!"


    With that statement, everyone promptly shows a look of sudden realization.


    It turns out that the new w.a.n.gfei isn't willing to kneel and wors.h.i.+p, because she doesn't like being touched and moved by other people!


    Since she so very much wants to marry Jin w.a.n.g, she certainly wouldn't resist his touch.


    A sliver of gloom flickers in Jin w.a.n.g's eyes.


    Operating his body's Internal Force, and condensing it on the hollow of his palm, he slowly goes to press it down on Muyan.


    He stares deeply at the still-sleeping Muyan, his eyes filling up with ruthlessness.


    Jun Muyan, even if you're unwilling, you have to go through the marriage rites with Ben w.a.n.g today.


    If you still refuse to kneel and wors.h.i.+p, then don't blame Ben w.a.n.g for being rude.


    After that, Internal Force suddenly rushes out of his palms, pus.h.i.+ng Muyan's shoulders to go down.




    Along with a white light, there's suddenly a loud explosive sound.


    Everyone simply couldn't react to what happened.


    They watch as Jin w.a.n.g's bright red silhouette fly out and fall, landing heavily among the guests.


    For a moment, the whole audience goes quiet.


    All of them are dumbfounded.


    They to look at the red-clothed girl in the middle of the hall, standing still and steady as before.


    Then they turn towards Jin w.a.n.g. With his handsome features thoroughly twisted, he cuts a sorry figure as he gets up from the floor.


    Just now… what exactly happened?


    Jin w.a.n.g tried to press the "bride" to bow and wors.h.i.+p, but he was directly bounced off?


    Didn't he say that Jun Muyan has deep feelings towards Jin w.a.n.g, and has long agreed to marry him today?


    If that's the case, how could this kind of scenario happen?


    "Why do I feel like something is wrong?"


    "It can't be that this Enchantress simply doesn't want to marry Jin w.a.n.g?"


    "I think that's very possible. After all, Jin w.a.n.g has a reputation of being too amorous. Which girl from a good family would want to marry him?"


    "Ah, I initially thought that if the Enchantress becomes a person of my Huang Yao, then wouldn't G.o.dly draughts like the Philter of Barrier Breaking belong to our country? And in the future, I also wouldn't need to worry when I fall ill. But if she's forced to get married, then it's very possible that not only would she refuse to be an a.s.sistance to my Huang Yao, she would even retaliate against our country."


    Everyone's whispering voices fall into Jin w.a.n.g's ears.


    Finally, he could no longer maintain the deep love that he had fabricated.


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