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Chapter 2024: Playing Dumb
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Xu Tao poured himself a cup of tea leisurely, looking pleased. "The Xihu Longjing here is not bad..."

Yin Youyou did not have the mood for tasting tea right then. Her phone had been ringing off the hook since earlier.

The person who called first was Han Zixuan, then Zheng Anru. After that was her manager, and even w.a.n.g Haojun had personally called.

Yin Youyou did not dare to answer any of them or even reject their calls. She could only put her phone on silent as she looked as white as a sheet, panicking to see her phone screen that kept flas.h.i.+ng.

Xu Tao naturally saw that Yin Youyou kept getting calls too, so he pretended to be considerate and said, "Youyou, it looks like you're quite busy. How about we meet on another day?"

When she heard Xu Tao, although Yin Youyou had actually calmed down slightly earlier, now she looked emotionally at Xu Tao and said, "Bro Tao, didn't you say before that about Ning Xi, Glory World didn't even have a solution to resolve it?"

Xu Tao sipped his tea and seemed grateful as he lamented, "Indeed, it was very tricky! This time, we were just lucky. Thankfully, after that, we got evidence from the paparazzi that could prove Ning Xi's innocence."

Yin Youyou was suspicious. She still felt that something was odd, but she was distraught with anxiety at the moment and could not deliberate on it further.

d.a.m.n it! Initially, once Ning Xi fell, all of Glory World's resources should be hers. Who would have thought that now she just switched from being suppressed by Han Zixuan to being suppressed by Ning Xi?

However, no matter what, she was only left with one way out through Xu Tao.

If Xu Tao dared to forget this favor and neglect her after this, she would not be one to mess with!

Yin Youyou inhaled a deep breath as she pushed the jitters in her heart aside. "Then, Bro Tao, when are you going to get me to be signed back on with Glory World?"

Xu Tao instantly looked shocked and even pretended to panic as he looked around and lowered his voice. "What? Sign you back on with Glory World? Youyou, you can't simply say things like this! You're doing well in Starlight right now. Why would you suddenly have such thoughts?"

Yin Youyou jumped, puzzled by Xu Tao's question. "Xu Tao, what do you mean?"

Xu Tao feigned innocence. "Youyou, I really don't know why you would suddenly say such things."

Yin Youyou could not believe it. She instantly slammed the table and got up. "Xu Tao! You incited me to help you topple Han Zixuan. Now, you want to go back on your word after using me?"

Compared to Yin Youyou's outburst of rage, Xu Tao sat calmly on the chair opposite her. He continued to annoy her by playing dumb. "Uhh... You helped me topple Han Zixuan? Youyou, why don't I understand you at all?"

Yin Youyou was about to die from anger. At the same time, she finally understood everything.

"Xu Tao, you clearly knew that I had something against Han Zixuan with me. You first misled me, making me think that Ning Xi was really going to quit the entertainment industry this time, and then you incited me by telling me that as long as I toppled Han Zixuan, you'd sign me back to Glory World and promised to give me all of Ning Xi's resources! Now, I've sent you Han Zixuan's video and helped you topple her, but you want to turn your back on me?!"

"Youyou, are you saying that you sent those anonymous videos?" Xu Tao pretended to be appalled.

His acting skills were probably enough to make it into the entertainment industry.

"Xu Tao! Are you still pretending!? I'm telling you, when I'm pushed to the edge, I'll let everyone know your true colors!" Yin Youyou snarled with malevolence.

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